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26 Apr 1894

6 Sep 1939

24 Apr 1940

  • Duquesne was assigned to Force X stationed in Alexandria, Egypt. ww2dbase [Duquesne | Alexandria | CPC]
22 Jun 1940

3 Jul 1940

  • British Navy Vice Admiral Sir Andrew Cunnigham demanded the French warships under French Admiral RenĂ©-Émile Godfroy, docked at Alexandria in Egypt, to surrender. Negotiations would continue until 7 Jul 1940. ww2dbase [British Attacks on the French Fleet | Alexandria | CPC]
  • Suffren was interned by the British at Alexandria, Egypt. ww2dbase [Suffren | Alexandria | CPC]
7 Jul 1940

  • RenĂ©-Émile Godfroy agreed to keep the French Navy Force X at Alexandra, Egypt, which included the battleship Lorraine and four cruisers, according to British demands. Godfroy secured Andrew Cunningham's pledge that the ships would remain under Godfroy's command and that the sailors would be repatriated. ww2dbase [RenĂ©-Émile Godfroy | Alexandria | CPC]
8 Oct 1940

  • The British Mediterranean Fleet departed Alexandria, Egypt to escort a supply convoy to Malta. The fleet consisted of battleship HMS Warspite, battleship HMS Valiant, battleship HMS Malaya, battleship HMS Ramillies, aircraft carrier HMS Eagle, aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, 12 cruisers, 16 destroyers, and 6 submarines; they escorted four British transport ships. ww2dbase [Malta Campaign | Warspite | Alexandria | CPC]
5 Nov 1940

  • While at Alexandria, Egypt, a leak was found in the fuel system of HMS Eagle, requiring her to receive repairs; the damage was caused by near misses by Italian bombers on 12 Oct 1940. ww2dbase [Eagle | Alexandria | CPC]
15 Nov 1940

  • A convoy of 5 transports, escorted by British warships, departed from Alexandra, Egypt for Pireaus, Greece, carrying 4,230 troops, 700 trucks, gasoline, and other supplies. ww2dbase [Balkans Campaign | Alexandria | CPC]
6 Jan 1941

  • British cruisers HMS Gloucester and HMS Southampton, escorted by destroyers HMS Ilex and HMS Janus, departed Alexandria, Egypt, at 1315 hours to carry 510 Army and RAF personnel to Malta and to meet Excess convoy which had departed from Gibraltar on the same day. ww2dbase [Malta Campaign | Alexandria | CPC]
7 Jan 1941

  • Admiral Cunningham's Mediterranean Fleet, consisted of battleship HMS Warspite, battlesip HMS Valiant, aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, and 7 destroyers departed Alexandria, Egypt, to meet the Excess convoy. ww2dbase [Malta Campaign | Warspite | Alexandria | CPC]
9 Apr 1941

  • HMS Eagle departed Alexandria, Egypt. ww2dbase [Eagle | Alexandria | CPC]
14 Apr 1941

  • The damaged 8,324-ton Norwegian motor tanker Pericles, in British Admiralty Royal Fleet Auxiliary service, was in tow by HMS Grimsby when she began to show dangerous signs of structural stress in heavy seas. At 0830 hours, about 35 miles off of Alexandria, Egypt, all men were ordered on deck, and 15 of them were picked up by HMS Grimsby. At about 1030 hours, Pericles broke in two. During the afternoon both parts were sunk by HMS Grimsby, another destroyer, and an aircraft to prevent danger to shipping, and also to prevent her drifting into the minefields off Alexandria. The foreship proved difficult to sink, requiring 70 shells and two torpedoes, as well as two bombs from the aircraft, before the foreship finally sank. ww2dbase [Alexandria | HM]
12 May 1941

  • The British convoy carrying 135 infantry tanks, 82 cruiser tanks, 21 light tanks, and 43 Hurricane fighters arrived at Alexandria, Egypt having traveled through the dangerous Mediterranean Sea. ww2dbase [Alexandria | CPC]
25 Jun 1941

  • British Submarine HMS Rorqual (N 74), commanded by Lieutenant L. W. Napier, RN, departed Alexandria, Egypt for Malta for her second storage trip. The Rorqual had on board three army officers, 18 army and RAF other ranks, 50 tons of aviation spirit in cans, 14 tons of aviation spirit in bulk, 11,700 gallons of kerosene in bulk, and seven tons of stores (90 bags of mail, foamite fire extinguishing refills, hoses, army clothing and two 2U-class submarine propellers). ww2dbase [Alexandria | HM]
6 Sep 1941

  • The hospital ship, RFA Maine, was badly damaged during an air raid on Alexandria, Egypt. Four of her crew, including a Medical Officer, were killed, but fortunately none of thew patients sustained injury. ww2dbase [Alexandria | AC]
19 Dec 1941

  • Italian frogmen on human torpedoes slipped into Alexandria harbour in Egypt and sank British WW1-era battleships Queen Elizabeth and Valiant with limpet mines; 6 Italians were captured in this mission. Although both were later refloated and repaired, their loss coupled with the sinking in the previous month of the Barham left the Royal Navy without a single capital ship in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, giving the Italian Navy superiority in the region. ww2dbase [Underwater Raid of Alexandria | Alexandria | AC, CPC]
10 May 1942

  • Operation MG2 commenced from Alexandria, Egypt with British destroyers HMS Kipling, HMS Jackal, HMS Jervis, and HMS Lively aiming to intercept an Axis convoy from Italy to Benghazi, Libya. ww2dbase [Alexandria | CPC]
12 May 1942

  • Italian frogmen raided Alexandria harbor, Egypt, but failed to damage their target, HMS Queen Elizabeth. ww2dbase [Queen Elizabeth | Alexandria | CPC]
29 Jun 1942

  • British cruiser HMS Dido, 7 destroyers, and submarine depot ship HMS Medway were evacuated out of Alexandria, Egypt as Axis troops advanced toward El Alamein, Egypt; the ships sailed for Haifa, Palestine. ww2dbase [Alexandria | CPC]
17 May 1943

  • RenĂ©-Émile Godfroy successfully lobbied for the rearmament of the interned French warships at Alexandria, Egypt. ww2dbase [RenĂ©-Émile Godfroy | Alexandria | CPC]
3 Jul 1943

7 Oct 1944

  • In Alexandria, Egypt five Arab nations (Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon) concluded the Alexandria Protocol agreeing to coordinate their political plans and foreign policies. ww2dbase [Alexandria | AC]

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