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29 Mar 1945
  • Soviet troops entered former Czechoslovakian province of Ruthenia. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • Soviet 1st Byelorussian Front captured Fortress K├╝strin in Germany. ww2dbase [TH]
  • Omar Bradley was promoted to the temporary rank of general. ww2dbase [Omar Bradley | CPC]
  • USS Macabi was commissioned into service with Commander Anthony H. Dropp in command. ww2dbase [Macabi | CPC]
  • USS Chub spotted a Japanese convoy in the Java Sea and began pursuing the ships, attacked by patrolling aircraft in the process. ww2dbase [Chub | CPC]
  • USS Bailey arrived at Balayan Bay, Luzon where task group transports began loading Army personnel. Bailey embarked Army Brigadier General Hanford MacNider, commanding general of the 158th Regimental Combat Team, his staff, and two press correspondents. ww2dbase [Bailey | DS]
Burma Germany
  • In Germany, US Third Army captured Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and US Seventh Army captured Mannheim. British sappers built another Rhine bridge, "Westminster". ww2dbase [Crossing the Rhine | TH, AC]
Hungary Japan
  • Japanese Navy Shinyo special attack boats launched an attack at Okinawa, Japan to no effect. ww2dbase [Shinyo-class | Okinawa | CPC]
  • USS Yorktown (Essex-class) launched two raids and one photographic reconnaissance mission over Kyushu, Japan. A single Yokosuka D4Y ?Judy? dive bomber made a diving attack on Yorktown but missed the carrier by about 60 feet. ww2dbase [Battle of Iwo Jima | Yorktown (Essex-class) | DS]
  • US 20th Air Force conducted its final mission over Malaya, striking communications centers, airfields, and rail yards. ww2dbase [CPC]
Philippines United Kingdom
  • The 1,370-ton Canadian River-class frigate HMCS Teme (K 458) was torpedoed and fatally damaged by German submarine U-315 just off Land's End, England, United Kingdom. The frigate lost 60 feet of her stern and was towed to Falmouth, Cornwall, England and was declared a total loss. ww2dbase [Conclusion of the Battle of the Atlantic | England | HM]
United States
  • Franklin Roosevelt visited Hyde Park, New York, United States and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library for what would be the last time. ww2dbase [Franklin Roosevelt | Hyde Park, New York | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 29 Mar 1945
Two young German soldiers, one injured, the other dead, east of the Rhine River, Germany, late Mar 1945Battleship Colorado bombarding Okinawa, Japan, 29 Mar 1945; cropped photoSoviet M-17 vehicles in the streets of Danzig, Germany, late-Mar 1945Destroyed buildings of Lipa City, Luzon, Philippine Islands, after 29 Mar 1945
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29 Mar 1945 Interactive Map

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"The raising of that flag on Suribachi means a Marine Corps for the next 500 years."

James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, 23 Feb 1945

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