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American analysis of bombing damage upon the areas of Tokyo, Japan east of the Sumida River, 1945

Caption   American analysis of bombing damage upon the areas of Tokyo, Japan east of the Sumida River, 1945 ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseUnited States National Archives
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Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 21 Jul 2012

This photograph has been scaled down; full resolution photograph is available here (772 by 695 pixels).

Licensing  Public Domain. According to the US National Archives, as of 21 Jul 2010:
The vast majority of the digital images in the Archival Research Catalog (ARC) are in the public domain. Therefore, no written permission is required to use them. We would appreciate your crediting the National Archives and Records Administration as the original source. For the few images that remain copyrighted, please read the instructions noted in the "Access Restrictions" field of each ARC record.... In general, all government records are in the public domain and may be freely used.... Additionally, according to the United States copyright law (United States Code, Title 17, Chapter 1, Section 105), in part, "[c]opyright protection under this title is not available for any work of the United States Government".

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed C. Peter Chen says:
5 Jun 2012 07:12:32 PM

Annotations (products in parenthesis): 1. Sotoyama Company (wrist pins) 2. Nakata Manufacturing Company (pencils) 3. Yamanaka Aluminum Company (metal) 4. Takano Glass Works (glass) 5. Kimura Company (light machinery) 6. Mimatsu Manufacturing Company (wood and metal) 7. Kaneko Iron Works (metal) 8. Kameido Soap Works (soap) 9. Takamatsu Light Metal Company (metal) 10. Toyoda Electric Company (utilities) 11. Ozawa Casting Works (metal) 12. Junen Metal Works (metal) 13. Hashimoto Glas Company (glass) 14. Morita Iron Works (metal) 15. Hayashi Electrolytic Company (chemical) 16. Fujimura Company (machining) 17. Japan Weapons Company (anti-aircraft weapons components) 18. Tokuoka Iron Works (metal) 19. Nissan Chemical Company (chemical) 20. Ishihara Steel Works (metal) 21. Azuma Iron Works (metal) 22. Fukushima Manufacturing Company (abrasives) 23. Tokin Manufacturing Company (galvanized steel plate) 24. Suzuki Iron Works (metal) 25. Ebara Drug Company (chemical) 26. Kunie Metal Works (alloy aircraft components) 27. Daido Steel Company (metal) 28. Azuma Metal Works (metal) 29. Higashi Iron Works (metal) 30. Azuma Machine Shop (machining) 31. Kobayashi Copper Works (metal) 32. Power transformer station (utilities) 33. Azuma Copper Works (metal) 34. Oriental Steel Works (metal) 35. Mitado Rubber Products Company (rubber) 36. Taisai Chemical Company (chemical) 37. Yanagishima Drug Company (chemical) 38. Warehouses 39. Hitachi Engineering Company (professional services) 40. Riken Steel Products Company (metal) 41. Miyamoto Plating Company (metal) 42. Kawamata Manufacturing Company (precision machinery) 43. Yanagisawa Celluloid Company (chemical) 44. Tokyo Cork Company (wood) 45. Kyokoku Iron Works (metal) 46. Tokyo Chain Works (metal) 47. Kameido rail station and freight yards (transportation) 48. Sakai Manufacturing Company (cutlery) 49. Steel Plate Production Company (metal) 50. Kawakura Container Company (tanks and fittings for ships) 51. Uchiyama Spring Company (springs) 52. Ochiai Metal Works (metal) 53. Tabe Casting Company (metal) 54. Nakayama Manufacturing Company (stamped metal parts) 55. Nisshin Textile Company (aircraft parts) 56. Tokyo Tank Manufacturing Company (tanks) 57. Rising Sun Oil Company (fuel) 58. Nakamura Manufacturing Company (precision screws and fittings) 59. Amiya Enginering Company (professional services) 60. Chikarishi Iron Works (metal) 61. Tokyo Bus Company and Kameido repair shops (transportation) 62. Hamada Printing Machinery Company (precision ordnance components) 63. Kameido Pipe Company (pipes) 64. Hamada Iron Works (metal) 65. Musashi Machinery Company (machining) 66. Kobayashi Manufacturing Company (screws and gears) 67. Kanamono Engineering Company (professional services) 68. Otsuki Branch of the Hattori Company (range finders and anti-aircraft weapons firing control equipment) 69. Japan Chemical Industry Company (chemical) 70. Yoshida Container Company (tanks) 71. Sasaki Casting Works (metal) 72. Imai Foundry (metal) 73. Yuri Manufacturing Company (honing and polishing machines) 74. Joto Spring Company (springs) 75. Suzuki Glycerine Company (chemical) 76. Nakajima Manufacturing Company (switchboard and electric motor parts) 77. Yoshizawa Chemical Machinery Company (chemical) 78. Oriental Weaving Company (textiles) 79. Homma Iron Works (metal) 80. Hori Iron Works (metal) 81. Ouchi Metal Fabricating Company (metal) 82. Oriental Weaving Company (textiles) 83. Nakajima Manufacturing Company (small electric motors) 84. Hazama Metal Works (metal) 85, Santo Iron Works (metal) 86. Japan Cast Steel Company (machine tools and second-grade bearings) 87. Miyahara Machinery Company (components) 88. Asahi Oil Refinery (fuel) 89. Tsutsui Manufacturing Company (machine tools and machinery components) 90. Tokyo Steel Products Company (metal) 91. Kawade Building Material Company (building materials) 92. Sanwa Manufacturing Company (machining) 93. Ishii Iron Works (metal) 94. Nippon Container Company (tanks) 95. Japan Roll Manufacturing Company (metal components) 96. Aoki Rolling Mill Machinery Company (metal components) 97. Sugiyama Spring Company (springs) 98. Takasago Iron Works (metal) 99. Masaki Iron Works (metal) 100. Kakuda Foundry (metal) 101. Itsumi Alloy Pipe Company (pipes) 102. Daito Machinery Company (components) 103. Tokyo Electric Company (utilities) 104. Noharo Metal Working Company (components) 105. Ogura Oil Refinery (fuel) 106. Joto Works of the Yokoyama Manufacturing Company (ordnance components) 107. Tate Iron Works (metal) 108. Saito Iron Works (metal) 109. Inagoshi Foundry (metal) 110. Hayakawa Engineering Company (professional services) 111. Fuji Iron Works (metal)

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