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Beneš, Edvard  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1884 1948 
Catlos, Ferdinand  Czechoslovakia Military-Ground Male 1895 1972 
Frank, Karl  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1898 1946 
Frantisek, Josef  Czechoslovakia Military-Air Male 1914 1940 
Haas, Pavel  Czechoslovakia Other Male 1899 1944 
Hácha, Emil  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1872 1945 
Henlein, Konrad  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1898 1945 
Tiso, Jozef  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1887 1947 
Tuka, Vojtech  Czechoslovakia Government Male 1880 1946 
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Famous WW2 Quote
"The raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next 500 years."

James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, 23 Feb 1945