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22 Dec 1942
  • German troops in the Caucasus region in Russia began to fall back northwestward. ww2dbase [Caucasus Campaign | CPC]
  • 26 American B-24 Liberator bombers flew 4,300 miles to attack Wake Island. ww2dbase [B-24 Liberator | CPC]
  • Elements of US 1st Infantry Division and British 78th Division launched an offensive in Tunisia. ww2dbase [Advance into Tunisia | CPC]
  • USS Gar fired three torpedoes at a Japanese ship; all torpedoes missed. ww2dbase [Gar | CPC]
  • About 38,000 Soviet personnel were awarded the Medal for the Defence of Odessa. ww2dbase [Siege of Odessa | CPC]
Caroline Islands
  • I-168 arrived at Truk, Caroline Islands. ww2dbase [I-68/I-168 | Truk | CPC]
  • Repair ship Akashi began repairing destroyer Shiratsuyu at Truk, Caroline Islands. ww2dbase [Akashi | Truk | CPC]
  • Adolf Hitler signed the decree drafted by Albert Speer for the mass production of the A-4 rocket; this decree did not provide any special priority for rocket production. ww2dbase [Adolf Hitler | CPC]
  • Kurt Zeitzler once again asked Adolf Hitler to allow the German 6.Armee to break out from Stalingrad, Russia to avoid the remnants of the army from being totally wiped out. Hitler again refused. ww2dbase [Battle of Stalingrad | CPC]
  • Adolf Hitler signed the order for the mass production of A4 rockets once the final design would be completed. ww2dbase [V-Weapons Campaign | Adolf Hitler | Vergeltungswaffe 2 | CPC]
Hawaii Pacific Ocean
  • Pharmacists Mate 1st-class Thomas Moore aboard Gato-class submarine USS Silversides performed an emergency appendectomy on Fireman 2nd-class George Platter while submerged off Rabaul. ww2dbase [Silversides | DS]
  • Kirill Meretskov was awarded the For the Defense of Leningrad medal. ww2dbase [Kirill Meretskov | CPC]
  • Captured French torpedo boats Bombarde, La Pomone, and L'IphigĂ©nie departed Bizerte, Tunisia with Italian crews for Palermo, Sicily, Italy. ww2dbase [Bizerte | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • Convoy JW-51B departed from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom for Murmansk, Russia; it was consisted of 14 freighters and was escorted by six destroyers, two corvettes, one minesweeper, and two trawlers under the command of Captain Robert Sherbrooke; British cruisers of Force R covered the convoy from a distance. ww2dbase [Arctic Convoys | Liverpool, England | AC, CPC]
Photo(s) dated 22 Dec 1942
Albert Speer sitting on doorsteps, 22 Dec 1942Emergency surgery being performed in the wardroom of the Gato-class submarine USS Silversides while at sea, 22 Dec 1942. The procedure was performed not by a surgeon but by Pharmacists Mate 1c Thomas Moore.Pickerel off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 22 Dec 1942, photo 1 of 2Pickerel off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 22 Dec 1942, photo 2 of 2

22 Dec 1942 Interactive Map

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