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World War II Database

All Aircraft of World War II

NamePrimary RoleManufacturerCountry
130 Seaplane Loire Aviation, Saint-Nazaire, France  France  
143 Medium Bomber Avions Amiot  France  
2MB1 Light Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
2MR8 Reconnaissance Aircraft Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
351/354 Medium Bomber Avions Amiot  France  
A-17 Ground Attack Aircraft Northrop Corporation  United States  
A-20 Havoc Medium Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
A-26 Invader Medium Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
A-29 Hudson Medium Bomber Lockheed Corporation  United States  
A-31 Vengeance Dive Bomber Vultee Aircraft Corporation  United States  
A-36A Mustang Ground Attack Aircraft North American Aviation  United States  
A.W.38 Whitley Medium Bomber Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft  United Kingdom  
A.W.41 Albemarle Transport Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft  United Kingdom  
A2N Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
A5M Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
A6M Zero Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
A7M Reppu Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Albacore Torpedo Bomber Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Anson Other Avro  United Kingdom  
Ar 195 Torpedo Bomber Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 196 Seaplane Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 232 Transport Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 234 Blitz Medium Bomber Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 68 Fighter Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 95 Seaplane Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Ar 96 Other Arado Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
AS.10 Oxford Other Airspeed Limited  United Kingdom  
AT-6 Texan Other North American Aviation  United States  
B-10 Medium Bomber Glenn L. Martin Company  United States  
B-17 Flying Fortress Heavy Bomber The Boeing Company  United States  
B-18 Bolo Medium Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
B-23 Dragon Medium Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
B-24 Liberator Heavy Bomber Consolidated Aircraft  United States  
B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber North American Aviation  United States  
B-26 Marauder Medium Bomber Glenn L. Martin Company  United States  
B-29 Superfortress Heavy Bomber The Boeing Company  United States  
B-32 Dominator Heavy Bomber Consolidated Aircraft  United States  
B-534 Biplane Fighter Avia  Czechoslovakia  
B1M Torpedo Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
B2M Torpedo Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
B4Y Torpedo Bomber Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal  Japan  
B5M Torpedo Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
B5N Torpedo Bomber Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
B6N Tenzan Torpedo Bomber Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
B7A Ryusei Dive Bomber Aichi Kokuki KK  Japan  
Ba 349 Natter Prototype Aircraft Bachem  Germany  
Ba.65 Nibbio Fighter Societ√† Italiana Ernesto Breda  Italy  
Barracuda Dive Bomber Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Battle Light Bomber Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Be-4 Seaplane Beriev OKB  Russia  
Beaufighter Heavy Fighter Bristol Aeroplane Company  United Kingdom  
Beaufort Torpedo Bomber Bristol Aeroplane Company  United Kingdom  
Bf 108 Taifun Other Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG  Germany  
Bf 109 Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Bf 110 Heavy Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
BF2C Goshawk Biplane Fighter Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
BI Prototype Aircraft OKB-293, Khimki/Bilimbay, Russia  Russia  
Blenheim Medium Bomber Bristol Aeroplane Company  United Kingdom  
Bombay Medium Bomber Bristol Aeroplane Company  United Kingdom  
Boomerang Fighter Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation  Australia  
BR.20 Cicogna Medium Bomber Fiat  Italy  
Bre.19 Light Bomber Soci√©t√© des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Br√©guet  France  
Bre.521 Bizerte Seaplane Soci√©t√© des Ateliers d'Aviation Louis Br√©guet  France  
BT-13 Valiant Other Vultee Aircraft Corporation  United States  
BTD Destroyer Torpedo Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
BV 138 Seedrache Seaplane Blohm & Vo√ü  Germany  
BV 141 Prototype Aircraft Blohm & Vo√ü  Germany  
BV 222 Wiking Seaplane Blohm & Vo√ü  Germany  
B√ľ 181 Other B√ľcker Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
C-0101 Transport   China  
C-45 Expeditor Transport Beech Aircraft Corporation  United States  
C-46 Commando Transport Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
C-47 Skytrain Transport Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
C-54 Skymaster Transport Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
C-64 Norseman Transport Noorduyn Aviation Ltd, Montreal, Canada  Canada  
C-69 Constellation Transport Lockheed Corporation  United States  
C-75 Stratoliner Transport The Boeing Company  United States  
C.200 Saetta Fighter Aeronautica Macchi  Italy  
C.202 Folgore Fighter Aeronautica Macchi  Italy  
C.205 Veltro Fighter Aeronautica Macchi  Italy  
C6N Saiun Reconnaissance Aircraft Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ca.111 Reconnaissance Aircraft Caproni  Italy  
Ca.133 Reconnaissance Aircraft Caproni  Italy  
Ca.309 Ghibli Transport Caproni  Italy  
Ca.331 Raffica Prototype Aircraft Caproni  Italy  
CG-4A Glider Weaver Aircraft Company  United States  
CR.25 Reconnaissance Aircraft Fiat  Italy  
CR.32 Biplane Fighter Fiat  Italy  
CR.42 Falco Biplane Fighter Fiat  Italy  
CW-21 Fighter Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
D.500 Fighter Constructions A√©ronautiques √Čmile Dewoitine  France  
D.520 Fighter Constructions A√©ronautiques √Čmile Dewoitine  France  
D.XXI Fighter Fokker  Netherlands  
D3A Dive Bomber Aichi Kokuki KK  Japan  
D4Y Suisei Dive Bomber Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal  Japan  
DB-3/Il-4 Medium Bomber Ilyushin  Russia  
DFS 230 Glider Deutsche Forschungsanstalt f√ľr Segelflug  Germany  
DH.89 Dominie Other de Havilland Aircraft Company  United Kingdom  
DH.95 Flamingo Transport de Havilland Aircraft Company   United Kingdom  
Do 17 Light Bomber Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Do 18 Seaplane Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Do 217 Medium Bomber Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Do 24 Seaplane Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Do 335 Pfeil Heavy Fighter Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Do X Seaplane Dornier Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
E13A Reconnaissance Aircraft Aichi Kokuki KK  Japan  
E14Y Seaplane Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal  Japan  
E15K Shiun Seaplane Kawanishi Aircraft Company  Japan  
E16A Zuiun Seaplane Aichi Kokuki KK  Japan  
E7K Seaplane Kawanishi Aircraft Company, Japan  Japan  
E8N Seaplane Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
E9W Seaplane Watanabe Steel Foundry, Japan  Japan  
F.220 Heavy Bomber Farman Aviation Works  France  
F1M Other Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
F2A Buffalo Fighter Brewster Aeronautical Corporation  United States  
F4F Wildcat Fighter Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation  United States  
F4U Corsair Fighter Chance Vought Corporation  United States  
F6F Hellcat Fighter Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation  United States  
Fi 156 Storch Other Gerhard Fieseler Werke  Germany  
Fi 167 Torpedo Bomber Gerhard Fieseler Werke  Germany  
Firebrand Torpedo Bomber Blackburn Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
Firefly Heavy Fighter Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
FN.305 Other Fratelli Nardi  Italy  
FR Fireball Jet Fighter Ryan Aeronautical Company  United States  
Fulmar Heavy Fighter Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Fw 187 Falke Fighter Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
Fw 189 Uhu Reconnaissance Aircraft Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
Fw 190 W√ľrger Fighter Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
Fw 200 Condor Heavy Bomber Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
Fw 44 Stieglitz Other Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
G.12 Transport Fiat  Italy  
G.50 Freccia Fighter Fiat  Italy  
G.55 Centauro Fighter Fiat  Italy  
G.A.L. 49 Hamilcar Glider General Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
G.I Heavy Fighter Fokker  Netherlands  
G3M Medium Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
G4M Medium Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
GL-812 HY Seaplane Gourdou-Leseurre  France  
GL-832 HY Seaplane Gourdou-Leseurre  France  
Gladiator Biplane Fighter Gloster Aircraft Ltd  United Kingdom  
H6K Seaplane Kawanishi Aircraft Company  Japan  
H8K Seaplane Kawanishi Aircraft Company  Japan  
Halifax Heavy Bomber Handley Page, Limited  United Kingdom  
Hampden Medium Bomber Handley Page, Limited  United Kingdom  
Harrow Heavy Bomber Handley Page Limited  United Kingdom  
He 111 Doppel-Blitz Medium Bomber Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 112 Fighter Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 115 Seaplane Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 162 Volksj√§ger Jet Fighter Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 177 Greif Heavy Bomber Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 178 Prototype Aircraft Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 219 Uhu Night Fighter Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 280 Prototype Aircraft Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
He 70 Blitz Transport Heinkel Flugzeugwerke  Germany  
Horsa Glider Airspeed Limited  United Kingdom  
Hs 123 Ground Attack Aircraft Henschel & Sohn  Germany  
Hs 126 Transport Henschel & Sohn  Germany  
Hs 129 Ground Attack Aircraft Henschel & Sohn  Germany  
Hurricane Fighter Hawker Aviation  United Kingdom  
I-15 Biplane Fighter Polikarpov Design Bureau  Russia  
I-16 Fighter Polikarpov Design Bureau  Russia  
IAR 80 Fighter Industria Aeronautică Rom√Ęnă  Romania  
IK-3 Fighter Rogozarski A.D., Belgrade  Yugoslavia  
Il-2 Shturmovik Ground Attack Aircraft Ilyushin  Russia  
J1N Night Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
J2F Duck Seaplane Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation  United States  
J2M Raiden Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
J7W Shinden Fighter Kyushu Hikoki K. K., Japan  Japan  
J8M Shusui / Ki-200 Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
J9N-1/J9Y Kikka Jet Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ju 188 Medium Bomber Junkers  Germany  
Ju 290 Transport Junkers  Germany  
Ju 388 St√∂rtebeker Medium Bomber Junkers  Germany  
Ju 52 Transport Junkers  Germany  
Ju 87 Stuka Dive Bomber Junkers  Germany  
Ju 88 Medium Bomber Junkers  Germany  
Ju 89 Prototype Aircraft Junkers  Germany  
K-Class Airship Other Goodyear Aircraft Corporation  United States  
K7M Prototype Aircraft Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
KDA-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-1 Medium Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-10 Fighter Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-100 Fighter Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-102 Ground Attack Aircraft Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-115 Tsurugi Other Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-15 Reconnaissance Aircraft Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-2 Light Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-20 Heavy Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-21 Medium Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-27 Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-30 Light Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-32 Light Bomber Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-33 Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-34 Transport Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-36 Other Tachikawa Aircraft Company Limited  Japan  
Ki-4 Reconnaissance Aircraft Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-43 Hayabusa Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-44 Shoki Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-45 Toryu Heavy Fighter Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-46 Torpedo Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-48 Sokei Medium Bomber Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-49 Donryu Medium Bomber Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-51 Ground Attack Aircraft Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-54 Other Tachikawa Aircraft Company Limited  Japan  
Ki-55 Other Tachikawa Aircraft Company Limited  Japan  
Ki-56 Transport Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-57 Transport Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-59 Transport Nippon Kokusai Koku Kogyo K. K., Japan  Japan  
Ki-61 Hien Fighter Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
Ki-67 Hiryu Medium Bomber Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-83 Fighter Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Japan  
Ki-84 Hayate Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ki-9 Other Tachikawa Aircraft Company Limited  Japan  
Ki-98 Prototype Aircraft Manshu Aircraft Company  Japan  
Ku-8 Ground Attack Aircraft Nippon Kokusai Koku Kogyo K. K., Japan  Japan  
L-1 Vigilant Other Stinson Aircraft Company  United States  
L-14 Super Electra Transport Lockheed Corporation  United States  
L-18 Lodestar Transport Lockheed Corporation  United States  
L-2 Grasshopper Reconnaissance Aircraft Taylorcraft Aviation  United States  
L-4 Grasshopper Reconnaissance Aircraft Piper Aircraft, Inc.  United States  
L-5 Sentinel Other Stinson Aircraft Company  United States  
L-6A Grasshopper Reconnaissance Aircraft Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation  United States  
La-5 Fighter Lavochkin  Russia  
La-7 Fighter Lavochkin  Russia  
LaGG-1 Fighter Lavochkin  Russia  
LaGG-3 Fighter Lavochkin  Russia  
Lancaster Heavy Bomber Avro  United Kingdom  
Lat√©co√®re 298 Seaplane Groupe Lat√©co√®re, Toulosse, France  France  
LeO 451 Medium Bomber Sud-Est  France  
Lysander Other Westland Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
M.14 Magister Other Phillips & Powis Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
M.9 Master Other Phillips & Powis Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
M6A Seiran Torpedo Bomber Aichi Kokuki KK  Japan  
Manchester Heavy Bomber Avro  United Kingdom  
MB.150 Fighter Soci√©t√© des Avions Marcel Bloch  France  
MB.200 Medium Bomber Societ√© des Avions Marcel Bloch  France  
MB.210 Medium Bomber Societ√© des Avions Marcel Bloch  France  
MBR-2 Seaplane Beriev OKB  Russia  
Me 163 Komet Jet Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Me 210 Heavy Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Me 262 Schwalbe Jet Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Me 323 Gigant Glider Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Me 410 Hornisse Heavy Fighter Messerschmitt AG  Germany  
Meteor Jet Fighter Gloster Aircraft Ltd  United Kingdom  
MiG-1 Fighter Mikoyan-Gurevich  Russia  
MiG-3 Fighter Mikoyan-Gurevich  Russia  
Model 167 Maryland Medium Bomber Glenn L. Martin Company  United States  
Model 187 Baltimore Medium Bomber Glenn L. Martin Company  United States  
Mosquito Light Bomber de Havilland Aircraft Company  United Kingdom  
MS.406 Fighter A√©roplanes Morane-Saulnier  France  
MT-1 Hayabusa Transport Manshu Aircraft Company  Japan  
MXY7 Ohka Other Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal  Japan  
N-3PB Seaplane Northrop Corporation  Norway  
N1K Kyofu / Shiden Fighter Kawasaki Aircraft Industries  Japan  
N3N Other Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States  United States  
OS2U Kingfisher Seaplane Chance Vought Corporation  United States  
P-26 Peashooter Fighter The Boeing Company  United States  
P-36 Hawk Fighter Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
P-38 Lightning Heavy Fighter Lockheed Corporation  United States  
P-39 Airacobra Fighter Bell Aircraft Corporation  United States  
P-40 Warhawk Fighter Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
P-43 Lancer Fighter Republic Aviation Company  United States  
P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter Republic Aviation Company  United States  
P-51 Mustang Fighter North American Aviation  United States  
P-61 Black Widow Night Fighter Northrop Corporation  United States  
P-63 Kingcobra Fighter Bell Aircraft Corporation  United States  
P-66 Vanguard Fighter Vultee Aircraft Corporation  United States  
P-80 Shooting Star Jet Fighter Lockheed Corporation  United States  
P.108 Heavy Bomber Piaggio Aero Industries  Italy  
P.111 Prototype Aircraft Piaggio Aero Industries  Italy  
P.119 Prototype Aircraft Piaggio Aero Industries  Italy  
P.82 Defiant Heavy Fighter Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd  United Kingdom  
P1Y Ginga Medium Bomber Yokosuka Naval Air Technical Arsenal  Japan  
P2Y Seaplane Consolidated Aircraft  United States  
PB2Y Coronado Seaplane Consolidated Aircraft  United States  
PBM Mariner Seaplane Glenn L. Martin Company  United States  
PBY Catalina Seaplane Consolidated Aircraft  United States  
Pe-2 Peshka Dive Bomber Petlyakov OKB  Russia  
Pe-8 Heavy Bomber Petlyakov OKB  Russia  
Potez 630 Heavy Fighter Soci√©t√© Nationale de Constructions A√©ronautiques du Nord  France  
Proctor Other Percival Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
PZL.11 Fighter Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze  Poland  
PZL.23 Karaś Light Bomber Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze  Poland  
PZL.24 Fighter Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze  Poland  
PZL.37 Łoś Medium Bomber Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze  Poland  
PZL.7 Fighter Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze  Poland  
R3D Transport Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
Re.2000 Falco I Fighter Reggiane  Italy  
Re.2001 Falco II Fighter Reggiane  Italy  
Re.2002 Ariete Fighter Reggiane  Italy  
Re.2005 Sagittario Fighter Reggiane  Italy  
Ro.37 Lince Reconnaissance Aircraft Industrie Meccaniche Aeronautiche Meridionali  Italy  
Roc Heavy Fighter Blackburn Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
S-43 Seaplane Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation  United States  
S.25 Sunderland Seaplane Short Brothers plc  United Kingdom  
S.55 Seaplane Savoia-Marchetti  Italy  
SAI.207 Fighter Ambrosini  Italy  
SB Light Bomber Tupolev Design Bureau  Russia  
SB2C Helldiver Dive Bomber Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
SB2U Vindicator Dive Bomber Vought  United States  
SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
SC Seahawk Seaplane Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
Sea Otter Seaplane Supermarine Aviation Works  United Kingdom  
Seal Other Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Skua Dive Bomber Blackburn Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
SM.79 Sparviero Medium Bomber Savoia-Marchetti  Italy  
SM.81 Pipistrello Medium Bomber Savoia-Marchetti  Italy  
SM.82 Marsupiale Medium Bomber Savoia-Marchetti  Italy  
SM.84 Torpedo Bomber Savoia-Marchetti  Italy  
SOC Seagull Seaplane Curtiss-Wright Corporation  United States  
Spitfire Fighter Supermarine Aviation Works  United Kingdom  
Stirling Heavy Bomber Short Brothers plc  United Kingdom  
Su-2 Ground Attack Aircraft Sukhoi Design Bureau  Russia  
Swordfish Torpedo Bomber Fairey Aviation  United Kingdom  
Ta 152 Fighter Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
Ta 154 Moskito Night Fighter Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau GmbH  Germany  
TB-3 Heavy Bomber Voronezh Aircraft Production Association  Russia  
TBD Devastator Torpedo Bomber Douglas Aircraft Company  United States  
TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation  United States  
TDN Other Philadelphia Naval Aircraft Factory  United States  
TDR Other Interstate Aircraft and Engineering Corporation  United States  
Tempest Fighter Hawker Aviation  United Kingdom  
Tornado Prototype Aircraft Hawker Aviation  United Kingdom  
Tu-2 Medium Bomber Tupolev Design Bureau  Russia  
Type 432 Prototype Aircraft Vickers-Armstrongs, Limited  United Kingdom  
Type 91 Fighter Nakajima Aircraft Company  Japan  
Typhoon Fighter Hawker Aviation  United Kingdom  
UT-1 Other A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
UT-2 Other A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
Ventura Medium Bomber Vega Aircraft Company of Lockheed Corporation  United States  
Vincent Biplane Fighter Vickers-Armstrongs, Limited  United Kingdom  
Walrus Seaplane Supermarine Aviation Works  United Kingdom  
Welkin Fighter Westland Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
Wellesley Light Bomber Vickers-Armstrongs, Limited  United Kingdom  
Wellington Medium Bomber Vickers-Armstrongs, Limited  United Kingdom  
Whirlwind Heavy Fighter Westland Aircraft Limited  United Kingdom  
Wirraway Other Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation  Australia  
X-PO Fighter Chinese Air Force Aircraft Manufacturing Factory  China  
XFL Airabonita Prototype Aircraft Bell Aircraft Corporation  United States  
Yak-1 Fighter A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
Yak-3 Fighter A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
Yak-7 Fighter A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
Yak-9 Fighter A. S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC  Russia  
YO-50 Prototype Aircraft AviaBellanca Aircraft  United States  
YO-51 Dragonfly Prototype Aircraft Ryan Aeronautical Company  United States  
York Transport A. V. Roe & Company  United Kingdom  
Z.1007 Alcione Medium Bomber Cantiere Navale Triestino  Italy  
Z.501 Gabbiano Seaplane Cantiere Navale Triestino  Italy  
Z.506 Airone Seaplane Cantiere Navale Triestino  Italy  
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