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Japanese Aircraft Carrier Specifications

Editor's Note: The following content is a transcription of a period document or a collection of period statistics. It may be incomplete, inaccurate, or biased. The reader may not wish to take the content as factual.

 Commission DateStandard Displacement (tons)Length (feet)Speed (knots)Range (nautical miles)CrewOperational AircraftReserve AircraftSunk By

Fleet Carriers-Low 15,900718267,7501,103480 
Fleet Carriers-High 64,8008733410,0002,4007518 
Light Carriers-Low 7,470551258,000550210 
Light Carriers-High 13,3607122911,8101,500480 
Escort Carriers-Low 13,600546217,000587230 
Escort Carriers-High 17,830651238,500948306 


Fleet Carriers
Akagi25-May-2736,500855318,2001,63066151 bomb
Kaga30-Nov-2938,2008122810,0001,70872184 bombs
Soryu29-Sep-3715,900746347,7501,1036383 bombs
Hiryu05-Jul-3917,3007463410,3301,10357164 bombs
Shokaku (Syokaku)08-Aug-4126,675845349,7001,66072124 torpedoes
Zuikaku25-Sep-4129,800845346,5881,66072129 bombs+7 torpedoes
Junyo (Hayataka)03-May-4224,10071825.510,0001,224485--
Hiyo (Hitaka, Haytaka, Hijo)31-Jul-4226,94971825.510,0001,2244852 torpedoes
Taiho07-Mar-4429,3008553310,0001,7517501 sub. torpedo
Unryu (Unrju)06-Aug-4417,150742348,0001,5955762 sub. torpedoes
Amagi10-Aug-4417,460742349,7001,595576many bombs
Shinano19-Nov-4464,8008732710,0002,4004704 sub. torpedoes

Light Carriers
Hosho (Hosyo)27-Dec-227,470551258,680550210--
Ryujo (Ryuzyo, Rjudzo)09-May-3312,7325902910,0009244804 bombs+1 torpedoes
Zuiho27-Dec-4011,262712289,236785300many bombs+2 torpedoes
Shoho30-Nov-4111,262674289,23678530013 bombs+7 torpedoes
Ryuho (Rjuho)28-Nov-4213,360707268,000989300--
Chitose01-Nov-4311,1906312911,0001,5003003 torpedoes
Chiyoda21-Dec-4311,1906312911,8101,5003004 bombs + gunfire

Escort Carriers
Taiyo (Toiyo, Utaka, Taijo)15-Sep-4117,830591218,5008502341 sub. torpedoes
Unyo (Un'yo, Otaka)31-May-4217,830649218,5008503001 sub. torpedoes
Chuyo25-Nov-4217,830591218,5008503002 sub. Torpedoes
Shinyo (Jinyo, Shingo)15-Nov-4317,500651228,0009482764 sub. Torpedoes


"Commission Date" is the date the ship was first commissioned as an aircraft carrier.

"Standard Displacement" is the weight of the ship with full load of stores and ammunition, but with no fuel, lubricating oil, or reserve feed water. (See Stille, p. 61)

"Operational Aircraft" is the number that could be launched for attacks or Combat Air Patrol. It excludes spares and cargo aircraft. (See Parshall and Tully, p. 478)

Various specifications changed over time. Values shown here are typically for the 1942 to 1944 timeframe. ww2dbase

Mark Stille (2013), The Imperial Japanese Navy
Jonathan Parshall and Anthony Tully (2005), Shattered Sword
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Imperial Japanese Navy Page
Naval War In The Pacific, 1941-1945
Royal and Dominion Navy Warships

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