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16 Jun 1908

24 Jun 1932

  • 49 Siamese military officers seized power while King Rama VII was away from the capital. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
26 Jun 1932

  • King Rama VII of Siam met the leaders of the People's Party, thus officially marking the end of absolute monarchy in Siam. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
10 Dec 1932

  • The Siamese constitution came into effect. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
2 Jan 1945

  • 46 American B-29 bombers based near Calcutta, India attacked a railroad bridge near Bangkok, Thailand and other targets in the area. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
30 Mar 1945

  • Tran Trong Kim was recalled from Bangkok, Thailand to Saigon, Cochinchina, French Indochina by the Japanese. ww2dbase [Tran Trong Kim | Bangkok | CPC]
16 Aug 1945

  • Thai Regent Pridi Phanomyong issued a declaration for peace, in which he renounced the 1942 declaration of war against the Allies for being unconstitutional. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
  • Chen Shou-ming, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Bangkok, Thailand, who had collaborated with the Japanese during the war, was killed by machine gun by a unidentified assassin. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
29 Aug 1945

  • Eight C-47 transport aircraft took off from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, carrying 150 former American prisoners of war. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
31 Aug 1945

  • Thai Prime Minister Khuang Aphaiwong resigned; he was succeeded by war time resistance movement leader Thawi Bunyaket. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
3 Sep 1945

  • The first of the British occupation troops began to arrive in Bangkok, Thailand. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
17 Sep 1945

  • Former Thai Ambassador to the United States Seni Pramoj became the Prime Minister of Thailand, appointed by the pro-Allied Regent Pridi Phanomyong. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
20 Sep 1945

  • Racial tensions between Thai and Chinese residents in Bangkok, Thailand led to a number of gun fights in the Chinese district. Chinese merchants, who dominated the Thai economy, commenced a general strike a few days later. Things would de-escalate after a month after concessions by both sides. 27 Chinese and 9 Thai were killed in the month of violence. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
25 Sep 1945

  • Members of the Free Thai movement staged a victory parade in Bangkok, Thailand. British personnel in Thailand boycotted the event, while the Americans observed the parade without taking an active part in it. The Western lack of enthusiasm was largely due to the diplomatic situation and recent ethnic tensions in Thailand. ww2dbase [Bangkok | CPC]
8 Dec 1963

  • Sarit Thanarat passed away in Bangkok, Thailand while in office as the Prime Minister of Thailand. ww2dbase [Sarit Thanarat | Bangkok | CPC]

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