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25 Jul 1941
  • Lieutenant Commander Otoji Nakamura became the commanding officer of I-68. ww2dbase [I-68/I-168 | CPC]
  • Quintin Brand was appointed the commanding officer of the No. 20 (Training) Group. ww2dbase [Quintin Brand | CPC]
  • Werner Mölders traveled to the Wolf's Lair at Rastenburg, East Prussia, Germany and met with Adolf Hitler, Wilhelm Keitel, and Hermann Göring. ww2dbase [Werner Mölders | CPC]
  • HMS Edinburgh was attacked by a German torpedo bomber at Malta; the torpedo missed. ww2dbase [Edinburgh | CPC]
Atlantic Ocean
  • Alessandro Malaspina was ordered to change its patrol area in the Atlantic Ocean. ww2dbase [Alessandro Malaspina | CPC]
  • He 111 bombers of German Luftwaffe II./KG 4 were briefed for a night bombing mission over Moscow, Russia, but at the last minute they were ordered to mine the waters off Saaremaa island (German: Ă–sel) off Gulf of Riga, Estonia. ww2dbase [Gulf of Riga | CPC]
France Germany
  • British bombers took off at 2230 hours on the previous day, reaching Kiel, Germany at about 0145 hours on this date; bombs were dropped on the Deutsche Werke shipyard facilities; surviving attacks landed at their bases in Britain at about 0600 hours. On the same day, Bombers of British No. 102 Squadron RAF attacked Hanover, Germany after sundown. ww2dbase [Bombing of Hamburg, Dresden, and Other Cities | Deutsche Werke Kiel | Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein | CPC]
  • I-68 was recommissioned into service. ww2dbase [I-68/I-168 | CPC]
  • He 111 bombers of German Luftwaffe I./KG 55 attacked Soviet anti-aircraft positions at Dorogobush, Smolensk Oblast, Russia. One bomber was shot down. ww2dbase [Dorogobush, Smolensk | CPC]
  • General Paul von Kleist's 1st Panzer Group clashed with no fewer than six Soviet mechanised corps under the capable General Mikhail Kirponos in Ukraine. A sprawling tank battle, the largest of the war up to that point, swayed backwards and forwards across the steppes for four days, before superior German tactical handling and communications, plus their use of 88-mm guns, won the day. Kiponos was forced to retreat eastward towards Kiev. ww2dbase [Operation Barbarossa | AC]
United States Photo(s) dated 25 Jul 1941
Adolf Hitler flanked by Werner Mölders, Wilhelm Keitel, and Hermann Göring, WolfLight Tank AA Mk I of Southern Command during an inspection of an armoured division by Prime Minister Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, southern Britain, 25 July 1941Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington, United States, 25 Jul 1941, photo 1 of 4; note AVPs Barnegat, Biscayne, Casco, Mackinac, BB Colorado, AG Utah, AK Aroostook, and AR PrometheusPuget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Washington, United States, 25 Jul 1941, photo 2 of 4; note AVPs Barnegat, Biscayne, Casco, Mackinac, BB Colorado, AG Utah, AK Aroostook, and AR Prometheus
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25 Jul 1941 Interactive Map

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