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Editor's Note: The following content is a transcription of a period document or a collection of period statistics. It may be incomplete, inaccurate, or biased. The reader may not wish to take the content as factual.

ww2dbaseThe program that was later codenamed VENONA began in Feb 1943 by the Signal Intelligence Service of the United States Army. It began per the orders of US Army Deputy Chief of Military Intelligence Carter Clarke who distrusted the Soviet Union for its pre-war collaboration with Germany and the potential that it might sign a separate peace treaty with Germany. It studied intercepted Soviet communications by American, British, and Australian listening posts. Most of the intercepted messages were obtained between 1942 and 1945, almost most of them were not deciphered until 1946. Through some of these messages the United States learned of the Soviet attempts to obtain information on the Manhattan Project. Later during the Cold War the VENONA project was instrumental in exposing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as Soviet spies. The program was canceled in 1980, and the program records began to be revealed to the public in 1995. ww2dbase

Associated DocumentDateDate
Possible Greco-Italian War and Writer0000-00-00
Reports from Jerome and Therapeutist0000-00-00
Fragmentary Prague Text1 Mar 19401940-03-01
Fragmentary Prague Text from Moscow1 Mar 19401940-03-01
Fragmentary Text from Moscow to London3 Mar 19401940-03-03
Unidentified Cover Names (New York)1 Apr 19401940-04-01
Message to KAL'MARO: Checking Entrusted To FINO11 Apr 19401940-04-11
Fragmentary Paris Text14 Apr 19401940-04-14
NORWALD27 Apr 19401940-04-27
Fragmentary Paris Text28 Apr 19401940-04-28
Fragmentary Paris Text from Moscow28 Apr 19401940-04-28
DYuKOV30 Jun 19401940-06-30
Friction Between British and Colonial Troops; French Ships at Portsmouth; Ban on Possession of Maps6 Jul 19401940-07-06
Details of the Tommy-Gun; Report on British Anti-Invasion Measures8 Jul 19401940-07-08
ZhEROM and MARTA; DIK Requests Repeat of Telegram8 Jul 19401940-07-08
British, Russian, and German Interests in the Balkans and the Mediterranean11 Jul 19401940-07-11
Report on German Bombing15 Jul 19401940-07-15
Report on Gloucester and Bristol15 Jul 19401940-07-15
Report on Intelligence Activities in London15 Jul 19401940-07-15
Report on Liverpool1 Aug 19401940-08-01
Information About German Air Attacks3 Aug 19401940-08-03
STENLI, ChERNIJ, and KAPRANOV3 Aug 19401940-08-03
British Call-Up; Removal of Anti-Tank Obstacles; Disuse of Sirens6 Aug 19401940-08-06
British-French Relations; False French Passport; Ban on Baltic Shipping10 Aug 19401940-08-10
German Air-Raids10 Aug 19401940-08-10
Mary13 Aug 19401940-08-13
Poultry-Dealer, Brown, and Stanley; Muse13 Aug 19401940-08-13
2nd Reissue of WRITER and Kh. Z. SLONI14 Aug 19401940-08-14
British Attitude To Baltic States; German Bombing; Businessman; Poultry-Dealer14 Aug 19401940-08-14
Request for Repeats of Moscow's Telegrams Nos. 403 and 40414 Aug 19401940-08-14
Luftwaffe Bombing and Use of Gas in France15 Aug 19401940-08-15
Request for Repeat of Moscow's Telegram No. 40315 Aug 19401940-08-15
Air Raid on Croydon16 Aug 19401940-08-16
Intelligentsia; Martha, Mary, Dick, and Mark; Recruitment of Hein16 Aug 19401940-08-16
British Aircraft Losses and Production17 Aug 19401940-08-17
Chemical Work for Military Purposes in Britain20 Aug 19401940-08-20
Dick's Visit to Kenley Air Station20 Aug 19401940-08-20
Bomb Damage and Defences in South-West London21 Aug 19401940-08-21
Report on British Anti-Invasion Defences22 Aug 19401940-08-22
German Shelling of Southeastern Britain; Arrival of US Admirals and Generals23 Aug 19401940-08-23
Report on Bombing in London Area23 Aug 19401940-08-23
German Bombing Tactics; British Port and Coastal Defenses26 Aug 19401940-08-26
Communications with Muse; Stanley27 Aug 19401940-08-27
Information from Soviet Ambassador; Bombing of London; British Observation System27 Aug 19401940-08-27
Muse27 Aug 19401940-08-27
Bombing of British Cities; Shelling of Dover28 Aug 19401940-08-28
Bombing of British Cities; British Aircraft Losses; New Machine Guns29 Aug 19401940-08-29
Instructions for Muse30 Aug 19401940-08-30

United States National Security Agency

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