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28 Jun 1941
  • German troops captured Minsk, Byelorussia, encircling 27 Soviet Army divisions in the process. ww2dbase [Operation Barbarossa | TH]
  • Albania declared war on the Soviet Union. ww2dbase [TH]
  • Scirè's mission to attack Grand Harbour, Malta was canceled. ww2dbase [Scirè | CPC]
Atlantic Ocean
  • Italian submarine Leonardo da Vinci sighted British tanker Auris in the Atlantic Ocean at 1254 hours. At 2315 hours, she fired three bow torpedoes, two of which hit. At 2324 hours, she fired a stern torpedo, which missed. At 2359 hours, she fired two bow torpedoes, both hitting the target. 22 of the 59 aboard Auris were killed; 26 of the survivors were rescued by escort destroyer HMS Farndale. At 2334 hours, Leonardo da Vinci fired a bow torpedo, followed by a stern torpedo at 2336 hours, at the destroyer, but both missed. Having expended all of her torpedoes, she set a course for France. ww2dbase [Leonardo da Vinci | CPC]
  • Maggiore Baracca sighted a Spanish ship in the Atlantic Ocean. ww2dbase [Maggiore Baracca | CPC]
  • Alessandro Malaspina sighted two Spanish fishing vessels in the Atlantic Ocean at 1330 hours. ww2dbase [Alessandro Malaspina | CPC]
Baltic Sea
  • Fleet tender Hai sustained some damage by Soviet aircraft in the Baltic Sea. ww2dbase [F3 | CPC]
  • Comandante Cappellini departed Le Verdon-sur-Mer, Aquitaine, France at 0800 hours, starting her sixth war patrol. ww2dbase [Comandante Cappellini | Le Verdon-sur-Mer, Aquitaine | CPC]
  • Morosini departed Bordeaux, France at 1000 hours and arrived at Le Verdon-sur-Mer, France at 1325 hours. At 1425 hours, she departed Le Verdon-sur-Mer for trials, returning at 1620 hours. At 2055 hours, she departed yet again, starting her sixth war patrol. ww2dbase [Morosini | Bordeaux, Aquitaine | CPC]
  • Joachim von Ribbentrop sent a message to the Japanese embassy in Berlin, Germany, asking the Japanese to jointly invade the Soviet Union by tearing up the Soviet-Japanese Neutrality Pact and attack Vladivostok, Russia. ww2dbase [Joachim von Ribbentrop | Berlin | CPC]
  • Chen Jie submitted a letter to the German government, noting the long standing friendly Sino-German relationship, urging Germany to abandon its wish to recognize the Japanese puppet regime in China under Wang Jingwei. ww2dbase [Chen Jie | Berlin | CPC]
  • Haruki Isayama stepped down as the Chief of Staff of the Japanese Eastern District Army and was made the Chief of Staff with the 25th Army stationed in occupied French Indochina. ww2dbase [Haruki Isayama | CPC]
  • The Soviet NKVD, NKGB, and the Chief Prosecutor Office signed a top secret joint order to coordinate the investigation of traitors. ww2dbase [Moscow | CPC]
United States Photo(s) dated 28 Jun 1941
Keel laying ceremony of submarine Whale, Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, California, United States, 28 Jun 1941, photo 1 of 2Keel laying ceremony of submarine Whale, Mare Island Navy Yard, Vallejo, California, United States, 28 Jun 1941, photo 2 of 2

28 Jun 1941 Interactive Map

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