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Hideki Tojo

Given NameHideki
Born30 Dec 1884
Died23 Dec 1948


ww2dbaseHideki Tojo was born in Kojimachi District (now Chiyoda), Tokyo, Japan to the Japanese Army infantry Lieutenant (later Lieutenant General) Hidenori Tojo. He followed his father's footsteps and attended the Army Cadet School in 1899 and then the Japanese Military Academy in 1904. In Mar 1905, he completed the courses at the military academy and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry. In 1909, he married Katsuko Ito; they had three sons and four daughters. In 1912, he entered the Army Staff College, completing the program in 1915 and rose to the rank of captain and the commanding officer of the 3rd Imperial Guards Regiment. In Aug 1919, he served in Switzerland as a military attaché. On 10 Aug 1920, he was promoted to the rank of major. In Jul 1921, he served as a military attaché in Germany. On 28 Nov 1922, he became an instructor at the Army Staff College. In 1924, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. On 8 Mar 1928, he was assigned as a bureau chief in the Japanese Army. On 10 Aug 1928, he was promoted to the rank of colonel. On 1 Aug 1929, he became the commanding officer of the 1st Infantry Regiment; around this time, he became active in militarist politics. In Aug 1931, he became a staff officer with the Army Chief of Staff. On 18 Mar 1933, he was promoted to the rank of major general and served as the Chief of the Personnel Department. In Aug 1934, he became the commanding officer of the 24th Infantry Brigade.

ww2dbaseOn 21 Sep 1935, Tojo was assigned to the Kwantung Army as the head of its military police. Nicknamed Kamisori, or "Razor", he was known for his decisiveness. On 1 Dec 1935, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general. During the Feb 26 Incident, he stood against the rebels, and emerged the Army's leading political figure. On 1 Mar 1937, he became the chief of staff of the Kwantung Army. He led units of the 1st Independent Mixed Brigade during Operation Chahar in Jul 1937, and deployed his troops to Hobei Province, China after the Second Sino-Japanese War began; with the Kwantung Army, he also played a key role in efficiently utilizing Manchuria's natural resources to feed the hungry Japanese industrial machine. Returning to Japan in May 1938, he became Vice War Minister and Chief of Army Aviation under War Minister Seishiro Itagaki, who was a member of Fumimaro Konoe's cabinet. As head of the Japanese Army's aviation program, he adopted an aggressive stance in conducting pre-emptive strikes against China and Russia. On 22 Jul 1940, he was appointed War Minister by Prime Minister Konoe. In this role, he expanded the Second Sino-Japanese War and was instrumental in forming the alliance between Japan, Germany, and Italy. Japan's expansionist philosophies, which were heavily influenced by Tojo, eventually led to an economic sanctions and then an oil embargo, conducted by several western powers including the United States and Britain. In the cabinet meeting of 14 Oct, which was to be Konoe's last, Tojo noted that

For the past six months, ever since April, the foreign minister has made painstaking efforts to adjust relations. Although I respect him for that, we remain deadlocked.... The heart of the matter is the imposition on us of withdrawal from Indochina and China.... If we yield to America's demands, it will destroy the fruits of the China incident. Manchukuo will be endangered and our control of Korea undermined.

ww2dbaseOn 16 Oct 1941, Konoe resigned from his post as prime minister. On the next day, Emperor Showa summoned Tojo to the Imperial Palace. "I thought I was summoned because the Emperor was angry at my opinion", said Tojo in his diary, but his initial reaction could not be further from the truth. As it would turn out, on the next day, 18 Oct 1941, Tojo was named the 40th Prime Minister of Japan. His first task was to conduct a careful evaluation of whether war was still avoidable; on 2 Nov, Tojo and Chiefs of Staff Hajime Sugiyama and Osami Nagano reported their failure in searching for a potential peaceful solution with the western powers. Upon receiving this report, Emperor Showa consented to the notion of war on 5 Nov. Through the month of Nov, Tojo made a last ditch effort in averting war; meanwhile, he and his staff presented war plans to Emperor Showa, who formally approved "war against the United States, England, and Holland" during the Imperial Conference of 1 Dec 1941. The Pacific War began as Japanese aircraft attacked the American naval base of Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941.

ww2dbaseOver the course of his tenure as prime minister, Tojo gradually placed himself in direct charge of the army, foreign affairs, commerce, education, and the munitions industry. As Education Minister, he continued militaristic and nationalist indoctrination in the national education system. Although support for his government was high through 1942, starting in early 1943 support gradually waned. In Feb 1944, he assumed the role of the commander-in-chief of the General Staff, effectively gaining dictatorial powers, in order to secure his political position. However, even with absolute power, the loss of Saipan in the Mariana Islands spelled the end of his tenure as prime minister. On 18 Jul 1944, Tojo submitted his resignation to Emperor Showa.

ww2dbaseOn 8 Sep 1945, after the Japanese surrender, Tojo attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a pistol; he survived as the bullet missed his heart. He was arrested while recovering from the gunshot wound, and moved to the Sugamo Prison after he had recovered. He was tried by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East for war crimes. He was found guilty of count 1 (waging unprovoked wars of aggression and war or wars in violation of international law), count 27 (waging war against China), count 29 (waging aggressive war against the United States), count 31 (waging aggressive war against the British Commonwealth), count 32 (waging aggressive war against the Netherlands), count 33 (waging aggressive war against French Indochina), and count 54 (ordering, authorizing, and permitting inhumane treatment of POWs and others). Accepting his responsibilities as a Class A war criminal, he stated that

[I]t is natural that I should bear entire responsibility for the war in general, and, needless to say, I am prepared to do so. Consequently, now that the war has been lost, it is presumably necessary that I be judged so that the circumstances of the time can be clarified and the future peace of the world be assured.

ww2dbaseTojo was sentenced to death by hanging on 12 Nov 1948, which was carried out on 23 Dec 1948. Before he was hanged, he apologized for atrocities committed by the Japanese Army, though claimed that he was simply following orders from Emperor Showa for the cases where he was implicated with war crimes; he also urged the American occupation to show compassion toward the Japanese people. After the execution was carried out, Tojo's remains, along with the remains of other war criminals executed on that date, were transferred to US Army Major Luther Frierson, who then supervised the cremation process. While 1940s US Army official policy after military executions was to bury the remains or to give the remains to the next of kin, Frierson was given orders to break that particular rule. Using an Eighth Army liaison aircraft, Frierson personally scattered the ashes of the war criminals at sea, about 30 miles east of Yokohama, Japan. The decision to scatters the ashes at sea was an attempt to avoid having places of burial, which could then be used as physical locations for the executed to be worshipped as martyrs. That ultimate goal was not achieved, however, as the Americans failed to realize that enshrinement at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo did not require physical remains. Tojo's enshrinement continues to stir controversy today.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia

Last Major Revision: Mar 2022

Hideki Tojo Interactive Map


Portrait of Hideki Tojo, circa 1905Inaugural Party for the newly appointed War Minister Seoshiro Itagaki, 1938; note Naval Minister Mitsumasa Yonai at left of photo and Vice War Minister Hideki Tojo at right of photo
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Hideki Tojo Timeline

30 Dec 1884 Hideki Tojo was born.
1 Mar 1937 Hideki Tojo was named the chief of staff of Kenkichi Ueda (Japanese Kwantung Army in northeastern China).
30 May 1938 Hideki Tojo stepped down as the chief of staff of Kenkichi Ueda (Japanese Kwantung Army in northeastern China).
22 Jul 1940 Hideki Tojo was appointed the Army Minister in Japanese Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe's new cabinet.
18 Oct 1941 Hideki Tojo was named 40th Prime Minister of Japan.
27 Nov 1941 Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo rejected the American counter-proposal for peace.
30 Nov 1941 Emperor Showa ordered Prime Minister Hideki Tojo to proceed with plans to start the Pacific War, and subsequently Tojo rejected US proposals to de-escalate tension in the Far East.
18 Jul 1944 Hideki Tojo submitted his letter of resignation for his position as the Prime Minister of Japan. He would be officially replaced by Kuniaki Koiso four days later.
8 Sep 1945 Former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo failed in his suicide attempt at Sugamo Prison, Tokyo, Japan.
12 Nov 1948 Former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo was sentenced to death by hanging.
23 Dec 1948 Hideki Tojo was executed at the Sugamo Prison in Tokyo, Japan.

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him to grab or rise to power.
Additionally his relationship to the
1936 officer's coup in which I believe
his superior was murdered needs more
There is a book by an american newspaper
corespondent who was intered in Japan that
follows the japanese political scene in
1941 that gives a glimpse of his rise.
The author's last name started with a T
and I think he was a New York newspaperman.
In particular pay attention to the
assasinations and assasination attempts
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Tojo was a war criminal and deserved to be prosecuted and hanged. However he was a brave soldier and served his country well by waging a successful war the first year after Pearl Harbor. After Midway in 1942, he should have surrendered.
148. Anonymous says:
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Tojo was made a scapegoat for U.S. Aggression.

Read "Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933-1941, by Charles Tansill; "How Roosevelt Failed America in World War II," by Stewart H. Ross; "F. D. R.'s undeclared war, 1939-1941," by T. R Fehrenbach; & "President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War, 1941," by famed historian Charles Beard.
149. nathan jackson says:
6 Feb 2016 11:59:52 AM

thank u for the info, but u need to have more info on his childhood. Maby some info on how he was raised and his haratege and how or if he abused as a child.
150. Anonymous says:
15 Feb 2016 03:32:32 PM

good info, couldn't find any other website listing what tojo was charged with
151. Anonymous says:
26 Mar 2016 11:54:01 PM

Some of the dates don't match other sites' dates
152. Anonymous says:
26 Apr 2016 01:50:21 PM

153. Tank's says:
2 Aug 2016 05:50:50 PM

Great site needs a bit of extra info but other than that its good I have a strange class called 0His2BB in other words history extreme this helped me a lot keep at it WW2DB
154. Anonymous says:
30 Jan 2017 10:13:37 AM

This is amazing this helped me out in my class research paper
155. Anonymous says:
22 May 2017 12:54:02 PM

good job
156. Anonymous says:
20 Nov 2017 08:03:19 AM

awesome, but I need more on this topic for my history class
157. Anonymous says:
18 Jan 2018 10:28:41 AM

158. Anonymous says:
23 Feb 2018 07:17:43 AM

159. Anonymous says:
4 Mar 2018 12:42:27 PM

If you need more information for a History class...READ A BOOK
160. Anonymous says:
14 Mar 2018 07:18:51 AM

this is the most helpful source i'm using idk what the other people are talking about
161. content man says:
21 Mar 2018 07:22:49 AM

good content
162. Anonymous says:
9 Apr 2018 02:38:32 PM

This page was very helpful for my class stuff
163. student says:
20 Oct 2018 11:54:21 AM

very thorough and easy to understand.
no info about child hood tho.
164. Name says:
17 Feb 2022 05:01:50 PM

This is a very helpful site. It really helped with schoolwork. I wish that it would have things about Hideki Tojo's childhood. Please take that into consideration.
165. Anonymous says:
7 Feb 2023 12:04:02 PM

Its really helpful for my school but I cant really find anything about childhood.
166. Anonymous says:
10 May 2023 10:16:14 AM

how did hiedeki tojo feel about russia in ww2
167. Anonymous says:
26 Feb 2024 05:42:57 PM

I would like there to be more about his childhood

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