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US Army personnel with CCKW vehicle, Italy, 19...
Conning tower of U-132, date unknown
Flensburger Schiffbau ship list, 1891-1893
Ise sunken in shallow water, Kure, Japan, Oct ...
Eastern European city, date unknown
US Army personnel aboard a CCKW vehicle, Italy...
Killed German soldier, Italy, 1945
Industrial complex in the Soviet Union, date u...
Industrial complex in the Soviet Union, date u...
Industrial complex in the Soviet Union, date u...
Scenery, Italy, 1945
Scenery, Italy, 1945
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Portrait of Chiang Kaishek, circa 1942
Three PBY-5A Catalinas of Patrol Squadron VP-7...
Mannheim in ruins, early 1945
SB2C Helldiver of Bombing Squadron VB-86 appro...

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