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Mississippi file photo [3284]


CountryUnited States
Ship ClassNew Mexico-class Battleship
Hull NumberBB-41
BuilderNewport News Shipbuilding
Laid Down5 Apr 1915
Launched25 Jan 1917
Commissioned18 Dec 1917
Decommissioned30 Jul 1956
Displacement32,514 tons standard; 33,530 tons full
Length624 feet
Beam97 feet
Draft30 feet
Machinery8 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, 4 steam turbines, 4 screws
Power Output32,000 shaft horsepower
Speed21 knots
Range8,000nm at 10 knots
Armament12x14in/50cal guns, 14x5in/51cal guns, 4x3in/50cal guns, 2x21in torpedo tubes
Armor8-13.5in belt, 18in turret face, 16in conning tower, 3.5in decks


ww2dbaseUSS Mississippi, a 32,000 ton New Mexico class battleship, was built at Newport News, Virginia. She was commissioned in December 1917, and operated in the western Atlantic area until July 1919, when she transited the Panama Canal to the Pacific. Over more than a decade, she operated with the fleet's other battleships, conducting exercises and training operations in the Pacific and in the Caribbean. During gunnery practice on 12 June 1924, she suffered a turret fire that took the lives of 48 of her crew. Mississippi steamed to Australia on a U.S. Fleet good will tour in mid-1925.

ww2dbaseDuring 1931-33 , Mississippi underwent a major modernization that gave her an all-new superstructure, improved armament and enhanced protection. She returned to the Pacific in October 1934 to resume her earlier pattern of regular exercises, Fleet Problems and training. In June 1941, in response to the deteriorating war situation in Europe, she was brought back to the Atlantic, operating between the United States and Iceland during much of the rest of that year.

ww2dbaseIn early 1942, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Mississippi rejoined the Pacific Fleet. She spent most of 1942 along the U.S. west coast and went to the South Pacific late in that year. In 1943, she took part operations against Kiska Island, in the Aleutians, and in the capture of the Gilbert Islands. During the latter operation, on 29 November 1943, Mississippi experienced another turret explosion, which took 43 lives. Following repairs, she participated in the capture of Kwajalein in February 1944 and bombarded Japanese-held islands in February and March. Later in the year, she was part of the force that invaded Peleliu and Leyte and defeated a Japanese task force in the Battle of Surigao Strait. Mississippi provided gunfire support for the Lingayen landings in January 1945 and for the conquest of Okinawa in March-June. The battleship was damaged by suicide planes in both operations. She was present in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1945, when Japan formally surrendered and returned to the United States soon thereafter.

ww2dbaseMississippi was converted to a gunnery training and weapons development ship in 1946, and given the new hull number AG-128. In this role, she carried a variety of old and new guns and radars, while serving with the Operational Development Force in the Atlantic. During the mid-1950s, she was test ship for the Navy's first surface-to-air guided missile, the "Terrier". Decommissioned in September 1956, USS Mississippi was sold for scrapping in November of that year, after almost forty years of service.

ww2dbaseSource: Naval Historical Center

Last Major Revision: Jan 2005

Battleship Mississippi (BB-41) Interactive Map


USS New Mexico, USS Mississippi, and USS Idaho at sea, 24 Jul 1919US Navy Battle Fleet entering Panama Bay during fleet maneuvers, probably 1923
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Mississippi Operational Timeline

18 Dec 1917 USS Mississippi was commissioned into service.
14 Dec 1924 A new method in the launch of ship-based aircraft was displayed with the explosive-powered catapult launch of a Martin MO-1 observation plane from the forward turret of the USS Mississippi. Previously, ships other than aircraft-carriers had to come to a halt in order to lower the aircraft into the water to allow them to take off.
1 Sep 1941 Battleships USS Idaho, USS Mississippi, and USS New Mexico, escorted by 2 cruisers and 13 destroyers, were dispatched to patrol the Denmark Strait to protect American merchant shipping.
20 Dec 1941 Captain Walden Ainsworth assumed command of battleship USS Mississippi.
27 Jun 1942 Captain Walden Ainsworth was relieved as commanding officer of battleship USS Mississippi and accepted an appointment to the rank of Rear Admiral.
15 Feb 1943 Battleship USS Mississippi, cruiser USS Minneapolis, and destroyers USS Shaw and McKean departed Suva, Fiji bound for Pago Pago, Samoa.
18 Feb 1943 Battleship USS Mississippi, cruiser USS Minneapolis, and destroyers USS Shaw and McKean arrived at Pago Pago, Samoa.
19 Feb 1943 Battleship USS Mississippi, cruiser USS Minneapolis, and destroyers USS Shaw, Boggs, and McKean departed Pago Pago, Samoa bound for Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
2 Mar 1943 Battleship USS Mississippi, cruiser USS Minneapolis, and destroyers USS Shaw, Boggs, and McKean arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
25 Apr 1944 USS Mississippi arrived at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for an overhaul.
16 Jul 1944 USS Mississippi and USS West Virginia departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, the latter after extensive repairs and modernization following damage received in the Pearl Harbor Attack.
12 Oct 1944 Task Group 77.2 consisting of battleships USS Tennessee, USS California, USS Pennsylvania, USS Maryland, USS West Virginia, and USS Mississippi with cruisers USS Honolulu, USS Portland, USS Minneapolis, USS Denver, and USS Columbia departed Seeadler Harbor, Manus bound Leyte Gulf, Philippines.
1 Nov 1944 A battleship force on station at the northern entrance to Surigao Strait consisting of battleships USS Mississippi, California, and Pennsylvania screened by cruisers USS Phoenix, Boise, Nashville, and HMAS Shropshire along with destroyers Ammen, Bush, Leutze, Newcomb, Bennion, Heywood L. Edwards, Robinson, Richard P. Leary, Bryant, and Claxton came under an intense Japanese air attacking force that included special attack aircraft. USS Ammen sustained a glancing blow from a Yokosuka P1Y 'Francis' that caused considerable topside damage and killed 5 men. An Aichi D3A 'Val' crashed across Abner Read's main deck as it dropped a bomb down one the destroyer's stacks that exploded in the engine room. Abner Read jettisoned her torpedoes which immediately began their runs toward other ships in the group. Abner Read began sinking by the stern and 20 minutes after the attack, she rolled over and sank. 24 were killed. Meanwhile, Mississippi and Nashville had to take emergency evasive actions to avoid the torpedoes.
9 Jan 1945 USS Mississippi was damaged by Japanese special attack aircraft at Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Philippine Islands.
17 Sep 1956 USS Mississippi was decommissioned from service.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. jamie36 says:
9 Jun 2005 08:49:03 PM

got this ship confused with other mississippi,sorry
2. Anonymous says:
25 Aug 2009 05:48:46 PM

I was a Marine aboard this ship 18 months and went all over the south pacific. we also went through a typhoon that took my battel station off. which was a 40 mm quad.
3. Michael says:
25 Oct 2010 03:38:15 PM

Can you tell me if there was a crew member named Luis Rodriques (turret gunner, I believe) during BB-41s tour in the pacific during WWII?
4. Anonymous says:
17 Apr 2011 01:18:50 PM

My Grandfather served on this ship, I have his Japan harbor card, he never told us much about the time on ship. Being in the Navy now myself I understand a little. He experienced a lot more than I ever knew ...
5. Melinda says:
2 May 2011 10:49:26 PM

My father served on the USS Mississippi in the South Pacific for over two years. I live near Bremerton WA where it was serviced for a short time during the war. They have a very nice Naval Museum. I plan to donate some of his memorabilia that he saved from his time on this battle ship. It's great history for us all to know about. I look at some of the pictures I have of the crew and it was a ship full of very young men. They went through an awful lot, we could never imagine.
6. Olivia says:
18 May 2011 05:38:25 PM

My father served on the USS Mississippi from September 1942 to December 1945, where upon discharge his rating was Gunner's Mate 3C. He often speaks of some of the men that served along side him on this ship. One man in particular often comes up in his conversation and I was wondering if perhaps anyone might have knowledge of him, Albert Souza.
7. Paul Bouchard says:
13 Jun 2011 03:00:27 PM

My father's name was Albert Joseph Bouchard, but he went by the name of "Slim" or "Fred". He was a cook 1st class aboard the Mississippi all through WWII. He stood 6' 4" tall and weighed about 180 -190 lbs. I believe that he had a friend that he spoke of by the name of Jim Hutenlocker.<<(spelling??) I remember him saying how he loved "The Missi". I often wonder if there are any of his old shipmates out there. To all her old crewmembers I say, "thank you for your service."
8. Don says:
24 Sep 2011 04:26:14 AM

My dad served on the Missi in WW2. When he passed, my mom donated artifacts and pics to the Nimitz Museaum in Fredricksburg TX. She also unveiled the plaque near the garden of peace. My dads name was Leslie R. Allison. His nickname was "JOE". He and my Mom met and married when I was about 3. He took the job on as Dad, and preformed it great.
9. Johnny says:
20 Dec 2011 01:30:06 PM

My dad served on the Miss in WWII. He was wounded at Leyete Gulf. His name was Malcolm
Barnes. I think he was most impressed with
a shipmate named McManus. I served on the
Uss Pharris FF 1094.
10. Anonymous says:
27 Dec 2011 07:06:14 PM

My dad ,Eugene T Satterfield served on her in WW 11
11. Anonymous says:
5 Feb 2012 10:21:41 AM

If you relative served of the USS Mass. get his name of the memorial at Battle Ship Cove.
12. Anonymous says:
1 Apr 2012 05:12:50 PM

My father in law served on this ship and was awarded a purple heart from a kamakazi attack. He passed away before I had a chance to meet him.
13. Anonymous says:
2 May 2012 10:02:54 AM

My grandfather served on the Mighty Missy during WWII in the Pacific. I almost went to the Naval Academy right out of high school (1986) but was talked out of it by my grandfather. I live near Annapolis now, and have some fond memories of the stories he told, especially about the Kamakazis that crashed into the deck a few times. His name was Joseph Ponish, and he worked on one of the guns.
14. Anonymous says:
11 May 2012 02:51:23 PM

My father served on the Mississippt during the later part of WWII. Would be interested in anyone having recollection of John Hamilton.
15. Anonymous says:
28 May 2012 06:57:20 AM

my uncle lewis barkley was on the Mississippi and today is his birthday he died six years ago
16. Anonymous says:
30 Jun 2012 12:05:03 PM

My father, James David Abernathy, served on the Mississippi during WW11. He was proud of his service and enjoyed the reunions with his shipmates in later years. He passed in Jan. 2000.
17. Anonymous says:
22 Jul 2012 11:11:24 PM

My grandfather was on the Mississippi during ww11. He was a twenty year vet. His name was Harry A Day .from 1940-1962.
18. Nathan says:
8 Aug 2012 06:37:49 PM

My late Grandfather Kennith McLeod served on the Mississippi during WW2. God bless all that have and will serve.
19. Laura Dobbins says:
22 Sep 2012 11:50:45 PM

My dad, James (Jimmy) Malcolm Dobbins served on the USS Missy BB-41 between 1944 and 1946 as an ENT. If anyone has information on him or stories of someone who served with him, I would appreciate it. My dad too never talked about it and he died when I was very young.
20. D Boss says:
15 Dec 2012 01:12:34 PM

My Brother Clyde served on the Mississippi. It is amazing how these vets never talked about their service. He joined the ship in Hawaii when it was being repaird from the first time a turret blew up. He was responsible for loading Turret #3 seeing that the breech was clear and there was no fire in the chamber when they shoved in the new powder loads, wrapped in asbestos and fire in the breech is what caused the #2 turret to explode on the ship. They were also hit twice by suicide bombers.
21. steve mc cann says:
19 Jan 2013 09:53:41 PM

my dad marvel a. mc cann, from guam was a steward mate 3rd class on the mississippi ww2 early 1940's. he was a steward for then captain spruence.
22. John Rudi says:
20 Jan 2013 11:08:51 PM

I am writing this in behalf of my father John Rudlowski. He would love to learn more information about what his father's live was aboard ship. His father was Nicholas Rudlowski. He only spoke of one kamakazi attack. He would love to learn more about life on ship. Maybe talk to friends he served with on ship. He spoke so little about his side of his life.
23. Anonymous says:
10 Feb 2013 09:09:16 AM

my father served aboard her also, but was in the Aleutian lslands at the time. Arthur j Mcgauley was his name.
24. Anonymous says:
29 Mar 2013 08:02:47 PM

my dad was aboard the ship he died in march 2013
never talked much about WW II he had metal from a kamakazis plane in his hand and neck that they couldn't get out at the time. his name was Nick Schmit
25. Jim Flynn says:
9 Apr 2013 02:10:58 PM

My father, James Nelson Flynn, served aboard the Mississippi as a gunner's mate 1st class. If anyone knows anything about his time aboard please contact me. Thanks.
26. Anonymous says:
25 May 2013 07:31:44 AM

My father, Lewis F Hylton, from NC served on the Mississippi during WWII. I know he crossed the Artic Circle the first time in 1941, but I don't know what ship he was on then. He passed away 1989.
27. Justin Manker says:
9 Jul 2013 01:25:05 PM

My grandfather served aboard the Mississippi as a gunner James W. Hicks from Illinios. if any one knows anything about his time aboard please contact me
28. Anonymous says:
11 Aug 2013 03:42:18 PM

My uncle, HERMAN LEE PURSER was a gunner on the USS MISSISSIPPI in the Pacific in WWII. If anyone knew about him during his service days, I would greatly appreciate hearing.
29. Jon Yale says:
3 Sep 2013 02:50:51 PM

My grandfather Jerry Bob Welch was a signalman on this ship from the time it was in Iceland until the end of WW2. My grandfather told me many stories of the young men who served on this ship and our country at that time. As well as the kamakizi attacks. He brought back a piece of a kamikizi that hit this ship, that my family still has. The men who served from this era are all heros in my eyes...God bless the US forever.
30. Juli Pellett says:
29 Oct 2013 03:18:14 PM

My grandfather, Mirville Calhoun "Cal" served on the Mississippi late 30'and early 1940's
31. Anonymous says:
11 Dec 2013 07:51:19 PM

My father served from 1942-1946 as a Yeowman 2nd class. He passed in 1998, but left all his kids a copy of a book he wrote of his life. It included many stories of the men he served with aboard the USS Mississippi. His name was Lawrence (Larry) DeBell I have a old newspaper photo of the ship with some of the stamps(?) that indicate the number of battleships, destroyers, planes, etc that they took down during his time aboard the ship.
32. Anonymous says:
15 Feb 2014 08:20:25 AM

I think my great grandfather served as chief petty officer on this ship - anybody heard of him?
33. Anonymous says:
22 Mar 2014 02:48:15 PM

Anybody remember Harry A Day?
34. Rita Irmini says:
7 Apr 2014 08:12:06 AM

My Dad, Tommy F. Jones, served on the USS Missippi from 1943-1945 as a signalman. He is 89 years of age, going strong and tells us great stories about his adventures at sea. Please feel free to contact us if you would like.
35. Anonymous says:
14 Apr 2014 09:16:53 AM

Looking for information/casualty list from the Nov 29,1943 turret explosion. Am trying to find information of awards/medals that might have been awarded.
d petteys
36. Anonymous says:
24 May 2014 03:07:37 AM

My Uncle was killed in the Turret Explosion and I have his Purple Heart.
37. Tim Dycus says:
8 Jun 2014 03:01:34 PM

My dad, CJ Dycus, was wounded during the Nov 29, 1943 turret explosion. He never talked about his experience on the ship. How can I find out what he experienced? He never received a purple heart, should he have?
38. Ryan Swinney says:
29 Aug 2014 10:12:06 AM

My grandfather Charles Loftus was on this ship just prior to the start of the war all the way through the end of the war. He was a GM1 (Gunners Mate 1st class). He was a 21 year Vet to the Navy. I would be insterested in hearing any stories anyone might know. He passed away just last year (2013).
39. j. miller says:
3 Mar 2015 06:16:47 PM

my father frank schneider served on the U.S.S. MISSIPPI. he also came tho ellis island as a child of 10 y/o. what a man!!! i know he signed up b-4 he was old enough to, as alot of men did. he lied about his age. he passed in 3-13 also. theres a place here in wi. call "the high ground" in neilsville. google it. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A. & GOD BLESS ALL THE MEN & WOMEN WHO SERVE. I PRAY FOR U
40. G.Crossland says:
8 Mar 2015 07:46:14 PM

My grandfather Jack A. Crossland served on her from 1941-45 and was honorable discharged in 1946. From one story that my uncle told me, my grandfather was an AMMO runner for the turrets. He passed away March 1, 2015. 90 years old. Just wanted to share. God Bless our troops!!
41. Bobby says:
17 Mar 2015 05:34:32 PM

My father Suey K. Lee whom I have never met served in the ship in 1947 he was a Cook-Chef- After 67 years my mother finally shared his letters with me! I would like to know more about my father and any siblings I may have. If you would please help me I would be very grateful/

God Bless/
B Him Thomas
(916) 670-9894
E Mail bkimthomas@gmail.com

42. Anonymous says:
17 Mar 2015 05:36:10 PM

Perhaps I could contact his ship mates for more information!

43. Stevie Azoni says:
8 May 2015 03:37:31 PM

My grandfather John Louis Azoni, was a proud crew member of the mighty Mississippi in WWII. I grew up hearing some amazing stories about his time aboard. I'm very proud to have heard him talk about this ship and the war. Thank you to all that serve and have served, God bless.
44. vidal gonzalez says:
20 May 2015 03:12:48 AM

Looking pics of the crew 1945
45. Anonymous says:
20 May 2015 07:27:31 PM

If anyone is interested, there is a USS Mississippi BB-41 Reunion held every year in Branson, Mo. It will be held this year the week of June 1-7. My father ( James Cleve Chambers ) was SC1 and was one of the 3 MIA's on Jan. 9, 1945 when the ship was hit by a Japanese suicide plane. If interested in attending the reunion please contact Raford Chambers @ 770-596-5531 or E-mail psavage1@bellsouth.net. for info.
46. John Kent says:
2 Aug 2015 01:42:59 PM

My father, Franklin J. Kent served aboard the uss Mississippi in ww2 as well. I'm busy writing a book about his experience. Would love to use a few letters written at that time from guys who were on the ship with him. Any letters would greatly be appreciated. Thank You. John Kent.
47. Anonymous says:
18 Aug 2015 09:46:02 AM

My Dad was stationed on this ship. I still have the "certificate" of when they crossed the Artic Circle on October 29th,1941.
48. Tom Dillon says:
25 Aug 2015 03:28:57 PM

Seeking complete service record for BB41, i.e. ports of call, etc. during 1945. Anyone know where I can find such a record for this ship?
49. Commenter identity confirmed David Stubblebine says:
25 Aug 2015 08:14:43 PM

Tom (#48):
The documents you seek are called War Diaries and are available digitally at Fold3.com (for a price) or on paper from the National Archives for free (or nearly so). I have looked at Fold3 and BB41’s War Diaries from New Years 1945 to VJ-Day amount to about 40 pages. If you need post-war dates, they run to 12/31/1945 at Fold3 with perhaps more from NARA.
50. Anonymous says:
13 Oct 2015 03:57:33 PM

My father served on the USS Mississippi from 1929 to 1931. He gave me a hand made framed photograph (20" by 12") of the ship sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York in 1931. I am looking for a place where it might be displayed.
51. Denee DeForest says:
20 Nov 2015 07:49:15 PM

My uncle, Jerry DeForest was on the USS Mississippi during WW II. He died earlier this year. However, I have a lot of memorabilia from the USS Mississippi: photographs, the typed out orders that were giving to the crew, a certificate of being a crew member, and more. Does anyone know a place that would want these donated items? Please email deforest@hotmail.com
52. Anonymous says:
1 Mar 2016 03:58:51 AM

My father, Ed Maurer, served on the Mississippi after wwII. Anyone on this post remember him? He was on the firing crew. My guess is around 1950.
53. Lisa Scally says:
2 Mar 2016 05:40:20 PM

My father, Chuck Scally, served on the USS Mississippi in WWII in 1942-45. My Dad has passed 20 years ago this coming March 14th. I grow up listening to all his stories and I'm grateful for that. I have wonderful photos of the fine men he stood proudly next to, fighting for our country. It is comforting to read all these messages and I'm lucky I found this site!'
54. Elizabeth S. says:
11 Apr 2016 11:01:39 AM

Saw at least one other person related to the people aboard the USS Mississippi on October 29th, 1941 when they crossed the Atlantic Circle. I am the great-grand daughter of William L. Cox (aka Harry, Bill) and I was able to spend almost 20 years of my life knowing this amazing man. Unfortunately I was very young and missed out on many opportunities to listen to the many amazing stories he had to share. I'm also curious if anyone is willing to share the secret of the blue-green dot tattoo. Thank you! Please feel free to email me with any information at themenagerie.business@gmail.com
55. Kirk says:
25 Apr 2016 07:40:50 PM

My American Hero on and off the battleship served for 4 years on the BB41 USS Mississippi. He is still going strong at 91. He hired me 33 years ago to work for his supply company that is still thriving today because of his leadership. He shared many stories that not only touch my heart but confirms that his generation deserves the statement of "The Greatest Generation That Ever Lived". I am blessed to have had the chance to listen to a incredible interview his grandaughter convinced him to do more than 20 years ago. May God help him make the best of the rest of his years on this earth.
Ooorrahh Mr. GEO. (QTM2)
56. Ray says:
18 May 2016 04:35:43 PM

I met someone today who served on the USS Mississippi during the shelling of Shuri Castle on Okinawa. He is 92 and sharp as a tack. He would very much like to connect with anyone who is still living that served with him or on that ship. Contact me if you know someone.
57. Robin says:
21 Jul 2016 09:33:45 PM

Our Dad served on the USS Mississippi and he told the occasional stories of the two kamakazi attacks & the turret explosion. I wish he'd lived longerr. I have so many questions. He was a Gunner's Mate named Bud Hearn . These men were all so young; yet so proud & brave. Imagine what they went through & how they felt.
58. Shawn says:
2 Aug 2016 07:31:14 PM

My grandfather Clemille Danos jr (Cj) served on the Mississippi in the 50's when it was a missle testing ship re-numbered Ag-128. He worked in the soda fountain and cleaners. He only would tell a few stories about how he would make extra money cleaning uniforms (after bar room fights during leave) so they could pass inspection the next morning. He also said a buddy and him had a station wagon in Florida that they would haul shipmates to Norfolk. Other story was during a trip through the pacffic, they passed through a typhoon where the waves were hitting the conning tower and the rudder system failed, he said there was vomit and foot prints on the passage way walls before it was all over
59. Chet says:
2 Aug 2016 08:51:09 PM

My father Harold Giles also served the Mississippi. I heard that he was the only member of his gun crew that survived a kamikaze. He was always talking about serving with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Also he had a night out with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall. My sister still has his photos and I think his Blue Jackets Manual.
60. Michael McIntyre says:
17 Aug 2016 07:47:48 PM

My father, who is still alive at 94, serv on the Miss from 42 to 45. Have many stories and memorabilia from his service. Still my favorite Battleship of them all!
61. Anonymous says:
29 Sep 2016 02:57:45 PM

Does anyone know my dad who served Carl Stubbe
62. Bobby Kim Lee says:
9 Oct 2016 01:04:12 AM

My Father was Suey K. Lee Cook On The USS Mississippi/ Do You Are Your Relatives Know How To Contact Lee/
63. Patrick Cassidy says:
11 Nov 2016 12:31:37 PM

My father, Robert Emmet Cassidy, served on the Miississippi during WWII. Didn't talk about it much and his war history came onlY in fragments. My mom and he were married at St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, when they ship docked there at the end of the war. Mom made him shave off his long black beard when they got to port!! I would very much enjoy communicating with any of you regarding the ship during WWII. HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY 2016!

Patrick Cassidy (age 62)
64. Gregg Rosenberger says:
16 Nov 2016 10:32:40 AM

My father was on the Mississippi the day the Japanese struck the ship with there airplanes he was a Marine gunner and had stated that he could have possibly taken them down but his captain told him not to shoot. My Uncle Warren Leyde was on the ship also These Guy's were some very brave solders, I am very proud of my father for his time served in the USMC. Thanks Dad and all the others who served. We Love and miss you All. Amen
65. Harley Craig says:
14 Feb 2017 06:48:38 AM

My Grandfather Donald Craig from IL was a Coxswain (Cox's'n)witch aparently during WWII that was both a rank and a job. He Wore the rank insignia of a Petty Officer 3rd Class. He entered service 2 January, 1945 and was discharged October 22, 1945 when his ship got back the US after it left Tokyo Bay at the Japanese surrender Would love to see old photos from this time period if anyone has any to share.
66. Bobby Garner says:
23 Feb 2017 05:14:44 PM

I found a book today that belonged to a soldier on the uss mississippi. I would like to return it to him or family. AnY help would be greatly appreciated. His name is A.K.. Swanson. Thank you
67. Jim Beaver says:
16 Mar 2017 06:31:12 PM

Anyone tell me who the commanding officer was in 1947, after John Crowe?
68. Rosemary Matulak Brown says:
16 Jul 2017 09:37:05 PM

My brother Alfred Matulak was stationed on this ship during the 1940- 44 period. Was severely wounded whole serving on the ship. Anyone with info. about this ?
69. Treva Scott Riley says:
26 Sep 2017 03:12:12 PM

What wood a picture or value be of the USS Mississippi 1919 with crew on deck
70. Jack Grey(Gray) says:
7 Dec 2017 01:21:26 PM

Does anyone know of how I can get some photos of my Father, Zane D. Gray(Grey) on board Ship? Thanks...
71. Anonymous says:
22 Mar 2018 11:38:28 AM

Here is a link to the cruisebook for 1940-1945. It doesn't list the enlisted crew, but does list those awarded purple hearts.
72. Anonymous says:
18 Jun 2018 04:31:51 PM

My father , Emill Hoffmann, served aboard the Mississippi beginning in April 1946. He recently passed away. Does anyone remember serving with him
73. Bruce Weber says:
27 Jul 2018 10:28:51 AM

I have donated my copy of the July 1940 USS Mississippi cruse book to the Navy. I still have a PDF copy of it will all crew listed for the Crossing the Line ceremony.
74. Dona Lawrence Meier says:
8 Sep 2018 06:29:55 AM

Dear Anonymous #31, How I would love to see the newspaper photos you speak of. I have the actual and authentic Scoreboard painted on the USS Mississippi showing the "stamps" you mention. My father Donald LeRoy Lawrence, Shipfitter, 3rd Class, from Chula Vista, CA, served from 6-28-43 until 2-24-46. One of the proud and incredibly brave young men who 'gave it all' for their country and for us. How I pray you see this message!!
Dona Meier
75. T. Lockhart says:
8 Nov 2018 02:04:01 PM

My dad, Richard "Dick" Charles Lockhart served on this ship during WWII, but would never talk about it. I am looking for any information from someone who knew or served with him. Thank you!
76. Anonymous says:
14 Dec 2018 01:52:39 PM

My grandfather Joe M. Hampton served on this ship until August of 1942 retiring as WO1. I would be very interested in the PDF copy form Bruce Weber if possible.
77. Michael Oakley says:
15 Dec 2018 10:27:55 AM

My Uncle John Neizgoda had a diary while serving on Mississippi before and during WW2
78. Jeff Elmer says:
6 Jun 2020 06:15:23 AM

My father Raymond Elmer served aboard the USS Mississippi from 43-46. I have been looking for crew photos that might show him.
79. Richard Jones says:
29 Dec 2020 08:06:53 AM

My grandfather Frank Lesley Jones served on the USS Mississippi from 1941-1945 he was a gunner's mate and shot down 2 *** Zeros that were leaving Perl harbor. According to him the reason the mississippi was not there when the Japanese bombed Perl harbor was because the ship the Mississippi was escorting broke down in route and they stayed near by to provide protection for the ship that broke down.
80. Grace Tellez-Cardona says:
15 Jan 2021 10:06:29 AM

Does any one have pictures of

Leslie William Aiken - died on leave in ny 8/1942?
Was on missippi BB-41 from 1939.

His daughter was born after he died.
81. hiro says:
3 Apr 2021 04:53:27 AM

mississippi length was 624 feet same as new mexico b338, based on same class. please add here.
82. Nancy Hasenstein-Kleffman says:
30 Apr 2021 11:37:08 PM

Does anyone know or have a list of the sailors killed in the Nov. 1943 #2 turret explosion on the USS Mississippi? I’m trying to find out the fate of an uncle who was on the ship and killed that day. His name is Theodore Brack from Wisconsin.
83. Cheryl Pelzel says:
31 May 2021 04:33:58 PM

My Father James Pelzel Aka Smily was a Marine assigned to the Mississippi in 1946-1947. He is asking information about a murder caused by another Marine during Changing of the guards. Any information would be appreciated.

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Event(s) Participated:
» Philippines Campaign, Phase 1, the Leyte Campaign

Battleship Mississippi (BB-41) Photo Gallery
USS New Mexico, USS Mississippi, and USS Idaho at sea, 24 Jul 1919US Navy Battle Fleet entering Panama Bay during fleet maneuvers, probably 1923
See all 12 photographs of Battleship Mississippi (BB-41)

Famous WW2 Quote
"You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terrors. Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival."

Winston Churchill

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