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19 Jun 1903

Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1903
Swiss police mugshot of Benito Mussolini, 19 Jun 1903
19 Jun 1915

United States
  • Battleship Arizona was launched from Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, United States. ww2dbase [Arizona | Brooklyn, New York | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1915
The launching of Arizona, Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York, United States, 19 Jun 1915
19 Jun 1918
  • Maggiore Francesco Baracca, the leading Italian fighter ace of the war with 34 kills, was killed by Austrian ground fire over the Piave river in northeastern Italy. ww2dbase [AC]
  • Joseph Stilwell was made the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-2, US 4th Corps in Toul Sector of France. ww2dbase [Joseph Stilwell | CPC]
19 Jun 1933

  • Kenkichi Ueda was made the deputy chief of the Japanese Army General Staff. ww2dbase [Kenkichi Ueda | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1933
Close-up view of the bow of carrier Ryujo, Yokosuka, Japan, 19 Jun 1933Close-up view of the stern of carrier Ryujo, Yokosuka, Japan, 19 Jun 1933
19 Jun 1934

Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1934
Nikolai Kamanin and Otto Schmidt at an event honoring SS Chelyuskin survivors, Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 19 Jun 1934

19 Jun 1934 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1935

  • Xie Jieshi was made the Manchukuo ambassador plenipotentiary to Japan. ww2dbase [Xie Jieshi | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • The Wellesley bomber took its first flight. ww2dbase [Wellesley | AC]
19 Jun 1937
19 Jun 1939
  • The German Army reported that thus far 168 officers had been infiltrated into Danzig in prepration of action. ww2dbase [The Danzig Crisis | CPC]
19 Jun 1940
  • Households in the United Kingdom received pamphlets with information on what to do in case of invasion. ww2dbase [TH]
  • French ships sought refuge in British ports. ww2dbase [TH]
  • The British Jockey Club announced that horse racing would cease until further notice. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Troops of the German 7th Panzer Division under Rommel shelled fortifications defending the port of Cherbourg, France; Cherbourg surrendered at 1700 hours. On the same day, the 5th Panzer Division captured Brest, but found the port facilities destroyed by Allied personnel who had already been evacuated. Along the coast, Operation Ariel continued, evacuating British, and Polish troops from Saint-Nazaire, La Pallice, Bayonne, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and Gironde. ww2dbase [Invasion of France and the Low Countries | CPC]
  • Orion captured Norwegian ship Tropic Sea. ww2dbase [Orion | CPC]
  • Lord Beaverbrook, the Minster of Aircraft Production, announced that British aircraft production had since 10 May 1940 exceeded losses from all causes. ww2dbase [Beaverbrook | AC]
  • Peter Drummond was promoted to the rank of acting air vice-marshal. ww2dbase [Peter Drummond | CPC]
Indian Ocean
  • In the morning, Italian submarine Galileo Galilei was laying immobile on the seabed in the Gulf of Aden, hiding from British attackers. The first mild symptoms of methylchloride poisoning appeared in some crew members. Meanwhile, the submarine had been detected again by HMS Moonstone who launched another depth-charge attack. Captain Corrado Nardi ordered the submarine to periscope depth, examined his adversary and noted their single 4-inch cannon and a pair of machine guns. Considering possible effects of methylchloride poisoning if the submarine continued staying submerged, and the modesty of trawler's armament, he decided to face HMS Moonstone on the surface with his two 100-millimeter guns and two machine guns. As the fight began, the bow gun's sighting mechanism on the Galileo Galilei failed, greatly affecting the accuracy of shooting. Moonstone also moved too fast for the submarine's crew to aim their cannons effectively. After about ten minutes Galileo Galilei was hit for the first time, wounding Nardi and killing several people around him. Shortly thereafter, the bow cannon was hit killing the gun crew including second in command. The cannon continued shooting, however, under command of Ensign Mazzucchi. The aft cannon soon jammed, and then another salvo from Moonstone killed all those on the conning tower including Nardi. The bow cannon continued shooting until HMS Kandahar arrived at the scene and Mazucchi, as the most senior on board the submarine, ordered Galileo Galilei to stop shooting and surrender. The submarine had lost 5 officers, 7 non-commissioned officers, and 4 sailors. The submarine was then towed into Aden by Kandahar. Though the British side claimed that the submarine's codebooks and operational documents were captured intact by the Royal Navy, and revealed the exact position of other Italian naval units, Italian survivors (including Ensign Mazzucchi) reported that every document was destroyed before surrender, and that no written operational orders were issued to Italian units, only an oral briefing between captains and the submarine command in Massawa before every mission. The claim was reported only to cover the British intelligence activities in Italian East Africa. In British service, Galileo Galilei was renamed X 2 and would be used for training purposes. ww2dbase [Gulf of Aden | CPC, HM]
  • James Lacey was relocated to the island of Jersey in the English Channel together with the No. 501 (County of Gloucester) Squadron RAF. ww2dbase [James Lacey | AC]
New Zealand
  • The 13,245-ton British passenger ship Niagara operated by the Canadian-Australasian Line Ltd. became the first victim of mines laid between Cuvier Island and Great Barrier Island in New Zealand by the German auxiliary cruiser Orion 5 days prior. There were no casualties and abandoning of the vessel was helped by the fact that electrical power was kept on. The ship had just left Auckland harbour when she struck the mine off Bream Head, Whangarei at 0340 hours. She sank at 0532 hours, settling in 121 meters of water. She had been secretly loaded with 295 boxes each containing two ingots of gold, 590 ingots in total, with a value of ¬£2,500,000. This was bound for the United States as payment for munitions and supplies. ww2dbase [HM]
United Kingdom
  • Oberleutnant Joachim von Arnim, of German Luftwaffe Kampfeschwader 4, was reported to have been the first member of the German armed forces to have been captured by British Local Defence Volunteers, forerunners of the Home Guard. His Heinkel III bomber tasked to attack railway goods yards near Cambridge, England, United Kingdom, but was shot down at Fulbourne (five miles from Cambridge) by a Spitfire fighter from No. 19 Squadron and Squadron Leader O'Brien in a Blenheim bomber of No. 23 Squadron. Both of the British aircraft involved were also shot down by return fire; from the Blenheim, O'Brien survived, but his navigator and his gunner were both killed. Parachuting into a potato field, Arnim and two other members of the four-man crew were arrested by LDV member Ron Barnes, a farm labourer, and handed over to a nearby searchlight post from where they were escorted under guard to barracks in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. These Germans were the first airmen to be captured by the LDV. ww2dbase [Fulbourne, England | AC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1940
French refugees on a road near Gien, France, 19 Jun 1940

19 Jun 1940 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1941
  • The Soviet Union ordered black-outs in all cities along the border with Germany and the camouflaging of airfields, but still did not deploy for defense; the latter order, the camouflaging of airfields, would be scarcely commenced when the invasion took place. ww2dbase [Operation Barbarossa | TH]
  • US Consular officials in Germany and Italy were expelled in retaliation to a similar action by the US three days prior. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Indian and Free French troops launched a two-prong attack on Damascus in French Mandate of Syria and the Lebanon from the south. Elsewhere in the region, Vichy French troops held Free French troops at Qadim while the Indian 5th Infantry Brigade became surrounded at Mezze. ww2dbase [Campaigns in the Middle East | CPC]
  • Egmont Prinz zur Lippe-Wei√üenfeld was mentioned in the Wehrmachtbericht bulletin of the headquarters of the German Wehrmacht. ww2dbase [Egmont | CPC]
Atlantic Ocean
  • Leonardo da Vinci encountered fellow Italian submarine Brin in the Atlantic Ocean at 1700 and exchanged recognition signals. ww2dbase [Leonardo da Vinci | CPC]
  • Philippe P√©tain visited the Richaud farm in Limousin, France and met the priest in charge of the youth of the Chantiers de la Jeunesse, who had the youth working in local farms. ww2dbase [Philippe P√©tain | Limousin | CPC]
United Kingdom

19 Jun 1941 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1942
  • German submarine U-701 sank American patrol craft USS YP-389 5 miles off the North Carolina, United States coast at 0245 hours with her 88-millimeter and 20-millimeter guns, 4 were killed, 21 survived; the engagement was dubbed Battle off Diamond Shoals. ww2dbase [Second Happy Time | CPC]
  • After a staff officer from 23.Panzer Division was shot down carrying complete plans for an offensive in the Caucasus, the commander and chief of staff of German XL Korps were imprisoned on Adolf Hitler's order. The offensive would be launched with no changes to the plan. ww2dbase [Caucasus Campaign | TH]
  • US Navy Vice Admiral Ghormley assumed command of the South Pacific Area at Auckland, New Zealand. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • US PBY Catalina aircraft discovered 35 survivors from the sunken Japanese carrier Hiryu; USS Ballard was dispatched to rescue them. ww2dbase [Hiryu | CPC]
  • German submarine U-107 attacked US sailing vessel Cheerio with gunfire 20 miles west of Puerto Rico at 1102 hours; she was driven off by a US patrol aircraft, but Cheerio would soon sink from the damage; all 9 aboard survived. At 1730 hours, U-159 sank Yugoslavian ship Ante Matkovic with gunfire 20 miles north of Colombia; 6 were killed, 23 survived. ww2dbase [Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico Campaigns | CPC]
  • German armed merchant cruiser Thor captured Norwegian tanker Herborg off the western coast of Australia. ww2dbase [Thor | CPC]
  • ShCh-317 damaged Danish merchant ship Orion northeast of Gotland, Sweden; Orion would be able to be towed to Visby, Gotland for repairs. ww2dbase [ShCh-317 | CPC]
  • USS S-27 ran aground south of Amchitka Island, US Territory of Alaska at about 0043 hours. Unable to free the submarine, commanding officer Herbert Jukes ordered the ship abandoned, and the entire crew made their way to the island by 1600 hours. ww2dbase [S-27 | Amchitka | CPC]
Black Sea
  • Italian torpedo boat MAS-571 sank Soviet submarine ShCh-214 in the Black Sea south of Yalta, Ukraine. ww2dbase [CPC]
British Western Pacific Territories
  • Vice Admiral Shigeyoshi Inoue inspected prospective sites for airfield construction on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. ww2dbase [Shigeyoshi Inoue | Guadalcanal | CPC]
France Germany Japan Libya
  • German troops gave chase to retreating British forces in Libya throughout the day. After sundown, the Germans reversed direction and moved westward, intending on striking Tobruk, Libya by surprise on the next day. ww2dbase [Battle of Gazala | CPC]
  • Soviet 138th Naval Infantry Brigade launched a failed counterattack against German 22nd Division on the shore of Severnaya Bay near Sevastopol, Russia. ww2dbase [Battle of Sevastopol | Sevastopol | CPC]
United States
  • USS Haddock departed northeastern United States for US Territory of Hawaii. ww2dbase [Haddock | CPC]
  • USS New Mexico arrived at San Pedro, California, United States. ww2dbase [New Mexico | San Pedro, California | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1942
USS Wahoo, 19 Jun 1942Carrier Hosho in port in Japan, mid-Jun 1942

19 Jun 1942 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1943
  • Japanese hospital ship Hikawa Maru arrived at Rabaul, New Britain and departed later on the same day. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | CPC]
  • RAF bombers attacked the Schneider armaments factory at Le Creusot, France. ww2dbase [TH]
  • USS Bailey entered drydock at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California. ww2dbase [Bailey | DS]
  • Destroyers USS Nicholas and USS Strong and oiler USS Monongahela arrived at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides. ww2dbase [Nicholas | DS]
  • The Italian Minister of Transport, Vittorio Cini, openly criticised Benito Mussolini during a Cabinet meeting. Normally Cini would have been arrested inmmediately and faced a firing squad; but Mussolini had already seen the red light and had tried to put out peace soundings to Anthony Eden, the British Foreign Secretary. ww2dbase [Benito Mussolini | Rome | AC]
Pacific Ocean
  • USS Gunnel sank Japanese cargo ship Tokiwa Maru in the East China Sea, hitting her with 1 of 6 torpedoes fired She also claimed 1 torpedo hit (of 2 fired) on a Japanese destroyer, but the sinking was not confirmed. ww2dbase [Gunnel | East China Sea | CPC]
  • Submarine USS Growler torpedoed the 5,200-ton Japanese Army troop/cargo ship Miyadono Maru 270 miles north of Manus Island causing serious damage. Once all survivors were removed, the ship was scuttled by gunfire from the convoy escorts. ww2dbase [Growler | DS]
US Pacific Islands
  • Submarine USS Tinosa completed her first war patrol and arrived at the Midway submarine base. ww2dbase [Midway Bases | Tinosa | Midway | DS]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1943
Three soldiers manning US Army 90th Coast ArtilleryUSS Cisco during trials, off northeastern United States, 19 Jun 1943, photo 1 of 4USS Cisco during trials, off northeastern United States, 19 Jun 1943, photo 2 of 4USS Cisco during trials, off northeastern United States, 19 Jun 1943, photo 3 of 4
See all photos dated 19 Jun 1943

19 Jun 1943 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1944
  • Yamato fired Sanshiki-dan anti-aircraft shells in combat for the first time against incoming aircraft, but it was discovered that they were friendly. ww2dbase [Yamato | CPC]
  • The US Mulberry Harbor at Omaha Beach off Normandy, France was wrecked by a storm. By this date, however, the Allies had 20 divisions ashore in France, while the Germans fielded only 16 in the region. ww2dbase [Normandy Campaign, Phase 1 | TH]
  • US carrier aircraft won a decisive victory over their Japanese counterparts in the Mariana Islands, shooting down over 200 planes with only 20 losses in what became known as the Marianas Turkey Shoot, or, officially, Battle of the Philippine Sea. ww2dbase [Mariana Islands Campaign and the Great Turkey Shoot | TH]
  • USS Guitarro arrived at Darwin, Australia. ww2dbase [Guitarro | CPC]
  • Following a massive public outcry, US Commander-in-Chief General Dwight Eisenhower announced that he considered the conviction of Leroy Henry to be unsafe due to lack of evidence. Henry, a black truck driver from Missouri, United States, had been accused and sentenced to death by hanging for the supposed knifepoint rape of a white British woman at Combe Down, a suburb of Bath, England, United Kingdom. Henry was sent back to his unit. ww2dbase [Dwight Eisenhower | AC]
Baltic Sea
  • German torpedo boats T8, T10, T30, and T31, carrying Finnish forces, sailed towards Narvi (Nerva) Island in the Gulf of Finland. En route, they engaged a Soviet force consisted of four gunboats, 10 submarine chasers, and 14 torpedo boats. The Germans opened fire first, damaging gunboat MBK-503, gunboat MBK-505, and submarine chaser MO-106. The Soviet torpedo boats counter attacked without success, and TK-53, TK-63, and TK-153 sustained damage. Yet another attack by Soviet torpedo boats failed, with TK-101 and TK-103 sustaining damage. A third attack by Soviet torpedo boats TK-37 and TK-60 successfully hit and sank German torpedo boat T31; 76 were killed, 6 survivors were picked up by the Soviet ships, and 23 survivors were picked up by Finnish ships. The German force turned back and abandoned to operation at Narvi after midnight on the next date. German torpedo boat T30 also sustained damage in this engagement. ww2dbase [T8 | T10 | T30 | T31 | Gulf of Finland | CPC]
  • USS Guadalcanal's anti-submarine hunter-killer group with the captured German Type IXC submarine U-505 in tow arrived in Bermuda where the U-Boat would remain for the rest of the war to preserve the secret of its capture. ww2dbase [The Capture of the U-505 | U-505 | DS]
  • Joseph Stilwell inspected the troops at Myitkyina Airfield in northern Burma. ww2dbase [Myitkyina | CPC]
  • In a report to Gerd von Rundstedt, Erwin Rommel predicted that a further Allied landing could be expected on the English Channel coast of France on both sides of Cap Gris Nez or between the Somme and Le Havre. The landing was to coincide with a general offensive from the Normandy Bridgehead. ww2dbase [Erwin Rommel | AC]
  • The USAAF 306th Bomb Group flying from RAF Thurleigh launched a raid against rocket launching sites in the Pas-de-Calais region of France but returned without bombing due to weather. ww2dbase [RAF Thurleigh | Vergeltungswaffe 1 | Vergeltungswaffe 2 | Pas-de-Calais | DS]
  • USS Yorktown (Essex-class) began strikes on Japanese air bases on Guam, Mariana Islands in order to deny them to their approaching carrier-based aircraft and to keep the land-based planes on the ground. During this, the first day of the Battle of the Philippine Sea, Yorktown aircraft claimed 37 enemy planes destroyed and dropped 21 tons of bombs on the Guam air bases. ww2dbase [Mariana Islands Campaign and the Great Turkey Shoot | Yorktown (Essex-class) | DS]
  • Nachi deprated Ominato Guard District, Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. ww2dbase [Nachi | Mutsu, Aomori | CPC]
New Hebrides Pacific Ocean
  • At dawn, Shokaku launched 17 A6M fighters for combat air patrol duties. At 1100 hours, she recovered 10 fighters; while still recovering fighters, at 1122, she was hit by three torpedoes from USS Cavalla on the starboard side; two forward near the switchboard and generator room, one aft of amidships. Large fuel fires were ignited in the hangar and No. 1 boiler room went offline. Shokaku remained underway, but began to list to starboard. Counterflooding over-compensated, giving her a port list. Meanwhile flooding and heat of the fires forced shutting down of the boiler rooms. She continued to settle forward. Though damage control initially hoped to save her, the flooding forward and the fires intensify in the following hours. By 1210 hours she had come to a halt when fires detonate an aerial bomb on the hangar, setting off volatile gases from a cracked forward tank. Large induced explosions wrecked the carrier, and hope began to fade. The list to port and bow trim both increased. At 1350 hours, her strike planes returned, but were ordered away, having to be directed to Zuikaku and Taiho. At this time Captain Matsubara had ordered abandon ship and the crew mustered on the flight deck for flag lowering. However, before the evacuation can proceed far, the bow dipped under and water pours into No. 1 elevator well, causing the carrier to corkscew to port and up-end. She went down by the bow at 1401 hours, stern raised high. Between 1408 and 1411, four underwater explosions were registered. 58 officers, 830 petty officers and men, 376 members of Air Group 601, and 8 civilians were killed, totalling 1,272 deaths. Light cruiser Yahagi and destroyers Urakaze and Hatsuzuki rescued Captain Hiroshi Matsubara among 570 other survivors. ww2dbase [Shokaku | CPC]
  • Haroki Isayama stepped down as the Chief of Staff of the 14th Army stationed in the Philippines. ww2dbase [Haruki Isayama | CPC]
United States Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1944
Aircraft trails above Task Force 58 during the Battle of the Philippine Sea, 19 Jun 1944; photographed aboard light cruiser BirminghamUSS Bunker Hill nearly hit by a Japanese bomb during Battle of the Philippine Sea, 19 Jun 1944Carrier USS Bunker Hill taking a near miss from a Japanese dive bomber close aboard the starboard quarter, 19 Jun 1944 off Guam, Mariana Islands. The ship was not damaged. Photo 1 of 2US Navy Chaplain W. M. Dunn conducting funeral service of Lieutenant (jg) Eugene Bradshaw aboard USS Coral Sea in the Pacific Ocean during the Mariana Islands campaign, 19 Jun 1944
See all photos dated 19 Jun 1944

19 Jun 1944 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1945
  • US Army captured Okinawa, Japan. ww2dbase [Okinawa Campaign | TH]
  • USS Tunny came across a Japanese cargo ship but was not able to attack due to shallow coastal waters. ww2dbase [Tunny | CPC]
  • USS Wake Island was detached from Task Group 32.1. ww2dbase [Wake Island | CPC]
Hawaii Philippines
  • USS Columbia departed Leyte, Philippine Islands. ww2dbase [Columbia | CPC]
  • The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet created the Medal for the Liberation of Belgrade for those who participated in the successful Sep-Nov 1944 operation. ww2dbase [Belgrade Strategic Offensive Operation | Moscow | CPC]
  • 14 US Army and US Navy airmen were executed at Taihoku Prison in Taihoku (now Taipei), Taiwan in the early morning. They were found guilty of "indiscriminate bombing" of civilians of Taiwan. Their remains were cremated and their ashes placed a local shrine. ww2dbase [Taihoku Prison | Taihoku | CPC]
United States
  • General Dwight Eisenhower received a ticker tape parade at New York City, New York, United States. ww2dbase [Dwight Eisenhower | New York | CPC]
  • Loaded with Army aircraft, escort carrier USS Bogue departed New York bound for the Panama Canal. ww2dbase [Bogue | Staten Island, New York | DS]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1945
Mackenzie King and his cabinet, 19 Jun 1945USS Luce final muster list dated June 19, 1945 after the ship was sunk May 4, 1945. Page 01 of 25.USS Luce final muster list dated June 19, 1945 after the ship was sunk May 4, 1945. Page 02 of 25.USS Luce final muster list dated June 19, 1945 after the ship was sunk May 4, 1945. Page 03 of 25.
See all photos dated 19 Jun 1945

19 Jun 1945 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1946

United States

19 Jun 1946 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1947
  • Commander Oliver Bagby became the commanding officer of USS Charr. ww2dbase [Charr | CPC]
  • A P-80R jet aircraft, piloted by Colonel Albert Boyd, set a world air speed record of 1,004.2 kilometers per hour (623.73 miles per hour). ww2dbase [P-80 Shooting Star | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1947
Iwane Matsui during the trial for war crimes at International Military Tribunal for the Far East, 19 Jun 1947
19 Jun 1950

Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1950
US Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson, General Douglas MacArthur, and General Omar Bradley during a review at the Palace Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, 19 Jun 1950

19 Jun 1950 Interactive Map

19 Jun 1951

Photo(s) dated 19 Jun 1951
Sponsor and official party at the launching ceremony of USS Tang (SS-563), Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine, United States, 19 Jun 1951
19 Jun 1970
  • USS Tunny was sunk as a target ship. ww2dbase [Tunny | CPC]
19 Jun 1978

  • Hu Su passed away in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China. ww2dbase [Hu Su | Taipei | CPC]
19 Jun 2005

  • A ceremony was held at the site of the former Taihoku Prison in Taipei, Taiwan to remember the 14 US Army and US Navy airmen executed by the Japanese on 19 Jun 1945. ww2dbase [Taihoku Prison | Taipei | CPC]

19 Jun 2005 Interactive Map

19 Jun 2022

  • Suo Yuming passed away in Taiwan, Republic of China at about 1100 hours. ww2dbase [Suo Yuming | CPC]

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