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Taichu Airfield file photo [27186]

Taichu Airfield

Type   137 Air Base
Historical Name of Location   Taichu, Taichu, Taiwan
Coordinates   24.185598000, 120.653896000


ww2dbaseTaichu Airfield was established in central Taiwan by the Japanese Army in 1936, used for both military and civilian purposes. In the latter role, it was the only civilian airport in Taichu Prefecture.

ww2dbaseWhile the airfield's official Japanese name was Taichu Airfield, US military intelligence mistakenly identified the name as "Toyohara Airfield", thus many documents exist with this incorrect name.

ww2dbaseToward the latter months of the war, Taichu Airfield hosted several suicide special attack units. In Apr 1946, the airfield's administration was taken over by Brigadier General Yun Duo of the staff of the No. 3 Aircraft Plant of the Chinese Air Force. It was renamed Shuinan Airfield at this time. Between the 1950s and the 1980s, all aircraft domestically built in the Republic of China were built and tested at this airfield. Having been a strictly military airfield for 25 years, it resumed its civilian service in 1971. In Mar 2004, its civlian operations ceased, relocating to the newly built and larger Taichung Cingcyuankang Airport. The Air Force turned over control of the airfield to the Taichung city government in Dec 2007, and the last flight took off from this facility in Aug 2012 as the fleet of aircraft belonging to the National Airborne Service Corps of the Ministry of the Interior departed.

ww2dbaseSource: Wikipedia

Last Major Update: Nov 2016

Taichu Airfield Interactive Map


Aerial view of Taichu Airfield, Taiwan, 1944Taichu Airfield under attack by USS Ticonderoga carrier aircraft, Taichu (now Taichung), Taiwan, 3 Jan 1945, photo 1 of 3
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Post-mission map of the Air Group 80 of USS Ticonderoga 3 Jan 1945 attack on Taichu Airfield, central Taiwan

Taichu Airfield Timeline

22 Nov 1943 A US aircraft conducted a reconnaissance flight over Taichu Airfield ("Toyohara") in central Taiwan.
3 Jan 1945 14 SB2C-3, 6 TBM-3, and 12 F6F-5 aircraft of Air Group 80 from USS Ticonderoga attacked Taichu Airfield in central Taiwan; six of the SB2C aircraft turned back after running into poor weather, one of the F6F aircraft became lost and joined fighters from USS Wasp in the strafing of a train, and two of the TBM-3 aircraft got lost and joined another group in the attacking of Suo (now Suao). On a separate mission later on this day, Air Group 80 conducted a fighter sweep over Koryu Airfield on Taiwan; Ensign Philip Manella's F6F fighter was shot down, forcing him to bail out, and his wingman Lieutenant (jg) R. C. Wagg reported that the parachute was strafed by Japanese fighters.
5 Mar 2004 Civilian flights of Taichung Shuinan Airport were relocated to the nearby Taichung Cingcyuankang Airport.
22 Dec 2007 Control of the Shuinan Airfield was turned over from the Republic of China Ministry of Defense to the city of Taichung in central Taiwan.

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Modern Day Location
WW2-Era Place Name Taichu, Taichu, Taiwan
Lat/Long 24.1856, 120.6539
Taichu Airfield Photo Gallery
Aerial view of Taichu Airfield, Taiwan, 1944Taichu Airfield under attack by USS Ticonderoga carrier aircraft, Taichu (now Taichung), Taiwan, 3 Jan 1945, photo 1 of 3
See all 5 photographs of Taichu Airfield

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