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HMS Hermes file photo [22620]


CountryUnited Kingdom
Ship ClassHermes-class Light Carrier
Hull Number95
BuilderW. G. Armstrong-Whitworth and Company, High Walker, England, United Kingdom
Laid Down15 Jan 1918
Launched11 Sep 1919
Commissioned1 Jul 1923
Sunk9 Apr 1942
Displacement10,850 tons standard; 13,208 tons full
Length598 feet
Beam70 feet
Draft19 feet
MachineryTwo Parsons Steam Turbines, six Yarrow small-tube boilers, two shafts
Power Output40,000 shaft horsepower
Speed25 knots
Range6000 nm at 18 knots
Armament6x140mm guns, 3x102mm AA guns
Armor2-3in belt, 1in upper deck, 1in main deck, 1in hangar deck
Aircraft15 Swordfish torpedo bombers
Flight Deck Length570 ft


ww2dbaseHMS Hermes was the first ship in the world to be designed and built as a dedicated aircraft carrier, although the Japanese carrier Hosho was the first in the world to be commissioned into service. Due to the inexperience with carriers, which type was extremely new at the time of her building, Hermes suffered from some problems such as a small hangar (capacity of only 20 aircraft) and instability at high seas caused by the large starboard island. In late 1934, she received a catapult and a second lift, which further reduced her air complement to 15.

ww2dbaseWhen Hermes entered service in 1924, her first task was to conduct exercises with Fairey IIID reconnaissance biplanes on the Firth of Forth in Scotland, United Kingdom. In Nov 1924, she was transferred from the Atlantic Fleet to the Mediterranean Fleet, and she would remain with the Mediterranean Fleet until May 1925. In Aug 1925, she arrived at Hong Kong and joined the China Station and generally remained in the Far East for many years, typically spending summers at Weihai, a leased territory, in Shandong Province, China and winters in Hong Kong. She toured the Dutch East Indies in early 1937 before returning to the United Kingdom in May. She subsequently became a training ship in 1938. She was given a brief refit in early Aug 1939. Around this time some upgrade plans were made for her anti-aircraft weaponry and her fuel bunkerage capacity, but none were actually implemented.

ww2dbaseWhen the European War began, Hermes was a part of the Home Fleet and, along with HMS Courageous, operated off the southwestern approaches to search for and attack German submarines, surface raiders, and blockade runners. Her complement at the time included 12 Swordfish torpedo bombers of the 814 Naval Air Squadron. She was transferred to the South Atlantic in Oct 1939, where she would work with the French fleet at Dakar, French West Africa until France surrendered and the Vichy-French government came to power. Hermes then launched strikes against French ships, including launching Swordfish torpedo bombers against the French battleship Richelieu on 8 Jul 1940. During that engagement, one of the torpedoes that her aircraft launched scored a hit on the battleship. In Jul 1940, she collided with the merchant vessel Corfu, and was sent to Simon's Town, South Africa for repairs. After the completion of the repairs, she was transferred to Ceylon. She launched patrols in the Indian Ocean against German and Italian shipping and supported the British and Commonwealth actions in Italian East Africa and in Iraq. After a period of refitting in South Africa, she was assigned to the British Eastern Fleet, which had recently lost battlecruiser HMS Repulse and battleship HMS Prince of Wales to Japanese air power.

ww2dbaseOn 9 Apr 1942, Chuichi Nagumo's Japanese carrier fleet approached Ceylon for a strike at Trincomalee, where Hermes was undergoing repairs. Having received advanced warning, the British carrier departed from the port without any aircraft on board, avoiding the Japanese strike. She was nevertheless spotted by a Japanese reconnaissance aircraft from battleship Haruna southeast of Batticaloa, Ceylon. Hermes and her escort attempted to turn back to Trincomalee where fighters could be scrambled to protect her, but they did not make it far. She was attacked by a wave of 85 Japanese D3A carrier dive bombers escorted by 9 A6M Zero fighters. At least 32 of the dive bombers attacked, hitting her 40 times. She sank, killing 307, including Captain Richard F. J. Onslow. Hermes' escort, Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire, was also sunk. The Japanese lost four D3A dive bombers in the attack. 12 British Fulmar II fighters of No. 273 Squadron RAF, 803 Naval Air Squadron, and 806 Naval Air Squadron arrived only after the sinking; two of them were shot down by the Japanese. Most of the 590 survivors were picked up by hospital ship Vita and delivered to Colombo, Ceylon.

Dan van der Vat, The Pacific Campaign
Fleet Air Arm Archive

Last Major Revision: Jan 2015

Light Carrier Hermes (95) Interactive Map


HMS Hermes at Pearl Harbor, US Territory of Hawaii, circa 1924Warships in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, 9-14 Apr 1928; large warships, left to right: Japanese battleship Mutsu, Japanese light cruiser Tenryu, British carrier Hermes, and Japanese battleship Fuso
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Hermes Operational Timeline

11 Sep 1919 Hermes was launched at Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom, sponsored by Mrs. A. Cooper, daughter of the First Lord of the Admiralty, Walter Long.
19 Feb 1924 HMS Hermes was commissioned into service. Captain Arthur Stopford, who had been the commanding officer of the carrier since Feb 1923, remained in command.
26 Jul 1924 HMS Hermes participated in a fleet review in Spithead in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.
22 Nov 1924 HMS Hermes arrived at Malta.
27 Mar 1925 HMS Hermes began a seven-week period of refit in Malta.
28 May 1925 HMS Hermes arrived at Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.
17 Jun 1925 HMS Hermes departed Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.
10 Aug 1925 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
14 Aug 1926 Captain R. Elliot was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, replacing Captain C. P. Talbot.
11 Oct 1926 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
27 Jul 1927 HMS Hermes arrived at Weihai, Shandong Province, China, a British leased territory.
26 Oct 1927 HMS Hermes arrived in Britain.
2 Dec 1927 Captain G. Hopwood was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, replacing Captain R. Elliot.
21 Jan 1928 HMS Hermes departed Britain.
18 Mar 1928 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
28 Mar 1929 Captain J. D. Campbell was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, replacing Captain G. Hopwood.
29 Oct 1929 HMS Hermes arrived in Hong Kong.
28 Jan 1930 HMS Hermes arrived in Nanjing, China with the British Minister to China, Sir Miles Lampson, aboard.
2 Mar 1930 HMS Hermes departed Nanjing, China for Shanghai, China.
7 Aug 1930 HMS Hermes departed Hong Kong.
23 Sep 1930 HMS Hermes arrived at Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.
29 Sep 1930 HMS Hermes departed Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom for Sheerness in Kent, England, United Kingdom.
2 Oct 1930 Captain E. J. G. MacKinnon was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, replacing Captain J. D. Campbell.
12 Nov 1930 HMS Hermes departed Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.
2 Jan 1931 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
9 Jun 1931 HMS Hermes participated in the rescue of survivors of HMS Poseidon in the Yellow Sea north of Shandong Province, China; the submarine had collided with Chinese merchant vessel Yuta while on exercise.
5 Sep 1931 HMS Hermes arrived at Hankou, Hubei Province, China.
2 Oct 1931 Charles Lindbergh's Lockheed Sirius floatplane was flipped by strong current at Hankou, Hubei Province, China a it was being hoisted off of HMS Hermes. A boat from the carrier rescued Lindbergh and his wife.
2 Nov 1931 HMS Hermes departed Shanghai, China.
3 Nov 1931 HMS Hermes rescued 9 crewmen of Japanese merchant vessel Ryinjin Maru, which had run aground on the Tan Rocks on the coast of the Taiwan Strait.
7 Nov 1931 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
25 Feb 1932 Captain W. B. Mackenzie was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes while the ship was at Hong Kong, relieving Captain E. J. G. MacKinnon.
17 Sep 1932 HMS Hermes departed Weihai, Shandong Province, China, a British leased territory for Nagasaki, Japan.
28 Oct 1932 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
22 Jul 1933 HMS Hermes arrived at Sheerness in Kent, England, United Kingdom.
15 Aug 1934 Captain G. Fraser was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, relieving Captain W. B. Mackenzie.
18 Nov 1934 HMS Hermes departed Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom.
4 Jan 1935 HMS Hermes arrived at Hong Kong.
12 Sep 1935 HMS Hermes departed Weihai, Shandong Province, China, a British leased territory.
19 Sep 1935 HMS Hermes arrived at Singapore.
21 Apr 1936 HMS Hermes began a tour of Japan.
17 Mar 1937 HMS Hermes departed Singapore.
3 May 1937 HMS Hermes arrived at Plymouth, England, United Kingdom.
20 May 1937 HMS Hermes participated at the Coronation Fleet Review at Spithead in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom.
16 Jul 1938 HMS Hermes was transferred from the Reserve Fleet for training duties at Devonport, England, United Kingdom.
23 Aug 1939 Captain F. E. P. Hutton was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, relieving Captain G. Fraser.
24 Aug 1939 HMS Hermes was recommissioned into service.
1 Sep 1939 12 Swordfish torpedo bombers of 814 Naval Air Squadron landed aboard HMS Hermes to join her air crew.
18 Sep 1939 Aircraft from HMS Hermes located a German submarine escorted by destroyers Isis and Imogen; the subsequent attack was ineffective.
7 Oct 1939 HMS Hermes made rendezvous with French battleship Strasbourg in the Atlantic Ocean.
16 Oct 1939 HMS Hermes arrived at Dakar, French West Africa.
25 Oct 1939 HMS Hermes departed Dakar, French West Africa as a part of Force X patrolling Atlantic waters for German raiders.
9 Jan 1940 HMS Hermes began a period of refitting in Britain.
10 Feb 1940 HMS Hermes completed a period of refitting in Britain.
25 May 1940 Captain Richard F. J. Onslow was named the commanding officer of HMS Hermes, relieving Captain F. E. P. Hutton.
8 Jun 1940 HMS Cumberland was joined by HM Aircraft Carrier Hermes
10 Jun 1940 HMS Cumberland's log noted that HMS Hermes was detached.
29 Jun 1940 HMS Hermes received orders to set sail toward Dakar, French West Africa.
7 Jul 1940 After dark, a boat from HMS Hermes attempted to drop depth charges underneath French battleship Richelieu in Dakar, French West Africa; the attack was not successful.
10 Jul 1940 HMS Hermes collided with armed merchant cruiser HMS Corfu in the Atlantic Ocean in poor weather, injuring two and killing one aboard HMS Hermes.
5 Aug 1940 HMS Hermes joined a South Africa-bound convoy in the South Atlantic.
17 Aug 1940 HMS Hermes began receiving repairs at Simon's Town, South Africa for damage caused by the 10 Jul 1940 collision with armed merchant cruiser HMS Corfu.
2 Nov 1940 HMS Hermes completed her repairs at Simon's Town, South Africa.
29 Nov 1940 HMS Hermes arrived at Freetown, British West Africa.
2 Dec 1940 HMS Hermes made rendezvous with light cruiser HMS Dragon in the South Atlantic.
31 Dec 1940 HMS Hermes set sail for Simon's Town, South Africa.
26 Jan 1941 HMS Hermes detected a French blockade runner in the Indian Ocean south of South Africa, but lost the ship in the pursuit.
4 Feb 1941 HMS Hermes set sail toward Kismayo, Somaliland, Italian East Africa.
12 Feb 1941 HMS Hermes captured an Italian merchant ship off Italian East Africa.
22 Feb 1941 HMS Hermes was ordered to search for German cruiser Admiral Scheer in the Indian Ocean; the search did not yield any results.
4 Mar 1941 HMS Hermes arrived at Colombo, Ceylon.
19 Nov 1941 HMS Hermes arrived at Simon's Town, South Africa for a refit.
31 Jan 1942 HMS Hermes completed her refit at Simon's Town, South Africa.
14 Feb 1942 HMS Hermes arrived at Colombo, Ceylon.
19 Feb 1942 HMS Hermes departed Colombo, Ceylon to receive Swordfish torpedo bombers of 814 Naval Air Squadron in the Indian Ocean.
25 Feb 1942 HMS Hermes arrived at Trincomalee, Ceylon and disembarked Swordfish torpedo bombers of 814 Naval Air Squadron.
9 Apr 1942 Japanese carrier aircraft attacked the harbor at Trincomalee, Ceylon at 0700 hours. Two hours later, empty British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire were detected 90 miles further south. At 1035 hours, Japanese carrier aircraft attacked and sank HMS Hermes (307 killed) and HMAS Vampire (9 killed); hospital ship Vita rescued survivors from both warships. At 1207 hours, 20 Japanese carrier dive bombers sank British oiler Athelstane (all aboard survived) and British corvette HMS Hollyhock (48 were killed, 17 survived) in the Indian Ocean.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Charles Cannan says:
30 Mar 2006 08:30:33 PM

My Uncle (Nic Raubenheimer) died this year (Feb 9th). He was a sailor on board the HMS Hermes when sunk by the Japanese. The survivors were strafed by the Japanese in the water. He did live to go to Colombo on a hospital ship. He was the radio or sparks operator. I doubt there are many survivors of this left alive but thought I would let them know.
2. George Horn says:
6 Apr 2006 02:27:22 PM

My father Harry Horn was one of those who lost their lives on 9th April 1942. I was 4 12 years and did not really know him but my brother Mike does.My brother has attended many of the reunions in Devonport. I have attended a couple and enjoyed meeting some of my Dads former shipmates.
3. Steven Clark says:
25 Apr 2006 05:21:00 AM

My father, Tom Clark, served on Hermes up until 1942. He had a fortunate escape from death as he was taken off ship to have an appendix operation shortly before the attack by the Japanese. Unfortunately the shipmate who replaced him lost his life. I remember him telling me that some of the survivors visited him after the disaster. Dad was never keen to talk about the war and so would be interested if there are any of the veterans still alive , and if they remember my Dad.
4. Anne Conder says:
25 Apr 2006 04:57:19 PM

My dad (Charles Waters)was a survivor on the Hermes when it was sunk. He was in the water for a long time before being rescued. He didnt talk about it that much, prefering to remember the comaraderie of the war. He passed away April 2003. Lived a full life, had 8 children, 16 grandchildren and lots of happy memories. He was one of the lucky ones.
5. carol marshall says:
30 May 2006 03:21:24 PM

My father was a Hermes survivor he was in the sea eight hours before a hospital ship took him to Colombo sadly his love of the sea still took his life when he and my brother both drowned while fishing localy in 1986.I love reading the HMS HERMES history and wish i had asked my Dad more these were very brave men.
6. Robert Crockett says:
14 Dec 2006 06:26:38 AM

My Father In Law (Fred Merritt)was a survivor on the Hermes when it was sunk. Still Living In Plymouth UK
7. Gerald Garth says:
23 Dec 2006 10:42:09 PM

My grandfather(Gerald Woodward)was a officer on HMS Hermes. He passed away in 2001. He didnt like to speak about the war. Wish I knew all his stories. He was a brilliant man.
8. steven vickery says:
1 Jan 2007 05:05:07 AM

my father is trying to trace any info on his father able seaman albert james william vickery who lost his life on april 9th 1942 when sunk by the japenese navy
9. Ann Lindop says:
1 Jan 2007 10:19:39 AM

My Dad was also a survivor of the sinking of HMS Hermes. His name is Ron Pitt and he was an engineer. He is 86 now and still in good health. It is only in recent years that he has described in any detail the events of that day to me. He had to make his way up from the engine rooms by clambering up a mangled lift shaft. I find the story profoundly moving, especially because of how young these brave men were. I am so proud of my Dad, and of his courageous generation.
10. Richard Faughey says:
1 Jan 2007 03:25:35 PM

my great grandfather Richard Faughey was on board the hermes,when it sank he was picked up by the vito.Ive got a few photos of the men on board but no names can anyone help?
11. Paul Watkins says:
19 Jan 2007 08:57:05 PM

To Richard Faughey, I have a friend Ian McDougall who was a 18 year old radio operator (I think) when the Hermes sunk. He was standing near Capt Onslow when they went under the water. He survived but the Capt. did not. There is a photo taken from a Japanese plane which shows the 2 of them on the bridge. Would you have it. I would also like to see your photos and pass them onto Ian... Paul
12. alexander r kallis jnr says:
2 Feb 2007 03:57:58 PM

my father alexander r kallis was also a surviver of the hermes.he was a helmsman but he was of duty when the ship was bombed.he died in 1981 in paarl.cape province.south africa
13. David Hoyle says:
18 Feb 2007 01:00:49 PM

My father was serving on HMS Hermes in 1942. He was a RAF Sergeant Air Fitter working on Swordfish. On 9th April 1942, he was sent ashore to pick up some aircraft spares. While ashore, Hermes was ordered to sea and subsequently sunk. Dad took the spares and traveled by train overland to Columbo, where he then spent over six months at the RN aircraft repair depot at Columbo, still working on Fairey Swordfish. Unfortunately Dad passed away in August 1999.
14. Anonymous says:
12 Mar 2007 04:42:34 AM

My husband, known as Jock McCreath was a signalman on the Hermes. He survived the sinking and is now nearly 85 and has written his memoirs. Do get in touch if you rmemmber him.
15. carol says:
12 May 2007 01:30:45 PM

My father was a survivor from Hermes sadly he died 20years ago when the love of the sea took his life along with that of my brother,this year I attended for the first time The HMS Hermes reunion at Devonport and it was a wonderfull experience that i will never forget,history and memories are kept alive I was very proud and deeply honoured to lay a memorial wreath alonside a fellow shipmate of my dad`s.
16. ALAN RICE says:
7 Jun 2007 01:35:24 AM

do anybody no what happend to HORACE DAVIS WHO WAS A SAILOR ON THE HERMES IN 1942
17. Ryan says:
13 Jun 2007 05:35:01 PM

My grandfather was also a survivor of the Hermes, he was a Pettie Officer at the time and remembers seeing chaft fall from allied planes just prior to being sunk Many of the men that survived jumped off ship prior to them even being hit. when they served off africa apparently 2 men where taken by sharks swimming in a near by bay. Later that week they where under heavy bombardment by a German Pilot ship and small battleship Which the Prince of Wales ended up sinking.
18. David Owen says:
21 Jun 2007 07:46:36 PM

My dad, Glyn Owen, survived that awful day and like so many others never liked to talk about his experiences. I have numerous photos of him and his shipmates. If anyone can suggest an organisation that may want them they can contact me david-o@xtra.co.nz
19. Richard Faughey says:
23 Jun 2007 11:33:04 AM

does anybody remember Richard Dick Faughey on the hermes,he died shortly after being picked up by the ship vito,what he did on the ship etc
20. Tony says:
14 Jul 2007 02:17:10 PM

I have what I believe is an old style British Navy hat with HMS Hermes on it. Is there any museum or anyone interasted in it
21. Anonymous says:
14 Aug 2007 05:46:32 AM

For all concerned, Alfred Webb from Plymouth, Devon passed away peacefully on 30th July 2007. One of the survivors of the sinking of HMS Hermes on 9th April 1942. Also involved in the normandy landings on Junno Beach. Please contact me if anyone has info on him or knew him personally. Interested to hear more about my Grandfather.
22. Duncan Rimmer says:
29 Aug 2007 03:21:52 AM

Thank you for the info on HMS Hermes. My great uncle Ronald Peter Richardson of the South African Naval Force died on board the Hermes. It must have been horrendous being attacked by 70 Japanese bombers with little or no defence. His name is on the Naval Memorial in Plymouth. Thanks again
23. Rob says:
1 Sep 2007 12:12:14 PM

Hi, does anyone have a list men that went down with the ship?
24. Sandy Grantham says:
15 Sep 2007 02:26:04 AM

My uncle, Archibald MacRae lost his life on the Hermes.
I never knew him so know little about him. He was from Inverness Scotland and Id love to hear from anyone who knew him.
25. Bernard Richardson says:
20 Sep 2007 01:21:19 AM

My uncle Ronald Richardson was lost in the attack on HMS Hermes. In the lat 60s or early 70s the newer HMS Hermes was passing around the Cape and sailed into Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth). As a tribute to those men from PE did a fly past over the bay. It was an emotional experience especially for my aunt who lost a husband.
26. John Pritchard says:
12 Oct 2007 10:50:43 AM

My wife is trying to find any information about her uncle Ronald Barnes who was lost on the Hermes. Can anyone help?
27. A r kallis says:
24 Oct 2007 11:28:13 AM

my father was also picked up by the vito after the hermes sunk.iwould like to see that foto
28. Andy Stracey says:
29 Oct 2007 02:00:17 PM

My fathers brother, who would have been my uncle was a Royal Marine on HMS Hermes, he lost his life on April 9th 1942 with so many of his ship mates. Any information or photos would be greatly appreciated.
29. Dharshana Jayawardena says:
11 Nov 2007 08:44:36 PM

I have dived the H.M.S Hermes many times. The experience has profoundly moved me and ever since I have been researching about this great ship. But until I read this page it had more or less been just a ship. It is only now that I feel empathy towards the sailors & all those who lost loves ones onboard and also feel the magnitude of this event which still connects so many people around the world.
30. Annie says:
17 Nov 2007 06:32:14 AM

My great-uncle, Charles Martin, went down in the Hermes in 1942. I know very little about him. If anyone has any info, I can be contacted via my family research site at www.hibbitt.org.uk
31. Garry Bachman says:
22 Dec 2007 03:18:47 PM

I am Canadian, met Lewis Price in Glasgow while on vacation in Scotland. Had a terrific leave togther. wine women and song. He left before I did. Not long after that the Hermes was sunk, Lewis was lost as well.
Any info. would be welcomed.
32. Judith Browne says:
27 Feb 2008 06:06:27 PM

My father was called Clifford Procter and he was a Chief Petty Officer on the Hermes. He collapsed with a burst appendix just before the Hermes was attacked and he was taken off to a hospital ship. I seem to remember him saying that he saw the Hermes go down from the hospital ship.
My father died in 1986.
33. Christine Ross says:
11 Mar 2008 02:51:39 PM

My father Fred Warner was a survivor from HMS Hermes he never really spoke about it only to say that he had to swim for his life and lost alot of mates. I do have the origanal newspaper cuttings which I found among his things when he died.My Dad died in 1990.
34. ROY LOVERING says:
12 Mar 2008 09:35:15 AM

Hi Christine,my father was also on the Hermes but he was not so lucky and went down with her.If you happen to have any pictures from the Hermes I would appriciate it if you could send me a copy. Regards Roy
35. Ted Girtchen says:
31 Mar 2008 11:38:46 AM

I am the Vice pres of the Hermes Association. We have had reunions for over 20 years and meet in Plymouth . Our next reunion is April 10 to 13 2008 at the Royal Fleet Club Plymouth. We still have survivors attending. Visit our website hermes.org.com for contact details for our secretary. We welcome new members to our family associaton , my late father Ted Girtchen a stoker survivor founded the association. We may be able to help with far more info and photos as we have actual photos of the sinking of the ship. We now have a growing Hermes 10 membership, wives and partners join us for our packed, eventful reunions every year. Please contact us, Ted
36. Ted Girtchen says:
31 Mar 2008 11:46:08 AM

THe website for the Hermes Association has changed is name so look under
hmshermes.org.uk Thanks hope to hear from you soon
37. Ted and Ann Girtchen says:
6 Apr 2008 11:06:49 AM

Ted is Vice pres if the Hermes association. for information please contact us at
We welcome any queries, we are a family organsiation founded over 20 years and have regular reunions
38. Colin Bestwick says:
1 Jun 2008 05:04:47 AM

Perhaps this isnt the place but I have had difficultly finding information about the attack at Trincomalee (china bay). My wifes mothers first husband George Alexander Kyle was an anti aircraft gunner at Trincomalee and sadly died there. If anyone has information I would be so grateful.
39. Colin Brades says:
20 Jun 2008 07:59:23 AM

I have just found out my uncle died when the Hermes sank.
40. www.DiveSriLanka.com says:
26 Jun 2008 07:15:36 PM

I visited the H.M.S Hermes last week (June 18-22, 2008). The ship is very slowly sinking or being covered with sand. We disocvered one propellar, an anti air craft gun, lower deck gun, the bridge. The wreck lies on the deck. Penetration is not possible because of collapsation by bomb damage and being covered by sand. The dept it lies on is 53 Meters (175 feet). If anyone has a schematic diagram of the H.M.S Hermes please send it to support@divesrilanka.com. I would appreciate it very much so that we can understand the current state of the ship given that old photos never show much detail below deck. Which is what is mostly visible right now.
41. Irene Corbett says:
29 Aug 2008 01:11:18 PM

My Uncle,James Knight,aged 20,was an Articifer on HMS.Hermes and was killed 9 April 1942 when Hermes was sunk.He apparently made it from the Engine Room to the upper deck and over the side but was killed in the water swimming away from the ship,which makes his death even more tragic.God Bless.
42. Andy Russell says:
2 Sep 2008 04:07:00 AM

My father, Percy Russell died 12 years ago in 1996 . He was a survivor of the Hermes and I am sure would like to be remembered by other ship mates still living.
43. jayne frome says:
28 Sep 2008 11:45:14 AM

my god father william houghton was on the hermes when it went down,he was something to do with comunications.he talked about it quite often, i wish i had listed as he died in the 1980's.
44. Len says:
4 Oct 2008 09:01:53 AM

My Dad, Leonard John Hunter (a South African serving with the Royal Navy) was fortunate to have left the ship shortly before it was attacked. He spoke about the Hermes often, more so than any other ship he served on. I still have his photo albums of those times. He died in 1984.
45. Anonymous says:
12 Nov 2008 02:18:11 PM

I believe that my great grandad, Edward (Eddy)Clayson, was onboard HMS Hermes - we have a 5-a-side football medal (of all things!) that he won which has HMS Hermes engraved on the back of it.

Would anybody happen to know anything about these medals or Eddy Clayson??
46. s vickery says:
26 Dec 2008 12:48:11 PM

Im looking for any information possible about albert james william vickery who served on the HMS Hermes, he was my grandfather and any information at all would be greatly appreciated.
47. David Scadding says:
27 Dec 2008 01:08:21 PM

Myfather, then Lt. Adrian G. Scadding, RNVR was a met. officer and on the bridge at the time of the attack and survived the sinking. He died on 31.12.2004 at the age of 93.
48. Anita Richardson says:
29 Dec 2008 01:14:36 PM

My Uncle George Thomas Henry Phillips lost his life with the sinking of the Hermes I long to see a photo of him are there any pictures out there please I am sixty five now and have been haunted by his death since the age of five which is when my mother spoke about him never to mention his name again.
49. David Bragg says:
11 Jan 2009 01:01:57 PM

My Dad is a survivor of the HMS Hermnes sinking, his name is Douglas Bragg. He spent hours in the water before being picked up, and sent to hospital on the mainland. He has actual photos of the boat sinking that were taken by someone onboard, they are quite amazing. They even have oil splatterings on them. I am very very proud of my Dad and cannot imagine the pain and suffering these brave men went through.
50. janet wood says:
1 Feb 2009 01:47:15 PM

My Dad Harry Pardoe was a stoker on board the Hermes when it was sunk & luckily was one of the survivors. He was swimming in the Indian Ocean for over 8 hours, the ships doctor was nearby & told him to make sure he kept swimming in the oil as sharks, that were nearby wouldn't come into oily waters.Dad died at the age of 59 in 1974, but not before writing a piece about his memoirs in a book entitled 'The Hermes Adventure' written by Rex Morgan, whose father was official photographer on board the Hermes. It is a great book with loads of pictures, & memoirs written by numerous survivors. My Dad's picture is on page 138, unfortunately he never lived to see the book in print, as I only managed to get hold of a copy in 1992. Any relations of men who served aboard the Hermes really must get hold of this book as it will give you some idea of the bravery of all who served on her.
51. jenna critchley says:
29 Mar 2009 03:53:52 PM

I,m trying to find information on my great uncle William/Thomas charles kennedy (billy), a stoker on HMS Hermes. He would have only been 18 when it was sunk in 1942. To this day we dont know what happened to him. my nan (his sister) got told he survived and was rescued but she hasn't heard from him since the ship was sank. Please can any surviors or anyone with any information please contact me by email.
many thanks
52. Norm King says:
12 Apr 2009 06:29:19 AM

My father survived the sinking & died in 1996 aged 76. I have some photos of him with shipmates which I would be happy to be forward if you are looking for relatives-no notations of names, sorry.
53. Nigel Bell says:
6 May 2009 10:41:04 AM

My father , Roy 'Dinger' Bell, was a survivor of the Japanese attack, on the Hermes.
He never spoke much about it , but I seem to remember him stating , "the *** followed a couple of 'Stringbags', straight back to the ship". I believe, 'Stringbags' to be a nickname for the Fairey Swordfish. He was a very young man at the time , and this may not have been the case. He spent many hours in the water before being picked up, but I dont know by which ship.
He passed away suddenly, Sept 1978,aged 54.
54. John Bowering says:
10 May 2009 09:52:56 AM

My late father was a Sub Lt on H>M>S> Corfu
that collided with Hermes off West Africa. He left a sheaf of photographs of the damage sustained by the Corfu and details of her drydocking. Any information very welcome.
55. Dan Rushton says:
10 Jun 2009 09:04:02 AM

My Uncle Bill,William Rushton went down with the rest of the Hermes crew,all i know about him is that he was below deck level.Is there a list of casualties,a memorial to the casualties or any other information i can find on line please?
56. Anonymous says:
12 Jun 2009 01:50:49 PM

My grand-father, James (Jim) Houghton from Manchester survived the sinking of HMS Hermes in 1942. He retired from the Royal Navy aged 30 in 1949 after serving on several ships during WW2. HMS Ganges was one of the ships. He spoke fondly of his ship mates and like so many of those heroes of the 2 world wars, he was coy about his own heroism. A lovely man who, sadly is no longer with us. He passed away in 1980. He is still sorely missed to this day. I hope this information may assist someone out there who may be gathereing or compiling information relating to the crew of HMS Hermes. I have access to some old Naval photos belonging to my Grand-Father. I will look through them and if any of them relate to HMS Hermes I will post them.
57. Ian Kim McDougall says:
24 Jun 2009 07:30:01 PM

I am one of the Survivors of the Hermes. I was a seaman-first-class on the Bridge with Capt. Onslow when she sank. I now live in Corte Madera, CA, USA. I was wondering if there are any types of reunions for survivors of the Hermes.
58. Maggie says:
2 Jul 2009 09:02:53 AM

I am looking for information about Ernest Thomas Miles. Born in 1901 and when he married in 1925 he was a Leading Air Craftsman and was married in the parish of H.M.S. HERMES. He served in WW2 and ended up in Changi Jail a prisioner of the Japanese - he did survive. He is a member of my Family Tree and I would love some information on him,
59. Hal Clark says:
28 Jul 2009 07:57:44 AM

My brother Harry Clark (we all knew him as Chuck)was on HMS Hermes when she sank in 1942. He was picked up and died later. Now buried in the Naval cemetory in Ceylon. Is there anyone who can give me any detals of his service. Thanks Hal Clark
60. Anonymous says:
24 Oct 2009 10:01:53 AM

Any persons wishing any info on Hermes 9 & 10 please contact me.(lyn)Ref Hermes 9/10 Assoc. as yearly reunions are held and various ex crew from Hermes 9 & 10 attend
61. catherine evans says:
19 Dec 2009 12:27:37 PM


My nans brother was on this ship and lost his life his name was charlie coyte(i not sure of the spelling of the surname)his body was recovered and buried in pakistan
62. Andy Wilcock says:
4 Jan 2010 12:37:14 PM

My father was also one of the survivors. His name was Jack/john Wilcock, died 1977. He was fleet air arm, and the only information i have is that he was picked up from the sea badly burnt and convelesed in Columbo, before being invalided out of the navy. I have no photographs of his time in the navy,
Is there anyone who new jack wilcock or has any refference to him such as register at the Trincomalee hospital or manifest of the ship Vita.
63. Robbie Robinson says:
29 Jan 2010 09:18:58 AM

I am ex RAF and made a return visit to Trincomalee Cemetary last sept taking photographs of all raf who died in last war if anyone wishes copies.
64. Chris Walsh says:
20 Feb 2010 03:01:15 AM

My grandfather Micheal Walsh was lost on the hermes, he was cheif stoker aged just 42.I would be gratefull to anyone who might of known him, and very keen on going to a reunion in his honour. Any infomtion please email me cgplastering@hotmail.co.uk Thanks
65. Bob Pearce says:
6 Mar 2010 07:31:35 PM

My uncle was lost with the Hermes. His name was Frank Warren of the Electrical Branch. My cousin Sally was born after he died and so didn't know him, but I do remember him as a very jolly person. If anyone out there can remember him I would be delighted to hear from you.
66. John Goodman says:
23 Mar 2010 09:52:38 PM

My father named me after his best friend who was lost on the Hermes. Does any one know of a John from Dagenham? I have a photo if any one is interested.
67. Iain Shickle says:
29 Apr 2010 12:28:35 PM

I am the Vice Chairman for the HMS Hermes Association which will meet in Torquay this year on the 7/8/9 May. We look forward to finding new members from both Hermes 9 and 10 for our association. Contact can be made by calling 07970044251.
68. patricia says:
3 May 2010 11:24:54 PM

am interested to know if there is a list of survivors from the hms hermes as my uncle served on board thanks patricia
69. Jennifer Hoare says:
28 Jul 2010 03:19:16 PM

Does anyone know of James Hoare served on H M S Hermes when it was sunk would be pleased to hear from you
70. Glynis says:
9 Aug 2010 03:01:04 PM

I understand my late fathers half brother died when HMS Hermes was sunk 9 April 1942. I know very little about him and now don't seem to have anyone to ask! His name was Charles Ronald Evans and the surname Riby may have been added in as well. Does anyone have any information on him please? Cheers!
71. Philip RObin Ian Raphael says:
23 Aug 2010 05:04:38 AM

My Grand Father Phillip Reginald Raphael RAPHAEL, Philip R, Able Seaman, 67841 (SANF), MPK, was killed when the Hermes sank. For years my Grandmother reefused to believe he was dead as she had recieved a letter dated the same day it sank posted from Trincomalee saying he was fine and she should not worry! .... Curse of snail mail. Any way for many years I have from time to time searched for survivors who perhaps knew my Grandad, and perhaps how he died. If anyone can help I would be very appreciative.Regards
72. rena bell says:
29 Sep 2010 04:51:38 PM

I have just finished writing my dad's war bio which includes his story about swimming to shore from the Hermes after it was bombed. It also contains some interesting pictures. Please email me if you would like to read it.
73. Andy Wilcock says:
4 Nov 2010 12:04:47 PM

Re the message from Rena Bell dated 29sept 2010 asking if anyone would like to read her dads war bio. I would dearly like to read it. Rena says to email her. How do i aquire the address?
Many thanks
74. Geoffrey Miller says:
2 Dec 2010 12:46:15 PM

Relevant news and topics for the Hermes News would be appreciated.
Printed 3 times per year to association members.
News co-ordinator.
75. robert orr says:
3 Jan 2011 08:21:04 AM

I drew a blank looking up Bowering who was sunk by the Japanese and swam for hours in shark-infested waters, keeping two others afloat but eventually having to let one drown before being rescued. The Hermes account seems to fit but is this a likely tale? I met him in about 1950, a huge man who wore a pink sharkskin dinner jacket in a Mudiford hotel in the evenings!
76. Stephen Leander says:
24 Jan 2011 08:51:29 AM

My father, Basil Leander, was also a survivor from the HMS Hermes. He was a South African serving in the Royal Navy. He pased away in Dec 1984. Like a lot of us I wish that I had listened to the little he would tell me. He really didn't want to talk about it. If anybody out there knew him I would love to hear from you.
77. Denise Brown says:
21 Feb 2011 03:06:03 AM

My dad Alexander Richard Kallis (1914-1986) was one of the survivors. He also never ever spoke about it and if theres anybody that has any photo's etc please could you email me at denisebrownsa@gmail.com..any info would be appreciated.
78. Russ Hemphill says:
17 Mar 2011 03:01:29 PM

My dad James Laird Hemphill LT Commander/PEng, was off on Liberty with another officer and someone who was taken off for health reasons, just before the ship was sunk. He spent the next six months in Ceylon and Africa until they shipped him back to England.
79. Margaret says:
21 May 2011 05:34:20 PM

Just started to research the Hermes as my dad William (Bill) Williams was a petty officer on the Hermes at the time of its sinking, he has told me a bit about his time serving on board but not in great detail. Sadley he passed away in Feb 2008.
80. Paul Young says:
1 Jun 2011 05:09:39 AM

My Mother's brother, Albert Westmore, was killed when the Hermes was sunk. His brothers, John and Charlie were also in the RN during the war. Charlie was on Channel minesweepers and still survives. Charlie was one of the first ashore in Guernsey when it was liberated in 1945. He looked for and found his cousin in St Peter Port, who had been stranded there since the Germans invaded. She thought at first that he (Charlie) was Albert, because they had been close before the war and she didn't know of course that he had been killed in 1940 on the Hermes.
It would be good to find out a bit more about my Uncle Albert, if there is any more information out there.
81. fitz says:
11 Jul 2011 02:57:21 AM

Is there a way of finding a list of survivors of Hermes ? I want to see if my late father was a crew member. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you
82. Anonymous says:
24 Jul 2011 05:04:25 AM

i am trying to trace a crew member on the Hermes in 1931. I have several photos of the places visited and a photo of Colonel and Anne Lindbergh aboard Hermes in 1931. The only clue to his name are his initials HFM. he was engaged at one time to my mother. Is there anywhere I can search for him. Ann Shreeves
83. Andy Wilcock says:
27 Oct 2011 12:14:52 PM

Re my last post on the 4th Nov 2010 requesting rena bells email address to read her fathers bio. I still havnt heard how to go about contacting her. Rena if you are reading this my email is andy131054@yahoo.com. I would dearly love to read his story especially about the survivors swimming from Hermes.
Many thanks
84. heather ainsworth says:
19 Dec 2011 01:39:07 PM

Ian Kim Daniel Mcdougall living in corte Madeira California. I need you to contact me urgently regarding the posting you made in 2009.
85. heather ainsworth says:
19 Dec 2011 01:59:06 PM

Does any one have contact with Ian Kim Daniel Mcdougall a surviver of Hermes and last living in Corte Madeira California, I am searching for a family member and believe he could help .
86. Hazel says:
7 Feb 2012 02:53:17 PM

Heather Ainsworth did you see Ian McDougall's comment number 57
87. julie thornburrow says:
12 Feb 2012 11:50:28 AM

my father thomas graham gibson was a survivor of the hermes. he would not talk about it. He would not allow us to have oranges in the house because the smell reminded him of kandy for some reason. ?? Any clues why??
88. Laura Green says:
10 Apr 2012 05:38:38 AM

My grandfathers first cousin was killed aboard the HMS Hermes, 9 April 1942. He was called Clarence Arthur Hincks and he was the Boatswain.

Any information about him would be much appreciated.
89. Anonymous says:
19 Jul 2012 04:50:32 AM

My mother acquired, whilst living in Cornwall, a sailor's hat from the HMS Hermes with the name of
N A HOWITT inside. She would like to return it to the family.
90. Anonymous says:
8 Sep 2012 02:13:32 PM

My grandfather, Kenneth John Hollingsworth, was one of the survivors of the HMS Hermes sinking. Unfortunately he is no longer with us but I recently acquired his service records and some old photos he took during the war. When I get chance I will make a blog about his service history, include any accompanying photos and provide the link on here...
91. Charlotte says:
19 Sep 2012 05:28:30 AM

My Grandad Frank Davison was also a survivor of the HMS Hermes sinking and didn't like to talk about it but one thing what I remember about what he said was that when he was in the water with one of his friends he turned around for a split second to see who else was around and when he turned back around his friend had gone under. :'( Makes me so sad to think he had to see all his friends die around him. He died last year and I hope they are all reunited now. x
92. Allen Audas says:
8 Nov 2012 02:11:44 PM

my uncle Able Seaman John "Jack Audas lost his life on the Hermes on that fatefull day.We are honoured in our town in Stamford Lincolnshire ,war hero's who lost their lives in the war are being used in a new housing development and Audas Place is the name of one of the streets.Fantastic
Allen Jack Audas
Email. algieaudas@live.co.uk
93. David Lamond says:
2 Dec 2012 07:23:32 AM

I am trying to find out any information on William Gilmour Thomson, temporary sub lieutenant RNVR & Pilot Officer Fleet Air Arm who, I understand was with HMS Hermes on 09/04/42 and was killed in action. Can anyone help?
94. W.A.Levitt says:
10 Dec 2012 11:41:33 PM

RE anonemus 14 I was a signalman and messmate of Jock McCreath on the Hermes when She was sunk.we were great friends and I would really like to get in touch with him
95. Anonymous says:
24 Dec 2012 12:48:51 AM

Hello David Lamond,

My Grandmother married William Gilmour Thomson 3r Jan 1942 and lost him on the Hermes.

She then re-married August 1943 an Australian airman.

Send me an email if you would like to know more.
96. Mary Fox says:
27 Dec 2012 12:22:24 PM

My father Patrick James Donovan,was a survivor of HMS HERMES in 1942.He sadly died ages 52 in March 1969.I have just found this site,and would like to know if anyone knew Dad,or worked with him.He was a stoker and became a Chief Petty Officer,but I do not know anymore than that.He only spoke about the day of the sinking,and spent many hours in the water,which eventually led him to have chronic lung problems for the rest of his short life. I lost my Mother in April 2012 aged 86 years.My father came from Skibbereen,Co Cork,Ireland,and joined the Royal Navy at 16 years.He served on HMS Eagle,Ark Royal.Any photo's or survivors who knew Dad are welcome to contact me.I have one photo of him,when he joined up,he is wearing the cap of HMS Eagle. Thank You.
97. Shannon P. (Black) says:
18 Feb 2013 07:01:44 AM

I will speak to my grandad to see if he can share more information as I am asking him as much as I can about his time in the navy during WWII. He was on the HMAS Vampire when it went down April 1942.

So much to learn from him.

I hope to be able to pass on some of the stories.

98. Carol says:
13 Apr 2013 02:56:37 PM

I was one of the early writers to this page with reference to my late father a Hermes 9 Survivor over the past six years I have become a member of the Hermes association and am now General Secretary please visit our web site www.hmshermes.org.uk if you have a question please submit the contact form and we will be happy to help you if we can or send on association details as the association is extended to family members.
99. Pauline Roach says:
26 Oct 2013 05:20:55 AM

My dad Billy Baker ( William Stanley Baker ) served on the Hermes from August 1939 to 9 April 1942 He survived the sinking of the Hermes and spent time recovering in Colombo after swallowing oily water . He then served on the Drake and the Woodpecker as a Petty Officer .I have some copies of the " HERMES DAILY MIRROR " from 1939 .He also used to mention his pal Billy Webb .
100. Angela Sargeant says:
27 Oct 2013 01:25:25 AM

My uncle Dennis Kirk survived the 1942 sinking of the Hermes. He is alive and well and has just celebrated his 90th birthday. I would love to help him get in touch with any other survivors and see any photos of the ship and crew of that time.
101. Mark Gover says:
12 Nov 2013 06:01:13 AM

My Grandfather Albert G Taylor was a PO Supply onboard HMS HERMES and survived the sinking in 1942. He lived in Devonport and I am trying to locate any survivors who may have known him.
102. joan Riby Alexander says:
27 Feb 2014 09:02:11 AM

My Dad was the sailor that took the place of Tom Clarke Steven Clarkes father,who was taken off the ship with apendicitus I was never fortunate enoug
to know my Dad as he died on that fateful day, my Mum was 5 months pregnant and had only been married 7months
7 months....War is so cruel, I hope that Stephens dad had a good lift
103. joan Riby Alexander says:
27 Feb 2014 10:45:33 AM

I have just found this site, and read that
Number 70 Glynis, was asking for information about
Ronald Charles Riby. My name is Joan and I am his
daughter, born 24th Aug 1942. I would like to get
in touch with Glynis if she would like to contact
104. joan Riby Alexander says:
1 Mar 2014 10:46:36 AM

Glynis number 70 here is my email if you wish to get in touch re my Dad Charles Ronald Riby known as Ron
105. Carol says:
4 Mar 2014 01:01:33 PM

Please can Glynis ( enquiry 70 ) contact me at HMS HERMES Association I have contact details for you. Thank you
106. Max Whitehead says:
5 May 2014 11:25:53 AM

My father recently acquired at a small antique store in South Africa a "bosun's whistle". The owner was apparently killed aboard the Hermes during the Second World War. It's a very nice item and is in quite good condition. Imprinted on the side are the initials "el" or possibly "OL" we are trying to find either the name of the man it belonged to, or the name of the man who bRought it into the antique store, who was apparently a retired naval man. We are also curious about how many people would own something like this aboard a ship such as the Hermes.
107. Angela Wilson says:
7 Jun 2014 04:57:25 AM

I am sitting with my mum looking through the various websites relating to the sinking of the Hermes. My mum's uncle George Page was lost at sea at the sinking of the Hermes - we think he was either Able Seaman of Gunner. If anyone has any information or anyone surviving knew him, we would love to hear from you. Of course any photos of him would be fantastic. It's rather a long shot, but you have to try. Have very much enjoyed reading some of the accounts and hope this email might bring forth some info.
108. david says:
8 Jul 2014 06:46:41 AM

My uncle got killed on the hermes jack Bennett he was 19 years old
109. Bathiya madusanka says:
17 Jul 2014 09:36:14 PM

Pleace follow this link
110. Rob Moss says:
3 Aug 2014 07:37:47 AM

My Nana,s brother lost his life on HMS Hermes his name is John Doolan i have a small photo of the aircraft carrier and a colour one of him in his pomp .
111. Laura Green says:
21 Dec 2014 10:56:01 AM

Max Whitehead says:
5 May 2014 11:25:53 AM

In reply to the post above from Max Whitehead, my family member - Clarence Arthur Hincks - was the ships Boatswain and his wifes initials were EL (Eileen Lucy) so I would think it could well have been his whistle.
112. Heather Levy says:
16 Feb 2015 08:58:24 PM

In reply to Philip Robin Ian Raphael, entry #71, I think we may be related. My great uncle was Phillip Reginald Raphael, who was on board the Hermes when she was attacked by the Japanese. My grandmother, Louise Horne (nee Raphael) was his sister and only sibling. A surviving friend of Phillip informed my great grandparents, Phillip and Edith Raphael of Cape Town, that he survived the original attack and was among survivors in the water, but that they were then strafed in the water by the Japanese and he never saw him again. I would very much like to get in touch with you, my mother used to talk about your grandfather and father, who she referred to as 'Little Man' often.
113. Heather Louise Levy says:
17 Feb 2015 05:41:23 AM

In response to the post #71 by Philip Robin Ian Raphael, I think we may well be related. My great uncle was Phillip Reginald Raphael, who was aboard the Hermes when she was sunk. My grandmother, Louise Horne (nee Raphael) was his sister and only sibling. A survivor friend of Phillip visited my great grandparents, Phillip and Augusta Raphael of Cape Town, and told them that Phillip had survived the initial attack and that he saw him, alive, in the water. The survivors were then strafed from the air and after that the friend never saw him again. Our sleuthing has also discovered that he was buried in Plymouth, England.

I would very much like to establish contact with you if you should like to do so.

114. Angela says:
7 May 2015 07:43:55 AM

My uncle Horace Davis served not his ship and died on this ship I don't expect their would be any one out there now that would have known of him i would love to hear from anyone who does know anything
115. Fiona Dallas says:
11 Jun 2015 06:41:16 AM

My grandpa Sid Garden(from Aberdeen) survived the Hermes attack. He was a quiet man, who enjoyed gardening. He never spoke about the experience and I only found out about it after he died 20 years ago.
116. Geoff says:
12 Jul 2015 08:34:09 PM

My dad, James Purdy survived the Hermes sinking.Died in 1988,was a hard working man.Miss him.
117. Julie says:
18 Aug 2015 10:12:12 PM

My great uncle William Kennedy (aka Bill or William or Bill) lost his life as a stoker on the hermes 1942. If anyone has any information or photos will be really appreciated.
118. Feli says:
9 Sep 2015 05:08:55 AM

I run the tec dive operation in the east coast of sri lanka Batticaloa. The deep sea resort has our tec dive center and we do dive guidance, training if needed and services, gear rentals twin cylinders with trimix and deco gases. We are also CCR friendly and do possess 3ltr cylinders and sofno lime in stock,.
I have guided tec divers during the past five years and this year complete 700 tec dives on the wreck hermes.
As long as we operate the wreck will remain untouched and undisturbed.up to now over 250 tec divers has dived the hermes with me.
Treasure hunters are not welcome.
The wreck has now become a fish breading ground and the magnitude of fish is stunning. Largest groupers, travelly, snappers use the wreck as their home.
All divers need to pay sufficient respect for the war grave.

sri lanka diving tours
119. Feli says:
9 Sep 2015 05:18:09 AM

Three tec divers from U.K from Ocean divers
1. Mr Stuart Gibbons

2. Mr Ian Ford

3. Mr Carl Foley

Are expected to dive the Hermes starting from the 12th Sept 2015. I am anxiously waiting to dive guide them.

Previous British group of divers dived in april 2015 and they brought a british flag and place it on the range finder of the wreck Hermes. it is still there. It will be my pleasure to submit a photograph.

"Feli " Sri lanka diving tours.
Deep Sea resort, Batticaloa Sri Lanka
120. roy lovering says:
4 Dec 2015 11:54:02 AM

Ref: item 106 is there any more information about the Bosuns Pipe.
121. Bryan Jackson says:
11 Jan 2016 11:24:20 AM

My uncle Leslie Jackson from the Forest of Dean was on the ship and sadly died. I wold love to talk to anyone who knew him or knew what happend to him.
122. David Bragg says:
9 Mar 2016 01:44:21 AM

My Dad survived the sinking , and celebrates his 92nd birthday on 11th March. He has photos of his time on the Hermes and also some remarkable photos of it sinking. I am immensely proud of my Dad, and like a lot of the other crew he was only a lad really. They were all so very brave. He was in the water for many hours and was eventually picked up by the hospital ship and was taken to Colombo.
He was one of the lucky ones , and has lived a full life being a fantastic husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He is one of a kind ........
123. Desmond Lane says:
21 Mar 2016 06:28:08 PM

My uncle who I never met was on board the Hermes when she was sunk. My grandfather was persuaded to sign his release into the Navy after a celebratory afternoon at the local - Billy was under age but lied and got Grandad to sign his consent forms (All this detail is from my mum - who would have been a young girl herself at the time). They received a Missing Presumed Lost letter an unspecified time after the sinking. Some years later mum (being a Fleetwood lass) was told by a Blackpool Gypsy that she had a missing brother who wasn't dead he just couldn't remember who he was and would return one day. She carried that hope for decades. Uncle Billy never did return. His full name was William Wilson (Billy) he would have been quite young probably around 20 or 21.
124. Richard Corbett says:
1 May 2016 01:43:52 AM

My father W.H "Jack" Corbett was a Corporal with the RAF service squadron aboard Hermes on the China Station 1930 -1933. He was a Fitter 1 ex Halton apprentice. Served 1926 to 1963. I have many photos of his time aboard as he took his vintage Kodak everywhere! He often recounted the Lindbergh incident mentioned above, saying that as one of the maintenance men, they became pretty close whilst Lindbergh needed his plane repairing. Tales of being captured by Chinese pirates in Shanghai etc are ingrained from my childhood!
125. feli says:
14 May 2016 03:10:05 AM

At present hermes is resting at a depth of 53m surrounded by a magnitude of Fish. Lots of sea fans and black corals are grown on the re3ck. this year too we have many booking fro groups of tec divers to dive the Hermes. I

126. Philip Robin Ian Raphael says:
7 Jun 2016 03:10:19 PM

This is for Heather Louise Levy. Yes please contact me. i only saw your message now. Mail me on rob.raphael@live.com. We definitely are related ;-))
127. Russ Hemphill says:
28 Nov 2016 05:20:16 AM

I am the son of Lt. Cmdr Laird Hemphill, who was with Lt Bob Reid, who were on leave in Dakar when the Hms Hermes was torpedoed. They were with an unidentified sailor who was with them to see a dentist. I have not be able to get a list of sailors on the Hermes that shows my father being on that ship.
128. Keith Pugsley says:
1 Mar 2017 03:00:40 AM

I am the son of Chief Petty Officer Writer William Frederick ("Bill") Pugsley, aboard the Hermes as she sunk, but surviving to be picked up by hospital ship Vita. I would also be interested in a ship's complement, as I am compiling my own autobiography and intend using the sinking of Hermes in a Foreword. Look forward to any comments.
129. Anonymous says:
4 Mar 2017 01:24:23 PM

Still longing for info or photo of my uncle who was lost with the Hermes 1942. He was a stoker 1st class name was George Phillips. Would appreciate any info.
130. Sigi Howes says:
9 Aug 2017 01:03:26 PM

Also lost on the HMS Hermes was Neil Watson Bryson from South Africa.
131. Sigi Howes says:
9 Aug 2017 01:25:41 PM

Neil Watson Bryson was a radio officer on the Hermes and went down withe the ship on 9 April 1942. He was 21 years old.
132. Michael Blight says:
12 Oct 2017 07:34:42 AM

My uncle Arthur Blight (rank unknown at this time) survived the sinking of HMS Hermes in Ceylon. This was his second sinking experience, the first was off the coast of Norway. He later transferred to HM Submarines spending the rest of his war years as a Petty Officer aboard HMS Storm. My father George Blight (Arthur's older brother) also served with the Royal Navy throughout the WW11 years (Maratime Ack Ack). Little is known of my fathers war experiences other than he served on Atlantic convoy escorts and later in the far east and Burma. Both brothers survived and lived to celebrated VJ day, both have since passed away.
Actual footage of the sinking of HMS Hermes: https://vimeo.com/41414512
133. Ann Robinson says:
14 Nov 2017 06:40:24 AM

My second cousin John Adams was killed on the Hermes, would like to know if anyone knew of him, he came from Cornwall, he was 23 years old.
134. Paul Bailey says:
5 Dec 2017 01:36:45 PM

Recently inherited a large photo taken by W/O J.G. Ryan taken in 1937 in Wei Hai Bay China, Has anyone any info about this sailor?
135. Betsan Evans says:
1 Jan 2018 03:28:34 AM

My grandmother's brother David Naunton Thomas was killed on HMS Hermes. Apparently, he was shot by the Japanese in the water. He wrote her some lovely letters before he died and I think refers to many of his colleagues.
136. paul alexander says:
21 May 2018 12:48:17 PM

My Father Edward James Alexander may have served on Hermes. He was an NCO I think (Leading Hand?) in the FAA. I know for sure than he served in Ceylon and had time in Singapore and Kenya. Is there any way I can validate if he served aboard Hermes. Sadly Dad died last week and only in conversation with some old friends has it been said that he was aboard the said carrier. Many thanks, Paul
137. Natalie D Mann says:
9 Jul 2018 01:32:46 PM

My son bought a hat that I believe belonged to someone serving on this ship. The last name in it is McKer. Does anyone have any information?
138. Richard Kenward says:
12 Nov 2018 09:17:18 AM

My father served on HMS Hermes in the Fleet Air Arm (Flying Tigers 814 squadron) as a TAG on one of the Swordfish aircraft. Fortunately when Hermes was sunk he was on land in Ceylon. His name and rank Chief Petty Officer Gordon Kenward.
139. John Purdy says:
19 Feb 2020 05:22:22 PM

My father survived the sinking of the Hermes. I have a photo of him and several others on the ship. I will find the photo and post it shortly.
140. Denise Brown says:
23 Feb 2020 01:45:22 AM

I look forward to seeing your photo. I have a relative who died when The Hermes was sunk.
141. Anonymous says:
29 Apr 2020 08:57:46 AM

My father was apparently on Hms Hermes. Roy Shorto. I don't know how to go about finding more information about this or any additional info to do with him being in the Navy. I would love to find out more.
142. Peter J Reynolds says:
30 Oct 2020 12:59:43 PM

I worked with an ex sailor who survived his name was Tom Ryrie
We both worked in SG warburg a Merchant Bank in the City of London in the late 1980's. He slid down the hull of the ship before it
eventually went under. Any info would be very interesting

143. E Smith says:
5 Nov 2020 02:16:59 PM

My Grandad was on HMS Hermes when it got sunk by the Japanese, luckily he was a survivor... God bless them all X
144. Stephanie Mitchell says:
25 Nov 2020 04:14:29 PM

Dear John Purdy

I would love to see any photos you have of the ship and the crew. My grandad was one of the lucky survivors Percy Russell, unfortunately he isn't with us anymore. I also have the Hermes Adventure by Rex Morgan.
145. Anonymous says:
18 Apr 2021 12:05:09 PM

My Uncle Royal Marine Walter Wiscombe was on Hermes when it was sunk by Japanese. Luckily he survived
146. Patrick CollinsMy says:
29 May 2021 12:05:14 PM

My Dad was Dennis Frank Collins
a stoker and luckily a survivor who lived until 2004..There is a photo in the HermesAdventure.Has anyone got any photos or mentions of him??
147. philip gorman says:
12 Jun 2021 09:37:50 AM

my nanas brother leading aircraftmen harold wright was on her but he never left her
148. Mark Stewart says:
20 Jun 2021 02:22:03 AM

My Grandad was on HMS Hermes (95) and made it back to shore (swam back allegedly with a load of others). He was RAF Swordfish Plane repair Engineer. I have pictures of Grandad in other countries, but not on this ship. Would like to see his name on a list of crew but cannot find online. His name 'Ronald Stewart' (Scottish RAF).
149. Jackie knight says:
12 Aug 2021 11:02:13 AM

My Dad Cecil Whyte known as Jock was a survivor on Hermes, he did not like to talk about it. He would be 102 now.
Would love to see photos of the survivors
150. Mark Kendall-Ball says:
20 Feb 2022 03:59:47 AM

My Grandfather, I believe was part of the Crew of HMS Hermes, as indicated on his marriage certificate.

His name was John Henry James Street (Jim)

He was an Engin Room Engineer.

How do I get confirmation of this?
151. Anonymous says:
30 Apr 2022 11:03:50 AM

My grandfather was on the Hermes when it sank, only had his dirty laundry bag with him, which I still have. I need record of my grandfather being on the ship as I am applying for a British passport and it is needed, but I cannot find any record and they are busy sorting the archives.
152. Nigel Bell says:
9 May 2023 09:43:21 AM

My father. Raymond (Roy) Bell was an 18 year old sailor on the Hermes . He would be 99 this year . He died in 1978 from (they reckon) internal injuries from being blown off the deck .
153. Helen Winder says:
27 Dec 2023 06:13:26 AM

My father Able Seaman Frank Williams served on the Hermes during WW2 when she was sunk in the Bay of Bengal. He was also Mentioned in Despatches (2 oak leaves) for bravery on this ship. Sadly he passed away 1963 age 5O.

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