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6 Mar 1886

28 Oct 1918

9 Jul 1919

10 Jun 1922

  • The keel of Naka was laid down by Mitsubishi-owned Yokohama Dock Company in Yokohama, Japan. ww2dbase [Naka | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
24 Mar 1925

4 Dec 1928

  • Nachi attended Emperor Showa's Coronation Naval Review at Yokohama, Japan. ww2dbase [Nachi | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
25 Apr 1930

23 Jun 1932

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan with some of the athletes participating in the 1932 Olympics. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
4 Oct 1932

  • Joseph Rochefort and his family boarded passenger ship President Coolidge at Yokohama, Japan, bound for the United States. ww2dbase [Joseph Rochefort | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
25 Aug 1933

Photo(s) dated 25 Aug 1933
Kaga, Hiei, and Nagato during the annual naval review at Yokohama, Japan, 25 Aug 1933
26 Apr 1934

5 Jun 1934

  • As the flagship of Rear Admiral Wang Shouting, with a training crew, Ninghai arrived at Yokohama, Japan to attend the funeral of Admiral Heihachiro Togo. Upon the completion of the funeral, she set sail for Harima, Japan for an overhaul. ww2dbase [Ninghai | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
28 Jul 1938

24 Aug 1938

  • The keel of Cruiser No. 72 was laid down by Mitsubishi Yokohama shipyards in Japan. ww2dbase [Katori | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
31 Mar 1939

  • Cruiser No. 72, under construction at Mitsubishi Yokohama shipyards in Japan, was officially named Katori. ww2dbase [Katori | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
17 Jun 1939

25 Sep 1939

1 Nov 1939

  • Captain Hisashi Ichioka was made the chief equipping officer of Katori and Kashima, relieving Shutoku Miyazato. ww2dbase [Katori | Kashima | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
22 Jul 1940

  • Japanese luxury ocean liner Hikawa Maru departed Yokohama, Japan for Seattle, Washington, United States. Aboard were 82 Jewish refugees originally from Germany. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
11 Oct 1940

6 Mar 1941

10 Jul 1941

15 Jul 1941

Photo(s) dated 15 Jul 1941
Light cruiser Kashii at Yokohama, Japan, July 15, 1941
17 Aug 1941

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan; Captain Toichi Takahata was replaced by Japanese Navy Reserve officer Captain Sakao Kimura. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
12 Oct 1941

  • The American and Japanese Press announced that Tatsuta Maru would depart Yokohama, Japan for San Francisco, California, United States via Honolulu on 15 Oct 1941. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
15 Oct 1941

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan for the United States; she carried American nationals who wished to return to the US due to the rapidlyl deteriorating US-Japan relations. She would maintain radio silence throughout the entire journey. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
14 Nov 1941

2 Dec 1941

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan for San Francisco, ostensibly for the second repatriation voyage to bring Japanese nationals in the United States to Japan. Her planned voyage would take her to Honolulu and San Francisco in the United States, then Manzanillo in Mexico, followed by Balboa in the Panama Canal Zone. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama | CPC]
14 Dec 1941

27 Jan 1942

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan, arrived at Yokosuka, Japan, and then departed for Yokohama once again. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
2 Feb 1942

29 Mar 1942

30 Mar 1942

5 May 1942

10 May 1942

28 May 1942

4 Jun 1942

30 Jun 1942

18 Jul 1942

  • German supply ship Regensburg arrived at Yokohama, Japan, disembarking prisoners captured by German merchant raiders that Regensburg supported. When inspecting captured mail that was also given to the Japanese, it was discovered that the Americans had broken the current Japanese Navy code, leading to a change in codes. ww2dbase [Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
30 Jul 1942

  • Tatsuta Maru departed Yokohama, Japan with 60 Allied internees including Ambassador Sir Robert Craigie and British embassy staff from Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kobe, Belgian Ambassador and Mrs. M. Fortholme, Greek Minister M. Politis, Egyptian Minister M. Samaika, Australian diplomat Keith Officer, Norwegian diplomat and Mrs. M. Kolstadt, Dutch diplomat and Mrs. M. Reuchlin, Czechoslovakian Minister Mr. Havlicek and consular officials from Yokohama and Kobe, and other British and foreign nationals. It was the first Japanese-British diplomatic exchange. ww2dbase [Tatsuta Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]
27 Sep 1942

31 Jan 1943

28 Jan 1945

Photo(s) dated 28 Jan 1945
Aerial view of Yokohama, Japan, 28 Jan 1945
2 Sep 1945

Photo(s) dated 2 Sep 1945
Douglas MacArthur disembarking destroyer USS Buchanan at Yokohama, Japan after being transferred ashore from the USS Missouri where the Japanese surrender was signed, 2 Sep 1945LeClerc aboard USS Nicholas en route to Japanese surrender ceremony, 2 Sep 1945Japanese delegation board USS Nicholas to cross to USS Lansdowne for transportation to the Japanese surrender ceremony on USS Missouri, 2 Sep 1945
5 Sep 1945

Japan Photo(s) dated 5 Sep 1945
Demobilized Japanese soldiers, Yokohama, Japan, 5 Sep 1945
21 Sep 1945

Photo(s) dated 21 Sep 1945
Civilians in Yokohama, Japan, 21 Sep 1945
3 Oct 1945

3 Aug 1946

15 Aug 1946

  • Allied repatriation ship Hikawa Maru completed its repairs and maintenance at Yokohama, Japan and was returned to civilian service. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | Yokohama, Kanagawa | CPC]

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