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Ar 234 Blitz bomber resting at an airfield, date unknown

Caption   Ar 234 Blitz bomber resting at an airfield, date unknown ww2dbase
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Added By C. Peter Chen
Added Date 28 Mar 2007

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed BILL says:
4 Mar 2009 07:12:55 PM

Info above photo: Arado Ar 234B-1/b was assigned to 1./FAGr.100 this unit performed reconnaissance missions under Luftfotte 6 during the closing months of the war in Europe. Tested at Wright Field, in 1945 for evaluation after being captured intact. This aircraft is now on exhibit at the National Air & Space Museum, Washington D.C.
2. Commenter identity confirmed BILL says:
4 Mar 2009 07:21:22 PM

The Arado Ar 234B-1/b Blitz on exhibit at the National Air & Space Museum, is the only aircraft of its type in the world. The Arado once belonged to 1./FAGr.100 under Luftflotte 6
3. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
1 Oct 2015 05:03:46 PM


The Arado Ar-234 was an advanced jet aircraft powered by 2 x Junkers Jumo 004B turbojet engines rated at 1,984lb of thrust each, did you know that the Ar-234 used a rocket-assisted takeoff system using 2 x Walther HWK rocket packs one under each wing that boosted the aircraft's speed during takeoff.
After takeoff the rocket packs were jettisoned and returned to earth by parachutes. A system
like this was called (JATO) Jet Assisted Take Off
that was used in post war fighters and bombers.


For reconnaissance missions, the Ar-234 carried Rb 50/30 or Rb 75/30 cameras and could take sharp photographs from 30,000 feet.
The pilot was busy doing the navigation, its tail gunner and its bombardier. The Ar-234 had an advanced all-electric auto-pilot that could be used during the bomb run, the pilot moved his control yoke out of the way, and looked through the bombsight that was located between his knees.
After the bomb run he would disengage the autopilot and control the aircraft. Did you know the Ar-234 was about 100 mph slower than the Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter, but was still fast enough to our run Allied propeller-driven fighters.


The Ar 234 best known missions were during the
ten day sorties to destroy the Ludendorff Bridge
across the Rhine river March 1945. The Germans
failed to destroy the bridge, later the bridge collapse on its own possibility due to the explosions and vibrations.
These bombing attacks against the bridge, were the Luftwaffe's last missions using the Ar 234 aircraft, later the survivors were grounded due to lack of fuel, and spare-parts.


the Ar-234 was also armed with two aft firing Mauser MG 151/20mm cannons w/200 rounds per gun, the pilot sighted targets through his periscope above his canopy.


The Ar-234 could carry three 1,102lb SC 500 bombs or one 2,205lb SC 1000 or SD 1000lb bomb. Two 551lb SC 250 or SD 250lb bombs or one 3,087lb PC 1400 bomb and three AB 250 anti-personnel cluster bombs.

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