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WW2DB's 15th Anniversary
29 Dec 2019

WW2DB turns 15 on 29 Dec 2019

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Japan and Russia to continue negotiations on the Kuriles territorial dispute
22 Nov 2019

74 years after the Soviet occupation of southern Kurile Islands, the two countries continued the territorial dispute that prevented them from signing a formal peace treaty.

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Wreck of Akagi Found
21 Oct 2019

The wreck of carrier Akagi, lost in Jun 1942 off of Midway, had been located.

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USMC corrected Iwo Jima flag raiser identification
18 Oct 2019

On 16 Oct 2019, United States Marine Corps officially recognized Harold Keller as one of the Iwo Jima flag raisers, removing Rene Gagnon from the list.

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Wreck of Kaga Found
18 Oct 2019

The wreck of carrier Kaga, lost in Jun 1942 off of Midway, had been located.

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WW2-era bomb defused in Frankfurt
9 Jul 2019

A WW2-era aerial bomb was defused in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Birthday Celebration for WAAF Teleprinter Operator
7 Jul 2019

Joan Mace, a WAAF teleprinter operator between 1941 and 1945, celebrated her 100th birthday.

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Passing of Richard Cole, Doolittle Raider
10 Apr 2019

The last surviving Doolittle Raider, Richard Cole, passed away on 9 Apr 2019.

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Wreck of Wasp Found
13 Mar 2019

The wreck of the Wasp-class carrier, lost in action in Sep 1942, had been found in the Coral Sea.

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Wreck of Hornet Found
12 Feb 2019

The wreck of the Yorktown-class carrier, lost in action in Oct 1942, had been found under 3 miles of water.

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Wreck of Hiei Found
11 Feb 2019

The wreck of battleship Hiei, lost in Nov 1942 off of Savo Island, had been located on 31 Jan 2019.

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Possible crash site of Glenn Miller
15 Jan 2019

A physical search is being considered of an aircraft crash site in the English Channel that could be that of musician Glenn Miller's

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