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World War II Destroyers

NameClassCountryYear of Launch
Albert W. Grant  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Alfredo Oriani  Oriani-class Destroyer  Italy    
Alpino  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Amagiri  Fubuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1930  
Arashio  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan    
Artigliere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Asagumo  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan    
Ascari  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Austin  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1942  
Aviere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1937  
BŇāyskawica¬†¬†Grom-class Destroyer¬†¬†Poland¬†¬†1936¬†¬†
Bailey  Benson-class Destroyer  United States  1941  
Bataan (Tribal-class)  Tribal-class Destroyer  Australia  1944  
Bell  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Bersagliere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Bombardiere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Burza  Wicher-class Destroyer  Poland  1929  
Camicia Nera  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1937  
Canfield  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1943  
Carabiniere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Cassin Young  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Charles J. Badger  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Corazziere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Corsaro  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Cossack  Tribal-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1937  
Cotten  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Craven  Gridley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Cummings  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Daly  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Doherty  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1942  
Doneff  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1942  
Drayton  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Ellet  Benham-class Destroyer  United States  1938  
Engstrom  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1942  
Express  E-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1934  
F1  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F10  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1936  
F2  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F3  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F4  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F5  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F6  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1935  
F7  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1936  
F8  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1936  
F9  F-class Destroyer Escort  Germany  1936  
Farragut  Farragut-class Destroyer  United States  1934  
Fieberling  Buckley-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1944  
Fox  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Fuciliere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
G1  G-class Destroyer Escort  Germany    
G2  G-class Destroyer Escort  Germany    
G3  G-class Destroyer Escort  Germany    
G4 (Planned)  G-class Destroyer Escort  Germany    
Garland  G-class Destroyer  Poland  1935  
Geniere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Gilmore  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1942  
Giosuè Carducci  Oriani-class Destroyer  Italy    
Granatiere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy  1938  
Grayson  Gleaves-class Destroyer  United States  1940  
Gridley  Gridley-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Grom  Grom-class Destroyer  Poland  1936  
Hamakaze  Kagero-class Destroyer  Japan    
Hamilton  Wickes-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Hammann  Sims-class Destroyer  United States  1939  
Hatsuzakura  Tachibana-class Destroyer  Japan    
Helm  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Henley  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
Hoel  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Hulbert  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Hull  Farragut-class Destroyer  United States  1934  
Ikazuchi  Akatsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1932  
Irwin  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Isaac Sweers  Gerard Callenburgh-class Destroyer  Netherlands  1940  
Isherwood  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Johnston  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Kamikaze  Kamikaze-class Destroyer  Japan  1922  
Kashi  Momo-class Destroyer  Japan  1916  
Kelly  K-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1938  
Kikuzuki  Mutsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1926  
Kimberly  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Kyne  Cannon-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1943  
Laffey (Allen M. Sumner-class)  Allen M. Sumner-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Laffey (Benson-class)  Benson-class Destroyer  United States  1941  
Lanciere  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Lansdowne  Gleaves-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Lardner  Gleaves-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Lawrence  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1920  
Legionaro  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Leutze  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Luce  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Mahan  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Mason  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1943  
Matsu  Matsu-class Destroyer  Japan  1944  
Maury  Gridley-class Destroyer  United States  1938  
McCall  Gridley-class Destroyer  United States  1937  
McDougal  Porter-class Destroyer  United States    
McFarland  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1920  
Michishio  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan  1937  
Minegumo  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan  1938  
Mitragliero  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Monaghan  Farragut-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Mugford  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Murasame  Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer  Japan  1937  
Mutsuki  Mutsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1926  
Nagatsuki  Mutsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1927  
O'Brien  Sims-class Destroyer  United States  1939  
Onami  Yugumo-class Destroyer  Japan    
Oshio  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan    
Philip  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Picking  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Porter  Porter-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Preston (Fletcher-class)  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Preston (Mahan-class)  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Prichett  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Pringle  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Rall  Evarts-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1943  
Ralph Talbot  Bagley-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Renshaw  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Reuben James  Clemson-class Destroyer  United States  1919  
Saufley  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Shaw  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1935  
Shigure  Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer  Japan  1936  
Shimakaze  Shimakaze-class Destroyer  Japan  1942  
Sims  Sims-class Destroyer  United States  1939  
Smalley  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Sokrushitelnyi  Gnevny-class Destroyer  Russia  1936  
Spencer  Treasury-class USCG Cutter  United States  1937  
Sproston  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Stord  S-class Destroyer  Norway  1943  
Stuart  Scott-class Destroyer  Australia  1918  
Suzukaze  Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer  Japan    
Tabberer  John C. Butler-class Destroyer Escort  United States  1944  
Tanikaze  Kagero-class Destroyer  Japan  1940  
Thorn  Gleaves-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Tucker  Mahan-class Destroyer  United States  1936  
Vampire  V and W-class Destroyer  Australia  1917  
Velite  Soldati-class Destroyer  Italy    
Vendetta  V and W-class Destroyer  Australia  1917  
Vincenzo Gioberti  Oriani-class Destroyer  Italy    
Vittorio Alfieri  Oriani-class Destroyer  Italy    
Waller  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Ward  Wickes-class Destroyer  United States    
Waterhen  V and W-class Destroyer  Australia  1918  
Wedderburn  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1943  
Westcott  V and W-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1918  
Whitehall  V and W-class Destroyer  United Kingdom  1919  
Wickes  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Yamagumo  Asashio-class Destroyer  Japan  1938  
Young  Fletcher-class Destroyer  United States  1942  
Yugure  Hatsuharu-class Destroyer  Japan  1934  
Yukikaze  Kagero-class Destroyer  Japan  1939  
Yuzuki  Mutsuki-class Destroyer  Japan  1927  
Z1 Leberecht Maass  1934-class Destroyer  Germany  1935  
Z10 Hans Lody  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z11 Bernd Von Arnim  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z12 Erich Giese  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z13 Erich Koellner  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z14 Friedrich Ihn  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1935  
Z15 Erich Steinbrinck  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z16 Friedrich Eckholdt  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z17 Diether von Roeder  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z18 Hans Ludemann  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z19 Hermann Kunne  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1937  
Z2 Georg Thiele  1934-class Destroyer  Germany  1935  
Z20 Karl Galster  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1938  
Z21 Wilhelm Heidkamp  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1938  
Z22 Anton Schmitt  1936-class Destroyer  Germany  1938  
Z23  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1939  
Z24  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z25  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z26  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z27  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z28  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z29  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z3 Max Schultz  1934-class Destroyer  Germany  1935  
Z30  1936A-class Destroyer  Germany  1940  
Z31  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1941  
Z32  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1941  
Z33  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1941  
Z34  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1942  
Z35  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany  1942  
Z36  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany  1943  
Z37  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1942  
Z38  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1941  
Z39  1936A (Mob)-class Destroyer  Germany  1941  
Z4 Richard Beitzen  1934-class Destroyer  Germany  1935  
Z40 (Planned)  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z41 (Planned)  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z42 (Planned)  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z43  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany  1943  
Z44  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany  1944  
Z45  1936B-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z46  1936C-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z47  1936C-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z48 (Planned)  1936C-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z49 (Planned)  1936C-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z5 Paul Jacobi  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z50 (Planned)  1936C-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z51  1942-class Destroyer  Germany  1944  
Z52  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z53  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z54  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z55  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z56  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z57 (Planned)  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z58 (Planned)  1944-class Destroyer  Germany    
Z6 Theodor Riedel  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z7 Hermann Schoemann  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z8 Bruno Heinemann  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  
Z9 Wolfgang Zenker  1934A-class Destroyer  Germany  1936  

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