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Lancaster bomber of No 1 Group, RAF Bomber Command over Hamburg, Germany, night of 30-31 Jan 1943

Caption     Lancaster bomber of No 1 Group, RAF Bomber Command over Hamburg, Germany, night of 30-31 Jan 1943 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseImperial War Museum
Identification Code   4700-11 C 3371
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Added By C. Peter Chen

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Stephen says:
19 Sep 2009 09:35:08 AM

did you know question -

Yes - DJ Shannon is the same David John Shannon RAAF who served with 106 RAF Sqd and 617 RAF Sqd and was Australia's highest awarded Airman in the ETO (RAAF as against Austrlians in the RAF ala Mick Martin and others)who was still alive by 1945.

He was also close friend's of GP Gibson RAF and JV Hopgood RAF who was his CO and Flight Commander on 106 and he flew with Gibson on several ops as his second pilot before he was given his own aircrew.
He took the deaths of both extremely hard - espicaly that of 'Gibbo'.

David was born in South Austrlia on 27 May 1922 and enlisted in the RAAF 1941 and by May 1943 had flown 36 Ops(some say more)with
106 RAF Sqd.
His all up total is belived to be closer to what Mick Martin and his hero's Gibson and Cheshire were able to achive.
My relation who flew with 617 in 1944, was also a fan of David Shannon who by that time was the 'A' Flight Commander and also Mosquito qualified.
He returned to Australia in Dec 1945 with his new wife and former WAAF Anne by which time he was awarded the DSO BAR DFC BAR and had over 60 ops confirmed.
He later returned to Engalnd to Live and died there in 1993.
His medals are now on display at the Australian War Museum in Canberra,along with his Service Cap which he wore or carried with him on most ops and other parts of his uniform.

It is unknown 100% if he took the Photo or its been simply credited to his aircrew/
aircraft with 106.
What is known is that during the daylight low level op to Le Cresuot that David did take a mid air photo of the lancs at low alt over france on their way while his second pilot had control of the aircraft(the commander of the Op was another Australian in the RAF W/C LC(Lenoard)Slee RAF and his bomb aimer also Australian flew on all 3 Tirpitz Ops in 1944 with 617 - Colin Keith Astbury RAAF).

It is highly likely that David did take it himself while he was a second pilot with Gibson based on avialable information - the date however is incorrect.
The correct date is 26 Jul 1942 when they both flew in Lanc R5750 to attack Hamburg.

Details on the op are -

26 Jul 1942
Lanc R5750
Aircrew - WC GP Gibson, P/O DJ Shannon RAAF, P/O F Ruskell,Sgt J Gaffney,
P/O RE Hutchinson,F/L Combie,P/O JF Wickens
Airborne 2320 Landed 0530

Remarks -

"Little or no cloud, excellent visbility. moonlight.
Target easily located and bombed visually from 14000ft.
Bombs fell in burning area SW of AP causing more fires in Shipyards.
Dave took what should be a great Photo.
FLAK was very heavy and also accurate.
A very successful trip.

Bomb Load -
1 x 4000lb
6 x 500lb GP
6 x 250lb GP"


700 Aircraft on Hamburg.
Large Fires Burning all over town.
FLAK very intense and we nearley brought it coming out at Brunsbuttel".

Refer to WC GP Gibson Logbook and 106 RAF Sqd ORB + Guy Gibson by Richard Morris and also some personal papers held on 617 RAF Sqd and DJ Shannon RAAF by myself.

2. David says:
22 Sep 2013 03:48:04 PM

My great uncle was aboard lancaster R5750 when he died. Interesting read. Thank you. P.s. He was the rear gunner.
3. John says:
20 Apr 2017 07:29:11 PM

My uncle, Edward Roy Markland was flying R5750 on an op to Wilhelmshaven on 18 February 1943 when it was brought down killing all the crew.

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