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19 Mar 1943
  • The new radiolocation system ASV III was used over the Bay of Biscay off France by bombers of No. 172 Squadron RAF. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • The British launched Operation Pugilist in Tunisia against the Axis Mareth Line, penetrating the line near Zarat. ww2dbase [Operations Pugilist and Supercharge II | CPC]
  • The China Air Task Force was incorporated into the USAAF 14th Air Force. ww2dbase [CPC]
  • The largest air drop in support of Operation Longcloth in Burma was conducted, delivering 100 tons of supplies to the Chindits. ww2dbase [Operation Longcloth | CPC]
  • Captain Lester Hudson was named the commanding officer of USS San Diego. ww2dbase [San Diego | CPC]
  • Shokaku departed Yokosuka, Japan for Kure, Japan. ww2dbase [Shokaku | CPC]
  • Light carrier Ryuho departed Yokosuka, Japan for the Oita, Japan region of the Inland Sea. ww2dbase [Ryuho | CPC]
Pacific Ocean
  • USS Whale spotted a Japanese convoy consisted of two large freighters and one armed escort off Saipan, Mariana Islands and began tracking the convoy. ww2dbase [Whale | CPC]
  • USS Wahoo sank freighter Zogen Maru in the Yellow Sea, hitting her with a torpedo; all aboard were killed. Four hours later, she damaged freighter Kowa Maru, hitting her with 2 of 4 torpedoes (only one of them detonated; the other failed to do so). ww2dbase [Wahoo | CPC]
  • The Japanese passenger ship, Takachihi Maru, was torpedoed and sunk off Taiwan. More than 1,200 perish, mainly Japanese and Taiwanese civilians (Taiwan was a Japanese colony at the time). It remained Taiwan's worst sea disaster. ww2dbase [AC]
United States
  • Henry Arnold was promoted to the rank of general. ww2dbase [Henry Arnold | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 19 Mar 1943
Concord off Panama Canal Zone, 19 Mar 1943, 1 of 2Concord off Panama Canal Zone, 19 Mar 1943, 2 of 2Alfred Jodl, Heinz Guderian, Wilhelm Keitel, Adolf Hitler, Karl-Otto Saur at Rügenwalde, Germany, 19 Mar 1943Adolf Hitler, accompanied by Heinz Gudarian (left) and Wilhelm Keitel, touring the Rügenwalde testing grounds in Pomerania (now Dar³owo, Poland) to see the giant railway gun “Dora,” 19 Mar 1943.
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19 Mar 1943 Interactive Map

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