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All Weapons and Miscellaneous Equipment of World War II

10.5 cm FlaK 38  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm Geb H 40  Field Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm hrubĂ˝ kanon vz. 35  Field Gun  Czechoslovakia  
10.5 cm Kanone 17  Field Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm leFH 16  Field Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm leFH 18  Field Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm LeichtgeschĂĽtz 40  Recoilless Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm LeichtgeschĂĽtz 42  Recoilless Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm sK 18  Field Gun  Germany  
10.5 cm SK L/60  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
102 mm Mod 38  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Italy  
105 mm Howitzer M3  Field Gun  United States  
105 mm M3  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United States  
105 mm Mod 42  Field Gun  Italy  
107-PM-38  Launcher  Russia  
12 cm Granatwerfer 42  Launcher  Germany  
12 in Gun M1917  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
12 in Mor M1912  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
12.8 cm FlaK 40  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
120 mm Gun M1  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United States  
120-PM-38  Launcher  Russia  
120-PM-43  Launcher  Russia  
122 mm Corps Gun M1931/37 (A-19)  Field Gun  Russia  
122 mm Howitzer M1909/37  Field Gun  Russia  
122 mm Howitzer M1910/30  Field Gun  Russia  
122 mm Howitzer M1938 (M-30)  Field Gun  Russia  
14 in M1910  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
149 mm How Mod 20  Field Gun  Italy  
15 cm Kanone 18  Field Gun  Germany  
15 cm Kanone in Eisenbahnlafette  Railway Gun  Germany  
15 cm NbW 41  Launcher  Germany  
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13  Field Gun  Germany  
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18  Field Gun  Germany  
15 cm schweres Infanterie GeschĂĽtz 33  Field Gun  Germany  
15 cm SK C/28  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
15 cm Tbts C/36  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
152 mm Gun M1935 (Br-2)  Field Gun  Russia  
152 mm Howitzer M1938 (M-10)  Field Gun  Russia  
155 mm GPF  Field Gun  France  
155 mm Gun M1  Field Gun  United States  
155 mm Howitzer M1  Field Gun  United States  
16 in M1919  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
160 mm M1943  Launcher  Russia  
17 cm Kanone 18  Field Gun  Germany  
17 cm SK L/40  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
2 cm Flugabwehrkanone/Gebirgsflak/Flakvierling 38  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
2.8 cm schwere PanzerbĂĽchse 41  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
20 mm AA Machine Cannon M/38  Field Gun  Denmark  
20 mm M2 Hispano  Aircraft Autocannon  United States  
20 mm MG-FF Oerlikon  Aircraft Autocannon  Germany  
20 mm Oerlikon  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Switzerland  
20 mm S5-106  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Switzerland  
203 mm Howitzer M1931 (B-4)  Field Gun  Russia  
21 cm K 12 (E)  Railway Gun  Germany  
21 cm Kanone 38  Field Gun  Germany  
21 cm Mrs 18  Field Gun  Germany  
210 mm Gun M1939  Field Gun  Russia  
210 mm Mod 35  Field Gun  Italy  
24 cm K 3  Field Gun  Germany  
24 cm Schnelladekanone Theodor Karl  Railway Gun  Germany  
240 mm Howitzer M1  Field Gun  United States  
25 mm Hotchkiss  Anti-Aircraft Gun  France  
28 cm K5 (E)  Railway Gun  Germany  
28 cm schwere Bruno Kanone (E)  Railway Gun  Germany  
28 cm SK L/50  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
3 in 20 cwt  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United Kingdom  
3 in M3  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United States  
3.45 in RCL Mk 1  Recoilless Gun  United Kingdom  
3.7 cm Flak 18/36/37/43  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
3.7 cm PaK 36  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
3.7 in Mk 1  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United Kingdom  
3.7 in Mk 1  Recoilless Gun  United Kingdom  
3.7 in Mk 6  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United Kingdom  
37 mm Gun M3  Anti-Tank Gun  United States  
37 mm M1  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United States  
37 mm M1939 (61-K)  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Russia  
37 mm Spade Mortar  Launcher  Russia  
38 cm Siegfried Kanone  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
4.2 cm PaK 41  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
4.5 in Mk 2  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United Kingdom  
40 mm Bofors  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Sweden  
40.6 cm Schnelladekanone C/34 Adolf  Coastal Defense Gun  Germany  
410 mm How  Field Gun  Japan  
45 mm M1942 (M-42)  Anti-Tank Gun  Russia  
5 cm PaK 38  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
5.5 in Gun  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
50 mm Flak 41  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
50-RM-38  Launcher  Russia  
57 mm Anti-Tank Gun M1943 (ZiS-2)  Anti-Tank Gun  Russia  
6 in M1  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
6 in Mk 24  Coastal Defense Gun  United Kingdom  
6 pdr Twin  Coastal Defense Gun  United Kingdom  
7.2 in How Mk 6  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
7.2 in How Mk 6  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United Kingdom  
7.5 cm Feldkanone 16 neuer Art  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm Feldkanone 18  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm Feldkanone 38  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm Feldkanone 7M85  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm GebirgsgeschĂĽtz 36  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm InfanteriegeschĂĽtz 42  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm le.IG 18  Field Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm LeichtgeschĂĽtz 40  Recoilless Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm PaK 40  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
7.5 cm PaK 41  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
75 mm How M1  Field Gun  United States  
75 mm How M2  Field Gun  United States  
75 mm Mod 37  Field Gun  Italy  
75 mm Mod 38  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Italy  
75 mm Schneider-Danglis 06/09  Field Gun  Greece  
76 mm Divisional Gun M1936 (F-22)  Field Gun  Russia  
76 mm Divisional Gun M1939 (F-22 USV)  Field Gun  Russia  
76 mm Divisional Gun M1942 (ZiS-3)  Field Gun  Russia  
76 mm M1938  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Russia  
76 mm Regimental Gun M1927  Field Gun  Russia  
8 cm Granatwerfer 34  Launcher  Germany  
8 in Mk VI  Coastal Defense Gun  United States  
8 inch Gun M1  Field Gun  United States  
8 inch Howitzer M1  Field Gun  United States  
8.8 cm FlaK 18/36/37  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
8.8 cm FlaK 41  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Germany  
8.8 cm PaK 43  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
80 cm Gustav  Railway Gun  Germany  
80 mm Mod 99  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
82-BM-37  Launcher  Russia  
82-PM-41  Launcher  Russia  
85 mm M1939 (52-K)  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Russia  
85 mm M1944 (KS-18)  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Russia  
8H63  Anti-Tank Gun  Germany  
90 mm M2  Anti-Aircraft Gun  United States  
95 mm Mk 1  Recoilless Gun  United Kingdom  
Anderson Shelter  Air Raid Shelter  United Kingdom  
Arisaka Type 38  Rifle  Japan  
Arisaka Type 44  Rifle  Japan  
Arisaka Type 99  Rifle  Japan  
Austen  Submachine Gun  Australia  
AVS-36  Rifle  Russia  
BC-41  Blade  United Kingdom  
Beretta M1918  Submachine Gun  Italy  
Beretta M1934  Handgun  Italy  
Beretta M1935  Handgun  Italy  
Beretta M1938  Submachine Gun  Italy  
Berthier  Rifle  France  
BL 15 in Mk I  Coastal Defense Gun  United Kingdom  
BL 4.5 inch Medium  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
BL 9.2 inch Mk X  Coastal Defense Gun  United Kingdom  
Blyskawica  Submachine Gun  Poland  
Bodeo M1889  Handgun  Italy  
Boys  Anti-Tank Rifle  United Kingdom  
Breda Model 30  Machine Gun  Italy  
Breda Model 35  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Italy  
Breda Model 35  Grenade  Italy  
Breda Model 37  Machine Gun  Italy  
Bren  Machine Gun  United Kingdom  
Brixia Model 35  Launcher  Italy  
Browning Automatic Rifle M1918 'BAR'  Machine Gun  United States  
Browning Hi-Power  Handgun  Belgium  
Browning M1917  Machine Gun  United States  
Browning M1919  Machine Gun  United States  
Browning M2  Machine Gun  United States  
Cannone da 149/35 A  Field Gun  Italy  
Cannone da 149/40  Field Gun  Italy  
Cannone da 75/46  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Italy  
Cannone da 90/53  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Italy  
Canon de 105 modèle 1930 Schneider  Field Gun  France  
Canon de 155 C modèle 1917 Schneider  Field Gun  France  
Canon de 75 CA modèle 1940 Schneider  Anti-Aircraft Gun  France  
Canon de 75 M modèle 1919 Schneider  Field Gun  France  
Canon de 75 M modèle 1928  Field Gun  France  
Canon de 75 modèle 1897  Field Gun  France  
Canon de 85 modèle 1927 Schneider  Field Gun  France  
Carcano M1891  Rifle  Italy  
Carcano M1938  Rifle  Italy  
Colt M1911A1  Handgun  United States  
Colt M1917  Handgun  United States  
CZ vzor 38  Handgun  Czechoslovakia  
Danuvia 39M  Submachine Gun  Hungary  
De Lisle Carbine  Rifle  United Kingdom  
Degtyaryov Pekhotny 'DP'  Machine Gun  Russia  
Degtyaryov PTRD-41  Anti-Tank Rifle  Russia  
DShK M1938  Machine Gun  Russia  
Ehrhardt 7.5 cm Model 1901  Field Gun  Norway  
EMP  Submachine Gun  Germany  
Enfield No. 2  Handgun  United Kingdom  
Enigma Machine  Communications  Germany  
F1  Grenade  Russia  
Fairbairn-Sykes  Blade  United Kingdom  
FG 42  Rifle  Germany  
Fiat-Revelli M1935  Machine Gun  Italy  
FM 24/29  Machine Gun  France  
FN M1910  Handgun  Belgium  
FNAB-43  Submachine Gun  Italy  
Gewehr 41  Rifle  Germany  
Gewehr 43  Rifle  Germany  
Gewehr 98  Rifle  Germany  
Gilsenti M1910  Handgun  Italy  
Glisenti M1910  Handgun  Italy  
Hafthohlladung  Grenade  Germany  
Hanyang Type 88  Rifle  China  
Hitler Youth Knife  Blade  Germany  
Hotchkiss 13.2 mm  Machine Gun  France  
Johnson  Machine Gun  United States  
Johnson M1941  Rifle  United States  
K4  Field Gun  Czechoslovakia  
Kampfmesser 42  Blade  Germany  
Karabin przeciwpancerny wzĂłr 35  Anti-Tank Rifle  Poland  
KE-7  Machine Gun  Switzerland  
Kg m/40  Machine Gun  Sweden  
KP/-31  Submachine Gun  Finland  
Krag-Jørgensen  Rifle  Norway  
Lahti-Saloranta M/26  Machine Gun  Finland  
Lanchester  Submachine Gun  United Kingdom  
Lebel M1892  Handgun  France  
Lee-Enfield No. 4  Rifle  United Kingdom  
Lee-Enfield No. 5  Rifle  United Kingdom  
Lewis  Machine Gun  United Kingdom  
M1 Carbine  Rifle  United States  
M1 Garand  Rifle  United States  
M1 Mortar  Launcher  United States  
M1/M9 'Bazooka'  Launcher  United States  
M15  Grenade  United States  
M18  Recoilless Gun  United States  
M2 Howitzer  Field Gun  United States  
M2 Mortar  Launcher  United States  
M20  Recoilless Gun  United States  
M3  Blade  United States  
M3 'Grease Gun'  Submachine Gun  United States  
M4 Survival  Rifle  United States  
M50 Reising  Submachine Gun  United States  
M9  Grenade  United States  
Madsen  Machine Gun  Denmark  
Mannlicher-Schönauer M1903  Rifle  Austria  
Mark 1  Blade  United States  
Mark 2 'KA-BAR'  Blade  United States  
Mark II  Grenade  United States  
Mark III  Grenade  United States  
Mark XIII  Torpedo  United States  
MAS M1935A  Handgun  France  
MAS M1935S  Handgun  France  
Mauser C96  Handgun  Germany  
Mauser Kar98k  Rifle  Germany  
Maxim M1910  Machine Gun  Russia  
MG 08  Machine Gun  Germany  
MG 13  Machine Gun  Germany  
MG 15  Machine Gun  Germany  
MG 34  Machine Gun  Germany  
MG 42  Machine Gun  Germany  
Model 1914  Grenade  Russia  
Model 24 Stielhandgranate  Grenade  Germany  
Model 39 Eihandgranate  Grenade  Germany  
Model 43 Stielhandgranate  Grenade  Germany  
Mortaio da 81/14 Modello 35  Launcher  Italy  
Mosin-Nagant  Rifle  Russia  
Mousetrap Anti-Submarine Rocket  Launcher  United States  
MP 34  Submachine Gun  Austria  
MP 35  Submachine Gun  Germany  
MP 40  Submachine Gun  Germany  
Murata  Rifle  Japan  
Nagant M1895  Handgun  Russia  
No. 5 'Mills bomb'  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 68  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 69  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 70  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 74 'Sticky Bomb'  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 75 'Hawkins'  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 76  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 80  Grenade  United Kingdom  
No. 82 'Gammon Bomb'  Grenade  United Kingdom  
Norden  Bombsight  United States  
Northover Projector  Launcher  United Kingdom  
NR-40  Blade  Russia  
Ordnance ML 3-inch Mortar  Launcher  United Kingdom  
Ordnance QF 2 pounder  Anti-Tank Gun  United Kingdom  
Ordnance QF 25 pounder  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
Ordnance QF 3.7 inch Mountain Howitzer  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
Ordnance QF 4.5 inch Howitzer  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
Ordnance QF 6-pounder 7 cwt  Field Gun  United Kingdom  
Ordnance SBML 2-inch Mortar  Launcher  United Kingdom  
OTO Model 35  Grenade  Italy  
OVP  Submachine Gun  Italy  
Owen Machine Carbine  Submachine Gun  Australia  
PanzerbĂĽchse 38  Anti-Tank Rifle  Germany  
PanzerbĂĽchse 39  Anti-Tank Rifle  Germany  
Panzerfaust  Launcher  Germany  
Parabellum P08 'Luger'  Handgun  Germany  
PIAT  Launcher  United Kingdom  
PPD  Submachine Gun  Russia  
PPS  Submachine Gun  Russia  
PPSh-41  Submachine Gun  Russia  
RaketenpanzerbĂĽchse 54 'Panzerschreck'  Launcher  Germany  
RG-42  Grenade  Russia  
RGD-33  Grenade  Russia  
Ross  Rifle  Philippines  
RPG-40  Grenade  Russia  
RPG-43  Grenade  Russia  
Sauer 38H  Handgun  Germany  
Schwarzlose MG M.07/12  Machine Gun  Austria  
SG-43 Goryunov  Machine Gun  Russia  
Simonov PTRS-41  Anti-Tank Rifle  Russia  
Smith & Wesson M1917  Handgun  United States  
Solothurn S-18/100  Anti-Tank Rifle  Switzerland  
Springfield M1903  Rifle  United States  
SRCM Model 35  Grenade  Italy  
St. Étienne Mle 1907  Machine Gun  France  
Stahlhelm  Headgear  Germany  
Sten  Submachine Gun  United Kingdom  
Steyr M1912  Handgun  Austria  
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895  Rifle  Austria  
Sturmgewehr 44  Rifle  Germany  
Thompson  Submachine Gun  United States  
Tokarev SVT-40  Rifle  Russia  
Tokarev TT-33  Handgun  Russia  
Type 04  Handgun  Japan  
Type 1 37 mm  Anti-Tank Gun  Japan  
Type 1 47 mm  Anti-Tank Gun  Japan  
Type 10 120 mm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 100  Submachine Gun  Japan  
Type 11  Machine Gun  Japan  
Type 11 37 mm  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 11 75 mm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 14  Handgun  Japan  
Type 14 10 cm AA  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 14 10 cm Cannon  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 26  Handgun  Japan  
Type 3 12 cm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 3 120 mm  Coastal Defense Gun  Japan  
Type 3 8 cm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 38 75 mm  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 4 75 mm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 41 75 mm Regimental Gun  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 45 24 cm Howitzer  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 5 15 cm AA  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 88 75 mm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 89  Launcher  Japan  
Type 89 15 cm Cannon  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 91  Grenade  Japan  
Type 91 105 mm Howitzer  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 91 40 mm  Anti-Aircraft Gun  Japan  
Type 92  Machine Gun  Japan  
Type 92 10 cm Cannon  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 92 Battalion Gun  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 94  Handgun  Japan  
Type 94  Launcher  Japan  
Type 94 37 mm  Anti-Tank Gun  Japan  
Type 94 75 mm  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 95 75 mm  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 96  Machine Gun  Japan  
Type 96 15 cm Howitzer  Field Gun  Japan  
Type 97  Machine Gun  Japan  
Type 97  Anti-Tank Rifle  Japan  
Type 97  Grenade  Japan  
Type 98 320 mm  Launcher  Japan  
Type 98 50 mm  Launcher  Japan  
Type 99  Machine Gun  Japan  
Type 99 Mark 1  Aircraft Autocannon  Japan  
Type 99 Mark 2  Aircraft Autocannon  Japan  
Type L  Grenade  Italy  
TZ-45  Submachine Gun  Italy  
US Army M1943  Uniform  United States  
Vergeltungswaffe 1  Missile  Germany  
Vergeltungswaffe 2  Missile  Germany  
Vickers Gun  Machine Gun  United Kingdom  
Vickers K  Machine Gun  United Kingdom  
Vickers-Berthier  Machine Gun  United Kingdom  
Vis  Handgun  Poland  
Walther P38  Handgun  Germany  
Webley Mk IV  Handgun  United Kingdom  
Winchester Model 1897  Shotgun  United States  
Winchester Model 1912  Shotgun  United States  
ZB vz. 24  Rifle  Czechoslovakia  
ZB vz. 26  Machine Gun  Czechoslovakia  
ZB vz. 37 (BESA)  Machine Gun  Czechoslovakia  
ZH-29  Rifle  Czechoslovakia  
ZK-383  Submachine Gun  Czechoslovakia  
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