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Focke-Wulf 200 Condor bomber running up its engines, date and location unknown.

Caption   Focke-Wulf 200 Condor bomber running up its engines, date and location unknown. ww2dbase
Source    ww2dbaseBundesarchiv
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Added By David Stubblebine
Added Date 1 Jan 2006

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Licensing  Public Domain

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Visitor Submitted Comments

1. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
12 Nov 2015 07:48:00 PM


FW 200C-3/U1 Condor engine run up, assigned to II./KG 40 Bordeaux-Merignac 1940 note the famous "World in a Ring" insignia.


Shown in above file photo, forward weapon's positions upper turret w/1 x 7.92mm MG15
machine gun w/1,000 rounds and 1 x 20mm MG151 cannon forward flexible mount w/500 rounds forward ventral position.
2. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
5 Nov 2016 06:26:50 PM


Correction first comment. Its been my intention to leave the latest information for any file photograph here at ww2db. Like I've said, I'm no expert, so Ill correct any error...
Focke-Wulf FW 200C-4 (F8+BR) assigned to I./Staffel KG 40 check out KG 40's World in a Ring insignia that was on both sides of the forward fuselage.


Powered by 4 x BMW/ Bramo
323R air-cooled radial engines of 1,200hp each, aircraft is fitted with flame-damper exhaust pipe fairings
The Condor also had 1 x HDL
hydraulically-operated turret for its MG 151/20mm cannon w/500 round belt, with a spare 300 round belt if needed. Equipped w/Lotfe 7D bombsight.
Added firepower up to 6 x 7.92mm MG15's, some condor crews received the twin-mounted MG 81Z 7.92mm machine guns in each waist position and up to 4 x 13mm MG 131 heavy machine guns.


Like airmen of all the warring nations, Condor crews carried as much ammo as possible. Automatic weapons eat up ammo real fast and firing time is measured in seconds or combined minutes
of all onboard weapons...
3. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
6 Nov 2016 12:41:23 PM

My previous comment above, I listed file photograph of FW 200C-4 as (F8+BR) that's in error, the photo shows no radio code, I was looking at another photo, thought I'd clear this up, as I try to bring the up to date info covering wartime photos here at ww2db.
Its to bad photograph doesn't show any code, it would be interesting to learn the wartime fate of this aircraft...maybe I need more sleep, anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
4. Commenter identity confirmed Bill says:
6 Nov 2016 05:43:58 PM


Above file photograph shows Focke-Wulf FW 200C-4 of 8./KG 40, Werk Nr. 0100 engine run up a/c has been identified as (F8+CS) later re-registered KE+IY


Made an emergency landing due to lack of fuel, at La Verdon returning from reconnaissance mission aircraft was 50% damaged.
This is the most up to date information available.

Aircraft were reassigned from straffel to straffel to make up for losses, airworthy aircraft or down due to maintenance.

Did you know that Focke-Wulf built five (5) FW 200's per month that's hardly enough a/c to keep up with operational losses...

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