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World War II Database

World War II Submarines

NameClassCountryYear of Launch
Albacore  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Alessandro Malaspina  Marconi-class Submarine  Italy  1940  
Alpino Bagnolini  Liuzzi-class Submarine  Italy    
Amberjack  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Ambra  Perla-class Submarine  Italy    
Angler  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Apogon  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Archerfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Argonaut (Argonaut-class)  Argonaut-class Submarine  United States    
Argonaut (Tench-class)  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Aspro  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Atule  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Balao  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Bang  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Barb  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Barbarigo  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Barbel  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Barbero  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Bashaw  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Batfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Baya  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Becuna  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Bergall  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Besugo  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Billfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Blackfin  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Blackfish  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Blenny  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Blower  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Blueback  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Bluefish  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Bluegill  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Boarfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Bonefish  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Bowfin  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Bream  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Brill  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Bugara  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Bullhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Bumper  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Burrfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Cabezon  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Cabrilla  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Cachalot (Cachalot-class)  Cachalot-class Submarine  United States  1933  
Cachalot (Grampus-class)  Grampus-class Minelaying Submarine  United Kingdom  1937  
Caiman  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Capelin  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Capitaine  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Capitano Tarantini  Liuzzi-class Submarine  Italy  1940  
Carbonero  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Carp  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Casabianca  Redoubtable-class Submarine  France  1935  
Cavalla  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Cero  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Chariot-class Summary Information  Chariot-class Midget Submarine  United Kingdom    
Charr  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Chub  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Cisco  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Cobia  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Cochino  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Cod  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Comandante Cappellini  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Comandante Fa√† di Bruno  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Console Generale Liuzzi  Liuzzi-class Submarine  Italy  1939  
Corvina  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Crevalle  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Croaker  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Cuttlefish  Cachalot-class Submarine  United States  1933  
Dace  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Dandolo  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Darter  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Dentuda  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Devilfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Dolphin  Dolphin-class Submarine  United States    
Dorado  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Dragonet  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Drum  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Emo  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Escolar  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Finback  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Flasher  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Flier  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Flounder  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Flying Fish  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Gabilan  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Gar  Tambor-class Submarine  United States  1940  
Gato  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Golet  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Grampus  Tambor-class Submarine  United States  1940  
Graph  Type VII-class Submarine  United Kingdom    
Grayback  Tambor-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Grayling  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Greenling  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Grenadier  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Grouper  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Growler  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Grunion  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Guardfish  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Guavina  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Gudgeon  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Guglielmo Marconi  Marconi-class Submarine  Italy  1939  
Guitarro  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Gunnel  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Gurnard  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Ha-101  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-102  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-104  Type SS-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
Ha-19  Type A-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Hackleback  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Haddo  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Haddock  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Hake  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Halibut  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Hammerhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Harder  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Hardhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Hawkbill  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Herring  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Hoe  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
I-14  Type AM-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
I-369  Type D1-class Submarine  Japan  1944  
I-400  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-401  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-402  I-400-class Submarine  Japan    
I-52  C3-class Submarine  Japan    
I-53  C3-class Submarine  Japan    
I-58  Type B3-class Submarine  Japan  1943  
I-58/I-158  Kaidai-class Submarine  Japan  1925  
I-68/I-168  Kaidai-class Submarine  Japan  1933  
Icefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Iride  Perla-class Submarine  Italy  1936  
Jack  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Jallao  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Jantina  Argonauta-class Submarine  Italy  1932  
Kairyu-class Summary Information  Kairyu-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Kaiten-class Summary Information  Kaiten-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Kete  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Kingfish  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Kraken  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Lagarto  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Lamprey  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Lapon  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Leonardo da Vinci  Marconi-class Submarine  Italy  1939  
Ling  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Lionfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Lizardfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Loggerhead  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Luigi Torelli  Marconi-class Submarine  Italy  1940  
Macabi  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Mackerel  Mackerel-class Submarine  United States    
Maggiore Baracca  Marconi-class Submarine  Italy  1940  
Manta  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Mapiro  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Marcello  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Marlin  Mackerel-class Submarine  United States  1941  
Menhaden  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Mero  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1945  
Mingo  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Mocenigo  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Moray  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Morosini  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Muskallunge  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Nani  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Narwhal  Narwhal-class Submarine  United States    
Nautilus  Narwhal-class Submarine  United States  1930  
Oberon  O-class Submarine  United Kingdom  1926  
Orzel  Orzel-class Submarine  Poland  1938  
Paddle  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Pampanito  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Papanikolis  Katsonis-class Submarine  Greece    
Parche  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Pargo  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Perch (Balao-class)  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Perch (Porpoise-class)  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Permit  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Peto  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Pickerel  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Picuda  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pike  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pilotfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pintado  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Pipefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Piper  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Piranha  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Plaice  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Plunger  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pogy  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Pollack  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1936  
Pomfret  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Pomodon  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Pompano  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Pompon  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Porpoise  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Provana  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Puffer  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Queenfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Quillback  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
R-1  R-class Submarine  United States  1918  
R-14  R-class Submarine  United States  1919  
R-3/P511  R-class Submarine  United Kingdom    
R-5  R-class Submarine  United States  1918  
R-7  R-class Submarine  United States    
Rasher  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Raton  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Ray  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Razorback  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Redfin  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Redfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Reginaldo Giuliani  Liuzzi-class Submarine  Italy    
Ro-58  Type L3-class Submarine  Japan  1922  
Robalo  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Rock  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Roncador  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Ronquil  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Runner (Gato-class)  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Runner (Tench-class)  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
S-18  S-class Submarine  United States  1920  
S-23  S-class Submarine  United States  1920  
S-25/Jastrzab  S-class Submarine  Poland  1922  
S-26  S-class Submarine  United States    
S-27  S-class Submarine  United States  1922  
S-28  S-class Submarine  United States  1922  
S-29/P556  S-class Submarine  United Kingdom  1922  
S-30  S-class Submarine  United States  1918  
S-31  S-class Submarine  United States  1918  
S-32  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-33  S-class Submarine  United States  1918  
S-34  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-35  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-36  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-37  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-38  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-39  S-class Submarine  United States  1919  
S-40  S-class Submarine  United States  1921  
S-41  S-class Submarine  United States  1921  
S-42  S-class Submarine  United States    
S-43  S-class Submarine  United States  1923  
S-44  S-class Submarine  United States  1923  
S-45  S-class Submarine  United States  1923  
S-46  S-class Submarine  United States  1923  
S-47  S-class Submarine  United States    
S-7  Srednyaya-class Submarine  Russia  1937  
Sailfish  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Salmon  Salmon-class Submarine  United States  1937  
Sand Lance  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sargo  Sargo-class Submarine  United States  1938  
Saury  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Sawfish  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Scabbardfish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Scamp  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Scir√®  Adua-class Submarine  Italy  1938  
Scorpion  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Sculpin  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Cat  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Sea Devil  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Dog  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Fox  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Owl  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Poacher  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sea Robin  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Seadragon  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Seahorse  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Seal  Salmon-class Submarine  United States  1937  
Sealion (Balao-class)  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Sealion (Sargo-class)  Sargo-class Submarine  United States  1939  
Searaven  Sargo-class Submarine  United States  1939  
Seawolf  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Segundo  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Sennet  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Shad  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Shark (Balao-class)  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Shark (Porpoise-class)  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States  1935  
ShCh-205  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1934  
ShCh-307  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1934  
ShCh-317  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1935  
ShCh-320  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1935  
ShCh-324  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1935  
ShCh-401  Shchuka-class Submarine  Russia  1935  
Siluro a Lenta Corsa-class Summary Information  Siluro a Lenta Corsa-class Midget Submarine  Italy    
Silversides  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Skate  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Skipjack  Salmon-class Submarine  United States  1937  
Snapper  Salmon-class Submarine  United States    
Snook  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Spadefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Spearfish  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Spikefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Spot  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Springer  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Steelhead  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Sterlet  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Stickleback  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Stingray  Salmon-class Submarine  United States    
Sturgeon  Salmon-class Submarine  United States    
Sunfish (Gato-class)  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Sunfish (S-class)  S-class Submarine  United Kingdom  1936  
Swordfish  Sargo-class Submarine  United States    
Tambor  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Tang  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1943  
Tarpon  Porpoise-class Submarine  United States    
Tautog  Tambor-class Submarine  United States  1940  
Tench  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Thornback  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Threadfin  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Thresher  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Thunderbolt  T-class Submarine  United Kingdom  1938  
Tigrone  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Tilefish  Balao-class Submarine  United States    
Tinosa  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Tirante  Tench-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Torsk  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Trepang  Balao-class Submarine  United States  1944  
Tribune  T-class Submarine  United Kingdom  1938  
Trigger  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Triton  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Trout  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Trutta  Tench-class Submarine  United States    
Tullibee  Gato-class Submarine  United States    
Tuna  Tambor-class Submarine  United States    
Tunny  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Type B-class Summary Information  Type B-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Type C-class Summary Information  Type C-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Type D-class Summary Information  Type D-class Midget Submarine  Japan    
Type XXVII-class Summary Information  Type XXVII-class Midget Submarine  Germany    
U-1  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-10  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-100  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-101  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-1011  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-102  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-103  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-104  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-105  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-1059  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-106  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-107  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-108  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-109  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-11  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-110  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-111  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-112 (Planned)  Type XI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-113 (Planned)  Type XI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1133  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1134  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1135  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-114 (Planned)  Type XI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-115 (Planned)  Type XI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-116  Type X-class Minelaying Submarine  Germany    
U-117  Type X-class Minelaying Submarine  Germany    
U-118  Type X-class Minelaying Submarine  Germany    
U-119  Type X-class Minelaying Submarine  Germany    
U-12  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-120  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-121  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-122  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-123  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-1233  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-1234  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-1235  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1239  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-124  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-1240  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-125  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-126  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-127  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-128  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1280  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-1282  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-129  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-13  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-130  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-131  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-132  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-133  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-134  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-135  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-136  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-137  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-138  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-139  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-14  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-140  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-141  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-142  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-143  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-144  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-145  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-146  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-147  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-148  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-149  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-15  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-150  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-151  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-152  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-153  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-154  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-155  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-156  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-157  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-158  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-159  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-16  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-160  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-161  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-162  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-163  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-164  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-165  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-166  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-167  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-168  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-169  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-17  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-170  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-171  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-172  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-173  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-174  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-175  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-176  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-177  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-178  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-179  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-18  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-180  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-181  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-182  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-183  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-184  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-185  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-186  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-187  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-188  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-189  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-19  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-190  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-191  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-192  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-193  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-194  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-195  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-196  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-197  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-198  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  0000  
U-199  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-20  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-200  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-201  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-202  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-203  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-204  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-205  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-206  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-207  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-208  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-209  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-21  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-210  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-211  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-212  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-213  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-214  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-215  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-216  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-217  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-218  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-22  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-226  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-228  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-23  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-2321  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2322  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2323  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2324  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2325  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2326  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-235  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-238  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-239  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-24  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-240  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-241  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-249  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-25  Type I-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-2501  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-251  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-2549  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-26  Type I-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-27  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-28  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-287  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-29  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-3  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-30  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-3001  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3008  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3009  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3010  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3011  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3012  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3013  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3014  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3015  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3016  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3017  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3019  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-3036  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany  1945  
U-3042  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3043  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3048  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3049  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3052  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3053  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3054  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3055  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3056  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3057  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3058  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3059  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3060  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3061  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3062  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3063  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-31  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-32  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1937  
U-33  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-331  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-332  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-333  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-334  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-34  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-35  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-3504  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3505  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3510  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3511  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3512  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3515  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3516  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3517  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3518  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3519  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3520  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3521  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3522  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3523  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3524  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3525  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3526  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3527  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3528  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3535  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3536  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3537  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3538  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3539  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3540  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3541  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-3542  Type XXI-class Submarine  Germany    
U-36  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1936  
U-37  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-373  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-38  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-382  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-39  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-4  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-40  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-401  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-402  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-403  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-41  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-42  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-43  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-44  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-442  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-45  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-452  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-453  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-454  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-459  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-46  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-460  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-461  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-462  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-463  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-464  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-47  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-4714  Type XXIII-class Submarine  Germany  1945  
U-48  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-49  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-491  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-492  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-493  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-494  Type XIV-class Cargo Submarine  Germany    
U-5  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-50  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-505  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-51  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-52  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-53  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-530  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-537  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany    
U-54  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-55  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-559  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-56  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-57  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-575  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-576  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-577  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-578  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-58  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-59  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
U-6  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-60  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-61  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-62  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-63  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-64  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-65  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1939  
U-66  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-67  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-68  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-684  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-685  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-686  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-687  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-688  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-689  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-69  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-7  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-70  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-71  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-72  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-73  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-736  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-737  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-738  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-74  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-745  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-746  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-75  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-751  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-752  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-754  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-76  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-77  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-78  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-79  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-8  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-80  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-81  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-82  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-821  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-822  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1944  
U-83  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-84  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-85  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-86  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-860  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-869  Type IX-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-87  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-88  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-89  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-9  Type II-class Submarine  Germany  1935  
U-90  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-908  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-91  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1941  
U-92  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1942  
U-922  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-923  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-924  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-925  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-926  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-927  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-928  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-929  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-93  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-930  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-931  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-932  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany    
U-94  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-95  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-96  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-97  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-977  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1943  
U-98  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
U-99  Type VII-class Submarine  Germany  1940  
UA  Ay-class Submarine  Germany  1938  
Veniero  Marcello-class Submarine  Italy    
Wahoo  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
Whale  Gato-class Submarine  United States  1942  
X-class Summary Information  X-class Midget Submarine  United Kingdom    

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