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WW2DB's 14th Anniversary
29 Dec 2018

WW2DB turns 14 on 29 Dec 2018

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Hump pilot Allen Turner's remains identified
11 Dec 2018

First Lieutenant Allen R. Turner's remains, found in northern India, had been identified via mitochondrial DNA analysis.

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Passing of George H. W. Bush
1 Dec 2018

George H. W. Bush, WW2-era naval aviator and later President of the United States, passed away in his residence in Houston, Texas, United States.

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Tuskegee Airman Lawrence Dickson's remains identified
30 Nov 2018

DNA taken from the bodily remains confirmed the identity of Lawrence Dickson

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Sandy Gunn's wrecked Spitfire recovered in Norway
29 Nov 2018

Fighter belonging to "Great Escape" participant fully recovered and would be restored to flight condition

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Pearl Harbor sailor Walter Foley's remains identified
29 Nov 2018

DNA taken from the bodily remains confirmed the identity of Walter Foley

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Dutch rail company NS to pay Holocaust reparations
28 Nov 2018

NS is to form a commission to investigate how it can pay individual reparations for the rail company's collaboration during the Holocaust.

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Finland to probe role of Waffen-SS volunteers
31 May 2018

The Finnish National Archives will embark on a 6-month-long investigation on the role of Finnish troops in WW2-era atrocities committed in Eastern Europe.

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Your help is needed to transcribe WW2 documents
17 May 2018

"The American Soldier" project is looking for volunteers to help transcribe 65,000 hand-written WW2-era documents.

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Your patronage is needed for WW2DB
17 May 2018

Please help fund WW2DB. Even $1 per month will go a long way.

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Japanese National Archives released names of Unit 731 members
17 Apr 2018

Katsuo Nishiyama and colleagues successfully persuaded the National Archives of Japan to release the names of 3,607 members of Unit 731 which conducted human experimentation on Chinese and Koreans during WW2.

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Wreck of USS Helena Found
12 Apr 2018

The wreck of light cruiser USS Helena, lost during the 1943 Battle of Kula Gulf, had been located.

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Wreck of USS Juneau Found
20 Mar 2018

The wreck of light cruiser USS Jueanu, victim of submarine I-26, had been located.

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Wreck of USS Lexington Found
6 Mar 2018

The wreck of aircraft carrier USS Lexington, lost early in the Pacific War, had been located.

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