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The wreckage of Rudolf Heß's Bf 110 D aircraft, Bonnyton Moor, Scotland, United Kingdom, 10 May 1941

Caption   The wreckage of Rudolf Heß's Bf 110 D aircraft, Bonnyton Moor, Scotland, United Kingdom, 10 May 1941 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseImperial War Museum
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Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 9 Dec 2010
Licensing  Crown Copyright / Public Domain. According to the Crown Copyright laws of the United Kingdom, copyright protection has expired for photographs created prior to 1 Jun 1957.

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
4 Oct 2010 10:22:46 AM

Rudolf Hess flew a Messerschmitt Bf 110D
coded (VJ+OQ) to Scotland, in May 1941.

Hess bailed out, when questioned he gave his name as Cpt. Horn, until his true identity
was known.
2. jim evans says:
3 May 2011 01:54:37 AM

I an ex aircrew, F.A,A , and have studied this for ten years , Hess did not fly the route over the sea, and he did the flight in two stages.and two aircraft.
I have flown the route using DR navigation as he would have done and there is no way he flew over Germany without his flight being known about. non what so ever.
The entire operation was "Watched by PWE, AND PID, and Eden, Delmer, and Dalton British intelligence knew all about this flight so did Hitler.--- the percieved flight plan to Scotland was a ruse, the real flight plan is factual, and precise.
3. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
5 Dec 2012 04:45:38 PM


What was his real intention (Hess) did he really want to try a peace plan with England?
did he run out of fuel and crash short of his destination, Hess never revealed the precise coordinates of his flight plan, whatever secrets he knew, he took with him to his grave...


Did you know there are sill captured German records held as secret by the US Government, some not to be declassified for 100 years...
what secrets do those records hold...
The debate will continue with theories and
conjuncture, for years to come.


Parts of the wreckage of the Messerschmitt Bf 110D Hess flew, has been in storage at the Imperial War Museum. London, England
4. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
16 Jan 2014 12:16:36 PM

Correction to my previous comment:

Rudolf Hess flew a Messerschmitt Bf 110E-2/N radio code (VJ+OQ) serial number 3869 aircraft was built on 21 November 1940. This aircraft was a long-range fighter bomber version, powered by
2 x Daimler-Benz DB601/N engines using 100 octane fuel.
The a/c was also fitted with added equipment and instruments, besides the Bf110s fuselage and wing tanks it was also fitted with two drop tanks holding 900 liters each.

Hess prepared for this flight looking over maps of Northwest Europe, the North Sea, to the South of Scotland. Messerschmitt knew that Hess was an experienced pilot and was able to supply Hess with a Bf110 and Messerschmitt owed a great deal to him, as a return favor.
Working with an instructor pilot, Hess was taught on Bf110 flying procedures, later he was able to fly solo on the aircraft. What was the real reason for his flight? who else knew about in within the Third Reich? were the British involved
This was one of World War IIs great mysteries.



By Roy Conyers and Georges Van Acker
Published by The History Press 1999 and 2001
ISBN 978 0 7509 4757 2
5. Robert Heron says:
26 Mar 2018 10:04:59 AM

There are more pieces of Hess's Bf110 than there are fragments of the true cross. The production date of Hess's aircraft was 21 November 1940. The piece of fuselage sold at Bonhams in 2014 bears a riveted plate giving the BAUJAHR [construction year] as 1941. Also, if you look closely you will observe that the aft-section of the Hess fuselage which appears in various 1941 cinema newsreels and newspaper photographs is not the same as that loaded onto the back of a lorry and driven to Oxford and which is currently held at the Imperial War Museum.

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