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F. Schichau Elbing file photo [32044]

F. Schichau Elbing

Type   234 Shipyard
Historical Name of Location   Elbing, Danzig-WestpreuƟen, Germany
Coordinates   54.163514000, 19.392714000


ww2dbaseFerdinand Schichau studied engineering in Germany and in the Britain. In 1837, he started the company F. Schichau GmbH, Maschinen- und Lokomotivfabrik in Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), specializing in producing hydraulic presses and locomotives. In 1847, it began producing maritime steam engines. In 1854, the company created the subsidiary Elbinger Dampfschiffs-Reederei F. Schichau to build ships. In 1872, it acquired a nearby shipyard named Mitzlaff to expand operations. In 1877, the shipyard became a supplier of torpedo boats (and later destroyers) for the Prussian Navy. In 1885, the German Navy concluded that its demands for F. Schichau had grown beyond what its Elbing facilities could handle, and German officials began looking for a suitable location to help F. Schichau expand, and this resulted in the shipbuilding subsidiary F. Schichau Danzig in Danzig, Germany (later a Free City, now Gdansk in Poland). Ferdinand Schichau passed away in 1896, and his son-in-law, Carl Heinz Ziese, previously the manager of the F. Schichau repair yard at Pillau, Germany (now Baltijsk, Russia), took control of the company. Ziese passed away in 1917, and Carl and Hildegard Carlson, Ziese's son-in-law and daughter, took over. After WW1, F. Schichau was nearly bankrupt, and it began receiving subsidies from the government to remain in operations.

ww2dbaseDuring WW2, at Elbing, F. Schichau built Seehund-class midget submarines, minesweepers, torpedo boats, and locomotives.

ww2dbaseAfter the war, the city of Elbing was given to Poland, together with the control of the F. Schichau facilities. Chief executive of the company, Hermann Noƫ, evacuated to Bremerhaven, Germany ahead of the Soviet capture of Elbing, and began to re-establish the company there. It remained in operations until 2009 when it was acquired by Schichau Seebeckwerft.

Last Major Update: Sep 2022

Ships Constructed at F. Schichau Elbing

Ship NameYard NoSlip/Drydock NoOrderedLaid DownLaunchedCommissioned
M378 (Planned)1458
M379 (Planned)1459
M380 (Planned)1460
T22148110 Nov 193928 Feb 1942
T47164016 Jun 1943
T48164116 Jun 1943
T50171811 Jan 1944
T51171911 Jan 1944
T13140118 Sep 193715 Jun 193931 May 1941
T14140218 Sep 193725 Jul 193914 Jun 1941
T15140318 Sep 193716 Sep 193926 Jun 1941
T16140418 Sep 193723 Nov 193924 Jul 1941
T17140518 Sep 193713 Mar 194028 Aug 1941
T18140618 Sep 19371 Jun 194022 Nov 1941
T19144410 May 193820 Jul 194018 Dec 1941
T20144510 May 193812 Sep 19405 Jun 1942
T21144610 May 193821 Nov 194011 Jul 1942
T23148210 Nov 193914 Jun 194114 Jun 1942
T24148310 Nov 193913 Sep 194117 Oct 1942
T25148410 Nov 19391 Dec 194112 Dec 1942
T26148510 Nov 193923 Feb 194227 Feb 1942
T28148710 Nov 193924 Jun 194219 Jun 1943
T27148610 Nov 193920 Aug 194212 Apr 1943
T29148830 Nov 193916 Jan 194321 Aug 1943
T30148930 Nov 193913 Mar 194324 Oct 1943
T31151320 Jan 194122 Mar 19435 Feb 1944
T32151420 Jan 194117 Jul 19435 Feb 1944
T33151520 Jan 19414 Sep 19437 May 1944
T34151620 Jan 194123 Oct 194316 Jun 1944
T35151720 Jan 194111 Dec 19437 Oct 1944
T36151820 Jan 19415 Feb 19446 Oct 1944
T1138016 Nov 193514 Nov 193619 Feb 19381 Dec 1939
T2138116 Nov 193514 Nov 19367 Apr 19382 Dec 1939
T3138216 Nov 193514 Nov 193623 Jun 19383 Feb 1940
T9139329 Jun 193621 Nov 19363 Nov 19384 Jul 1940
T10139429 Jun 193624 Nov 193619 Jan 19395 Aug 1940
T4138316 Nov 193529 Dec 193615 Apr 193827 May 1940
T37153825 Nov 194214 Aug 194329 Apr 1944
T38153925 Nov 194211 Oct 194317 Jun 1944
T39154025 Nov 19428 Nov 194322 Jul 1944
T40154125 Nov 194227 Dec 19432 Sep 1944
T41154225 Nov 194221 Feb 194412 Sep 1944
T42154325 Nov 194227 Mar 194410 Oct 1944
T43163616 Jun 194323 May 194410 Oct 1944
T46163916 Jun 194319 Jun 1944
T44163716 Jun 194329 Jun 194410 Oct 1944
T45163816 Jun 19437 Aug 194410 Oct 1944

* Projected dates; not actual

F. Schichau Elbing Interactive Map


View of F. Schichau Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), date unknownView of F. Schichau Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), date unknown
See all 4 photographs of F. Schichau Elbing


Shipyard plan of the F. Schichau shipyard at Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), 1899

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Modern Day Location
WW2-Era Place Name Elbing, Danzig-WestpreuƟen, Germany
Lat/Long 54.1635, 19.3927
F. Schichau Elbing Photo Gallery
View of F. Schichau Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), date unknownView of F. Schichau Elbing, Germany (now Elblag, Poland), date unknown
See all 4 photographs of F. Schichau Elbing

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