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WW2 Timeline

Day-by-day detailed listings of events that took place during the war.

The European War, 1939-1945

Germany's bullying diplomacy with Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Lithuania failed to quench her ambition. Soon, she would instigate a war that would cover the entire European continent.

The Pacific War, 1941-1945

With attacks on Malaya, Pearl Harbor, Philippines, Guam, and Wake, Japan drew United States and her allies into the Pacific War. Previously unknown locales such as Guadalcanal and Peleliu would become household names.

The Second Sino-Japanese War/CBI Theater, 1937-1945

Japan violated China's sovereignty in 1932 by installing a puppet government in Manchuria, but that simply was not enough. Piece by piece, China was carved away by Japan until full-scale war broke out in 1937. Indochina, Burma, and India all joined this longest-running theater of WW2.

The Desert War, 1940-1943

Opposite shore of Europe's vulnerable underbelly lay North Africa, where British forces battled their Italian counterparts to secure a base for a possibly cross-Mediterranean invasion. It was only a matter of time before troops of other nations join the fray.

The Atlantic War, 1939-1945

Not unlike the Great War only a generation before, as soon as hostilities broke out in Europe the Atlantic was filled with German vessels. If they could sever Britain's supply lines, they might be able to starve the island nation into submission.

The Political Arena

From Versailles Treaty to the Roosevelt-Churchill conferences, the history of international politics during this period was as intriguing as WW2 itself.

Other Events

Beyond the major theaters of battle, other engagements and events took place during this time cast significant influence on the developments of WW2.

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Famous WW2 Quote
"Goddam it, you'll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole! Follow me!"

Captain Henry P. Jim Crowe, Guadalcanal, 13 Jan 1943

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