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22 Apr 1924

  • The aircraft manufactcurer Prva Srpska Fabrika Aeroplana Zivojin Rogozarski was established in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. ww2dbase [Belgrade, Serbia | CPC]
17 Apr 1941

  • Yugoslavia formally surrendered to Germany as Foreign Minister Cincar-Marcovic signed the armistice with German and Italian representatives in Belgrade. Germans captured Yugoslavian destroyers Beograd and Dubrovnik at Kotor, but destroyer Zagreb was scuttled by her crew (2 killed in the process). In Greece, New Zealand 21st battalion reinforced by Australian 2/2nd Battalion demolished the Pinios River railway bridge and held the Tempe and Pinios Gorges, delaying the German advance down the Aegean coast, allowing other Allied troops to withdraw to new defenses on the Thermopylae line. British Prime Minister Churchill agreed to the proposal for the evacuation of Allied troops from mainland Greece to the island of Crete, should it become necessary; this plan was then communicated to the government of Greece shortly after. ww2dbase [Balkans Campaign | Belgrade, Serbia | TH]
14 Sep 1944

15 Sep 1944

  • Soviet 17th Air Army of the 3rd Ukrainian Front began a six-day campaign attacking railroad bridges near Niš, Skopje, Kruševo and other towns in southern Yugoslavia of transportation importance to isolate German troops in southern Yugoslavia and nothern Greece. ww2dbase [Belgrade Strategic Offensive Operation | Serbia | CPC]
16 Sep 1944

8 Oct 1944

  • Bulgarian troops engaged German troops at Bela Palanka, Yugoslavia. Elsewhere in Yugoslavia, Yugoslavian troops captured two German bridgeheads on the Morawa River near Velika Plana and Palanka. ww2dbase [Belgrade Strategic Offensive Operation | Serbia | CPC]
9 Oct 1944

10 Oct 1944

12 Oct 1944

  • Bulgarian troops captured Leskovac, Yugoslavia. Elsehwere in Yogoslavia, Soviet 4th Guards Mechanized Corps began advancing toward Belgrade from the bridgeheads at Velika Plana and Palanka. ww2dbase [Belgrade Strategic Offensive Operation | Serbia | CPC]
14 Oct 1944

17 Oct 1944

19 Oct 1944

20 Oct 1944

5 Nov 1944

21 Nov 1944

24 Dec 1944

  • Soviet UKR operatives attached to Soviet 3rd Ukrainian Front arrested Russian monarchist Vasili Shulgin, who had not been active in politics for many years, in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. ww2dbase [Novi Sad, Serbia | CPC]
15 May 1945

26 Feb 1947

27 Mar 1947

1 Apr 1947

  • In Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Hartwig von Ludwiger was found guilty for the harassment, torture, and murder of prisoners of war; for the looting and destruction of towns and villages; for the murder of civilians; and for the transfer of civilians to concentration camps. He was given the death sentence. ww2dbase [Hartwig von Ludwiger | Belgrade, Serbia | CPC]
3 May 1947


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