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29 Jul 1944
  • USS Puffer attacked a Japanese freighter in the Dutch East Indies; all 6 torpedoes missed. ww2dbase [Puffer | CPC]
  • Aleksandr Vasilevsky was made a Hero of the Soviet Union and was awarded his second Order of Lenin. ww2dbase [Aleksandr Vasilevsky | CPC]
  • Ivan Bagramyan was awarded the Order of Lenin for the first time. ww2dbase [Ivan Bagramyan | CPC]
  • USS Gunnel started her sixth war patrol. ww2dbase [Gunnel | CPC]
  • Escort carrier USS Bogue and her task group arrived at Port Royal Bay, Bermuda. ww2dbase [Bogue | Port Royal Bay | DS]
  • B-29 Superfortress bombers of the 20th USAAF flying from advanced airfields near Chengdu in China attacked the Showa steel works at Anshan in Liaoning, northeastern China. During the raid B-29 bomber 42-5256 piloted by Captain Howard R. Jarrell was struck by a shell and badly damaged. Unable to make the 1,500 mile journey home, Captain Jarrell decided to try to reach Vladivostock in the USSR. Intercepted by Soviet Yak-9 fighters the crippled bomber was forced to land at the small strip at Tavrichanka where the aircraft and its crew were interned by the Soviet authorities. ww2dbase [Anshan, Liaoning | AC]
  • Leng Peishu, flying a P-40N fighter, shot down a Ki-43-II aircraft while attacking Yueyang, Hunan Province, China. His fighter was hit by ground fire, shattering the canopy, and his forehead was cut by shattered glass; the engine was also damaged. He crash landed in Hanshou County on the western edge of Dongting Lake and was given first aid by a Belgian Catholic priest. ww2dbase [Leng Peishu | Hunan | CPC]
  • A Me 163 jet fighter attempted to disrupt a B-17 raid on Mersburg, Germany but was instead pursued by Captain Arthur Jeffrey in a P-38 fighter. Jeffrey chased the Me 163 jet fighter to a very low altitude and confidently reported a victory, but post war records indicated that there was no Me 163 lost on this particular date. ww2dbase [Me 163 Komet | Mersburg, Halle-Merseburg | CPC]
  • Destroyer Z44 was sunk by a British RAF raid on Bremen, Germany. ww2dbase [Z44 | Deutsche Schiff- und Maschinenbau AG | Bremen, Weser-Ems | CPC]
Hawaii Italy Japan Latvia
  • German Armeegruppe Nord was cut off as the Red Army reached the Baltic coast west of Riga, Latvia. ww2dbase [Operation Bagration | TH]
Mariana Islands New Caledonia
  • Destroyer USS Hoel moored to the repair dock at Ilse Nou, NoumĂ©a, New Caledonia for repairs. ww2dbase [Hoel | NoumĂ©a | DS]
  • Georgy Zhukov was made a Hero of the Soviet Union for the second time. ww2dbase [Georgy Zhukov | CPC]
United Kingdom
  • In south London, England, United Kingdom, two surface air raid shelters were partly destroyed when a V-1 flying bomb impacted at the junction of Hollyoak and Dante Roads in Elephant and Castle; twenty houses were rendered uninhabitable. There were no casualties with this bomb, however another exploded nearby killing five and damaging almost 200 houses. Further south a V-1 flying bomb crashed and blew up near the town of Sevenoaks in western Kent after being shot down by a fighter, as often happened in the countryside, after the explosion schoolboys took parts for souvenirs. ww2dbase [V-Weapons Campaign | Vergeltungswaffe 1 | London, England | HM]
Photo(s) dated 29 Jul 1944
View of the railway ferry terminal in Cherbourg harbor, 29 Jul 1944Map depicting the situation near Saint-LĂ´, France during Operation Cobra, 25-29 Jul 1944B-29 bomber attacking Japanese-controlled industrial targets in China, possibly Anshan Ironworks or Showa Steelworks in Liaoning Province, China, 29 Jul 1944US Army convoy passing through the remains of Saint-LĂ´, France during the Normandy invasion, 29 Jul 1944; note Jeeps, CCKW 2-1/2 ton transports, Studebaker M29 Weasel, and Dodge WC54 field ambulance

29 Jul 1944 Interactive Map

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