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10 Dec 1928
  • Hiroaki Abe was promoted to the rank of commander. ww2dbase [Hiroaki Abe | CPC]
  • Tamon Yamaguchi was promoted to the rank of commander. ww2dbase [Tamon Yamaguchi | CPC]
  • Commander Sakai was named the commanding officer of destroyer Yuzuki. ww2dbase [Yuzuki | CPC]
  • Baron Masaki Shibayama was promoted to the rank of captain and remained the commanding officer of Kamoi. ww2dbase [Kamoi | CPC]
  • Captain Isoroku Yamamoto, future head of the Combined Fleet, became the new commanding officer of carrier Akagi. ww2dbase [Akagi | CPC]
  • Captain Yorio Sawamoto was named the commanding officer of Tenryu. ww2dbase [Tenryu | CPC]
  • Masafumi Arima was named the Vice Chief Gunnery Office of battleship Haruna. ww2dbase [Masafumi Arima | CPC]
  • Rear Admiral Kaoru Matsushita was made the commanding officer of Maizuru work department in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. ww2dbase [Maizuru Naval Arsenal | Maizuru, Kyoto | CPC]
  • Chiaki Matsuda was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and was assigned to the Bureau of Personnel in the Navy Ministry. ww2dbase [Chiaki Matsuda | Tokyo | CPC]
  • Minoru Ota was assigned to First Expeditionary Fleet as a staff officer. ww2dbase [Minoru Ota | CPC]
  • Vice Admiral Eijiro Hamano was named the commanding officer of the Mako naval port at Pescadores islands, Taiwan. ww2dbase [Mako Guard District | Mako, Hoko | CPC]

10 Dec 1928 Interactive Map

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