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1 Nov 1945
  • British Intelligence reported that Adolf Hitler most likely committed suicide on 30 Apr 1945 in Berlin, Germany after marrying Eva Braun. ww2dbase [Adolf Hitler | CPC]
  • Submarine S-31 was struck from the US Naval Vessels Register. ww2dbase [S-31 | CPC]
  • Hamilton was decommissioned from service. ww2dbase [Hamilton | CPC]
  • Governor Reginald Dorman-Smith of Burma formed an Executive Council that excluded the participation of the Anti-Fascist People's Freedom League (AFPFL); he had only excluded Burmese leaders who he deemed as loyal to the British Empire. Feeling betrayed, Aung Sang and the AFPFL began planning for an armed struggle for independence. ww2dbase [CPC]
Dutch East Indies
  • Socialists in Indonesia established their political party. Although against the law, their leaders Sutan Sjahrir, Amir Sjarifuddin, and others were already on the verge of maneuvering Vice President Mohammad Hatta to allow such a formation. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • President Sukarno of Indonesia arrived at Semarang, Java, Indonesia and traveled through Magelang and Yogyakarta, successful in brokering a temporary ceasefire between Communist fighters and European forces. ww2dbase [Yogyakarta, Java | CPC]
  • In Indonesia, the Socialist Party (Parsi), under Amir Sjarifuddin, was founded. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • This date was the scheduled launch day for Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyushu, Japan, which never took place. ww2dbase [Preparations for Invasion of Japan | TH]
  • Vice Admiral Yoshiharu Kobayashi stepped down as the last commanding officer of Maizuru Naval Arsenal in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. ww2dbase [Maizuru Naval Arsenal | Maizuru, Kyoto | CPC]
  • I-14, under the command of US Navy Commander John S. McCain, Jr., departed Yokosuka, Japan for Sasebo, Japan. ww2dbase [I-14 | Yokosuka, Kanagawa | CPC]
  • USS Proteus departed Japan. ww2dbase [Proteus | CPC]
  • Chiaki Matsuda was transferred to the reserves. ww2dbase [Chiaki Matsuda | CPC]
  • The Constitutional Problems Investigations Committee was given exclusive authority over issues regarding the revision of the Japanese Constitution. ww2dbase [Tokyo | CPC]
Mariana Islands
  • Escort carrier USS Bogue departed Saipan bound for Pearl Harbor. ww2dbase [Bogue | Saipan | DS]
  • Information about the secret meeting held between Dutch Lieutenant Governor General H. J. van Mook and Indonesian leader Sukarno leaked. The Council of Ministers in The Hague, Netherlands immediately announced that the Dutch government did not approve of the resolutions concluded in the secret meeting. On the same day, Prime Minister Willem Schermerhorn and Minister Johann Logemann flew to London, England, United Kingdom to personally request Queen Wilhelmina to dismiss van Mook; the queen would reject the request. ww2dbase [CPC]
United Kingdom United States
  • USS San Diego entered drydock No. 2 at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, California, United States. ww2dbase [San Diego | Mare Island Navy Yard | Vallejo, California | CPC]
  • US Navy approved the swept-wing design element for the new XP-86 jet fighter. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • USS Marblehead was decommissioned from service. ww2dbase [Marblehead | CPC]
  • Joseph Stilwell was attached to the War Equipment Board in Washington, DC, United States. ww2dbase [Joseph Stilwell | Washington | CPC]
  • Battleship USS Iowa, cruiser USS Atlanta, and destroyer USS Nicholas arrived at San Pedro, California, United States. ww2dbase [Atlanta | Nicholas | Iowa | San Pedro, California | DS]
US Pacific Islands
  • Allied repatriation ship Hikawa Maru departed Wake Island after embarking about 1,000 Japanese troops. ww2dbase [Hikawa Maru | Wake | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 1 Nov 1945
Junyo at Sasebo, Japan, 1 Nov 1945Approximate path of Japanese convoy toward Saipan, Mariana Islands which was attacked by American submarines on 6 Jun 1944; appendix A of Commander Tadao KuwaharaJapanese convoy formation when attacked by American aircraft off Indochina coast, 12 Jan 1945; appendix B of Commander Tadao KuwaharaDiagram showing attacks on Japanese transports during Battle of Midway, 3-4 Jun 1942; Annex A of Toyama
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1 Nov 1945 Interactive Map

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