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Details For Incidents Resulting in Lost Operational Time For Aircraft Carriers During World War II

Editor's Note: The following content is a transcription of a period document or a collection of period statistics. It may be incomplete, inaccurate, or biased. The reader may not wish to take the content as factual.

No.CarrierDateLocationOperationForceActionCause CategorySunk?KIA+MIAWIAAircraftPrincipal Cause For Carrier Damage
1Courageous CV-509/17/1939SW Approaches Off IcelandHome FleetASW patrol for SW ApproachesSubmarine TorpedoesSunk518 ?3 submarine torpedoes from U-29
2Eagle CV-943/14/1940Indian OceanDetached from Force IInvestigating vessel in Bay of BengalMechanical Failures14 3 1 250kg bomb on board accidentally exploded
3Glorious CV-776/8/1940Norwegian SeaAlphabetUK Evacuation of NorwayWarship GunfireSunk1,207 30?11" and 15" shells from Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
4Illustrious CV-R871/10/1941South of SicilyExcessForce AConvoy to MaltaBombs126 91 15 7 bombs from land-based German Ju87 Stuka dive bombers
5Illustrious CV-R871/16/1941MaltaUnder repair at MaltaBombs2 bombs from Junkers Ju88 and Ju87 Stukas during air raid
6Illustrious CV-R871/19/1941MaltaUnder repair at MaltaBombsNear misses during air raid
7Ark Royal CV-913/21/1941North Atlantic OceanForce HChasing Scharnhorst and GneisanauAircraft Accidents2 Ran over own aircraft and depth charge detonated
8Hermes CVL-955/15/1941Off west coast of AfricaEnroute from raid on DakarCollisions3 Collision with AMC HMS Corfu in rainstorm
9Formidable CV-R675/26/1941Mediterranean SeaTigerMediterranean FleetConvoy escort MW7/MD4Bombs12 10 2 2,200lb bombs from land based Ju87 Stuka dive bombers
10Indomitable CV-R9211/3/1941Off JamaicaDuring work-upGroundingsRan aground
11Ark Royal CV-9111/13/1941Off GibraltarPerpetualForce HFerrying aircraft to MaltaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1 1 torpedo from U-81
12Illustrious CV-R8712/16/1941North Atlantic OceanEnroute to UK after repairs in USCollisionsCollision with CV HMS Formidable
13Audacity CVE-D1012/21/1941Off GibraltarConvoy escort for HG 76Submarine TorpedoesSunk73 3 torpedoes from U-751
14Saratoga CV-31/11/1942Southwest of Oahu, HawaiiTF 11Enroute to join USS EnterpriseSubmarine Torpedoes6 Submarine torpedoes from I-16
15Kaga CV2/9/1942Reef off Palau Islands1st CarDivPursuit of US carriers attack Marshall Is.Groundings0 Run aground on reef near Palau Islands
16Langley CV-12/27/1942South of Tjilatjip, JavaABDAEnroute Australia after aircraft transportBombsSunk16 5 bombs from G4M "Betty" bombers of Tokao kokutai at Bali
17Wasp CV-73/16/1942North Atlantic OceanTG 22.6Enroute to Norfolk, VACollisionsCollision with destroyer USS Stack
18Hermes CVL-954/9/1942East of CeylonEastern Fleet Force BDefense against Indian Ocean RaidBombsSunk306 ?Over 40 250lbs bombs from Kido Butai carriers
19Ryuho CVL4/18/1942Yokosuka, Japan --Under conversion during Doolittle RaidBombs7 0 1 500lb bomb from B-25 launched from USS Hornet
20Shoho CVL5/7/1942S of Woodlark Is., Coral Sea MOCovering Force/4th CarDivBattle of the Coral SeaBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk631 72 13 bombs & 7 aerial torpedoes
21Lexington CV-25/8/1942Coral SeaTF 11 FF & TG 17.5Battle of the Coral SeaBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk216 Aerial torpedoes & bombs
22Shokaku CV5/8/1942Coral SeaMOStrike Force 1/CarDiv1/FltF,FFBattle of the Coral SeaBombs108 40 10 3 bombs from carrier aircraft of US TF 17 & TF 11
23Yorktown CV-55/8/1942Coral SeaTG 17.5/FFBattle of the Coral SeaBombs43 23 1 250kg SAP bomb from carrier-launched aircraft ("Val")
24Akagi CV6/4/1942NW of Midway IslandMIKido Butai/1st CarDivBattle of MidwayBombsSunk267 60 3 bombs from SBD dive bombers from USS Enterprise VB-6
25Kaga CV6/4/1942NW of Midway IslandMIKido Butai/1st CarDivBattle of MidwayBombsSunk814 74 5 bomb from SBD dive bombers from USS Enterprise VB-6
26Soryu CV6/4/1942NW of Midway IslandMIKido Butai/2nd CarDivBattle of MidwayBombsSunk711 57 3 bombs from SBD dive bombers from USS Yorktown VB-3
27Yorktown CV-56/4/1942NE of Midway IslandTG 17.5/FFBattle of MidwayAerial & Sub. TorpedoesSunk141 Aerial torpedoes (Hiryu) & submarine torpedoes (U-68)
28Hiryu CV6/5/1942NW of Midway IslandMIKido Butai/2nd CarDivBattle of MidwayBombsSunk394 57 4 bombs from SBD dive bombers from VB-3 and VB-6
29Eagle CV-948/11/1942South of MajorcaPedestalForce JConvoy escort WS21S to MaltaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk131 16 4 submarine torpedo from U-73
30Indomitable CV-R928/12/1942Mediterranean SeaPedestalForce ZEscorting convoy to Malta WS21SBombs46 70 2 500kg bombs and near misses from Ju87
31Victorious CV-R388/12/1942Mediterranean SeaPedestalForce ZConvoy to Malta WS21S to Sicilian NarrowsBombsBomb from land based Italian aircraft
32Enterprise CV-68/24/1942East of Malaita, Solomon Is.WatchtowerTF 16/FFBattle of Eastern SolomonsBombs74 98 3 bombs hits and 4 near misses from carrier-launched aircraft
33Ryujo CVL8/24/1942North of Malaita IslandKIDiver. Group/1st CarDivBattle of Eastern SolomonsBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk120 18 4 1,000lb bombs & 1 aerial torpedoes from USS Saratoga
34Shokaku CV8/24/1942N of Malaita Is, SolomonsKIStrike Force 1/CarDiv1Battle of Eastern SolomonsBombs6 Near miss by bombs from USS Enterprise of US TF 16
35Saratoga CV-38/31/1942SE of San Cristobal, Sol. Is.WatchtowerTF 11/FFEscorting supply convoySubmarine Torpedoes12 Submarine torpedoes from I-26
36Wasp CV-79/15/1942Off San CristobalTF 18/FFEscorting troop convoy to GuadalcanalSubmarine TorpedoesSunk193 366 45 3 submarine torpedoes from I-19
37Taiyo CVE9/28/1942South of Truk, Caroline Is.Enroute Davao to TrukSubmarine Torpedoes13 1 submarine torpedo from USS Trout
38Hiyo CV10/21/1942Off GuadalcanalKa3rd Fleet/CarDiv2Enroute to Santa Cruz IslandsMechanical FailureShipboard accident- fire in generator room
39Enterprise CV-610/26/1942Santa Cruz IslandsWatchtowerTF 16/FFBattle of Santa Cruz IslandsBombs44 75 2 bombs from carrier-launched aircraft
40Hornet CV-810/26/1942NE of Santa Cruz IslandsTF 17/FFBattle of Santa Cruz IslandsBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk118 Aerial torpedoes & bombs
41Shokaku CV10/26/1942Santa Cruz IslandsStrFor1/CarDiv1/FltF,FFBattle of Santa Cruz IslandsBombs130 5 3-6 1,000lb bombs from aircraft of USS Hornet, VB-8, VS-8
42Zuiho CVL10/26/1942NNW of Santa Cruz IslandsStrike Force 1/CarDiv1Battle of Santa Cruz IslandsBombs2 500lb bombs from dive bombers of USS Enterprise
43Santee CVE-2910/30/1942AtlanticTorchTF 22Escort duty enroute to North AfricaAircraft AccidentsAccidental 325lbs bomb damage during aircraft launch
44Battler CVE-6/D1811/9/1942Off US Gulf CoastSea trialsCollisionsCollision with jetty
45Avenger CVE BAVG-2/D1411/15/1942West of GibraltarTorchMilitary Convoy MKF1Allied Invasion of North AfricaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk516 1 torpedo from U-155
46Chenango CVE-2811/20/1942North Atlantic OceanTorchTF 34Invasion of North AfricaStorms & TyphoonsAtlantic storm
47Sangamon CVE-2611/20/1942North Atlantic OceanTorchTF 34Allied Invasion of North AfricaStorms & TyphoonsAtlantic storm
48Ryuho CVL12/12/1942East of Tokyo BayEnroute to Inland Sea and then TrukSubmarine Torpedoes1 submarine torpedo from USS Drum
49Dasher CVE BAVG-5/D372/18/1943River Clyde, ScotlandHome FleetConvoy Escort JW53Storms & TyphoonsExtreme weather
50Dasher CVE BAVG-5/D373/27/1943River Clyde, ScotlandAt anchor off Little Cumbraes IsMechanical FailuresSunk379 Internal explosion
51Taiyo CVE4/9/1943Off Truk, Caroline Is.Enroute Saipan to TrukSubmarine TorpedoesSubmarine torpedo from USS Tunny (detonated prematurely)
52Searcher CVE-D405/27/1943Atlantic OceanEnroute to join HX Series convoyStorms & TyphoonsAtlantic storm
53Hiyo CV6/10/1943Off Miyakejima IslandCarDiv2/DFEnroute to TrukSubmarine Torpedoes2 submarine torpedoes from USS Trigger
54Chaser CVE-D327/7/1943Greenock, ScotlandIn port following transport missionMechanical FailuresExplosion in boiler room
55Indomitable CV-R927/16/1943Ionian SeaHuskyForce HAllied Invasion of SicilyAerial TorpedoesTorpedoed by land based aircraft
56Taiyo CVE9/24/1943NW of CicijimaEnroute Truk to YokosukaSubmarine TorpedoesSubmarine torpedo from USS Cabrilla
57Cowpens CVL-2510/18/1943Off Pearl HarborTF 14Gunnery exercisesCollisionsCollision with destroyer USS Abbot
58Tracker CVE BAVG-6/D24)11/1/1943Atlantic OceanEscorting convoy HX264Storms & Typhoons?Atlantic storm causing 52 degree roll; aircraft broke loose
59Jun'yo CV11/5/1943Bungo SuidoStrFor, 3rd Flt/CarDiv2Submarine patrolSubmarine Torpedoes4 Submarine torpedo from USS Halibut
60Biter CVE BAVG-3/D9711/16/1943North Atlantic Ocean7th Support GroupConvoy Escort HX 265Aircraft AccidentsTorpedo damage to rudder from aircraft ditched alongside
61Independence CVL-2211/20/1943West of Tarawa, Gilbert Is.GalvanicTG 50.3Allied Invasion of GilbertsAerial TorpedoesAerial torpedoes from a G4M "Betty" bomber
62Liscome Bay CVE-5611/24/1943Off Makin IslandGalvanicTG 52.3/GFBattle of MakinSubmarine TorpedoesSunk644 ?Submarine torpedoes from I-175
63Pretoria Castle CVE-F6111/29/1943River Clyde, ScotlandSea trialsCollisionsCollision with HMS Ravager
64Ravager CVE-24/D7011/29/1943River Clyde, ScotlandTraining exerciseCollisionsCollision with HMS Pretoria Castle
65Chuyo CVE12/4/1943East of Tokyo, JapanCombined Fleet/StrFor1Convoy escortSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,243 3-4 submarine torpedoes from USS Sailfish
66Lexington CV-1612/4/1943NE of KwajaleinGalvanicTG 50.1Raid on KwajaleinAerial Torpedoes9 Aerial torpedoes
67Belleau Wood CV-241/7/1944Off Pearl HarborAir training operationsCollisionsCollisions with destroyer USS Dunlap
68Un'yo CVE1/19/1944ESE of GuamGrand Escort CommandEnroute Truk to Yokosuka, JapanSubmarine Torpedoes2 submarine torpedoes from USS Haddock
69Vindex CVE-D151/22/1944River Clyde, ScotlandRefit for ASW, NW ApproachesCollisionsDragged anchor, collided with HMS Pursuer
70Nabob CVE-41/D771/25/1944Georgia Strait, BC, CanadaSea trialsGroundingsRan aground near top speed during flight operations
71Sangamon CVE-261/25/1944Enroute MarshallsGalvanicAllied Invasion of KwajaleinAircraft Accidents9 7 Crash landing with belly tank detaching, causing fires
72Sangamon CVE-261/26/1944Enroute MarshallsGalvanicAllied Invasion of KwajaleinCollisions0 0 0 Collision CVE USS Suwannee
73Suwannee CVE-271/26/1944Enroute to Marshall IslandsGalvanicTG 53.6/CarDiv22Invasion of KwajaleinCollisions0 0 0 Collision with CVE USS Sangamon
74Slinger CVE-32/D262/5/1944Off Lowestoff, EnglandDuring work-upMinesHit a mine
75White Plains CVE-662/7/1944Off Marshall IslandsTransporting aircraftCollisionsCollision with destroyer USS Caldwell
76Intrepid CV-112/17/1944East of Truk, Caroline Is.HailstoneTG 58.2Raid on Truk, Caroline IslandsAerial TorpedoesAerial torpedoes
77Queen CVE-49/D19/R3202/26/1944Esquimalt, CanadaSea trials as a strike/CAP carrierGroundingsRan aground during sea trials
78Attacker CVE-7/D023/13/1944River Clyde, ScotlandRefit as Assault CarrierCollisionsCollision with HMS Chaser, which dragged anchor in gale
79Chaser CVE-D323/13/1944River Clyde, ScotlandIn port following convoy escortCollisionsDragged anchor, collision with HMS Attacker, then grounded
80Khedive CVE-39/D623/22/1944River Clyde, ScotlandSea trials as Assault CarrierCollisionsCollision with merchant ship (SS Stuart Queen)
81Tracker CVE BAVG-6/D24)4/1/1944Kola InletFYHome FleetConvoy escort for JW58Aircraft Accidents1 1 1 Crash landing of Avenger causing fires
82Fencer CVE-D645/4/1944Arctic OceanConvoy EscortStorms & TyphoonsArctic storm
83Block Island CVE-215/29/1944Off Canary IslandsHunter-KillerAtlantic FleetASW in AtlanticSubmarine TorpedoesSunk10 6 Submarine torpedoes from U-549 before itself being sunk
84Tracker CVE BAVG-6/D24)6/10/1944EnglandNeptuneW.Approaches CommandASW screen for D-Day landingsCollisionsCollision with Canadian frigate HM Teme
85Fanshaw Bay CVE-706/17/1944West of Tinian, Mariana Is.ForagerTU 52.14.1/CarDiv 25Invasion of SaipanBombs14 23 1 250kg bomb hit
86Mission Bay CVE-596/17/1944New York HarborTransporting aircraftCollisionsCollision with a dredge
87Shokaku CV6/19/1944Philippine SeaA-GoForce A/CarDiv1Battle of the Philippine SeaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,272 9 3-4 submarine torpedoes from USS Cavalla
88Taiho CV6/19/1944NNW of YapA-GoForce A/CarDiv1Battle of the Philippine SeaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,650 ?1 submarine torpedo from USS Albacore
89Chiyoda CVL6/20/1944Philippine SeaA-GoVan ForceBattle of the Philippine SeaBombs20 30 1 bomb from carrier aircraft
90Hiyo CV6/20/1944NW Yap Is, Philippine SeaA-GoForce B/CarDiv 2Battle of the Philippine SeaBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk247 ?2 bombs and 1 torpedo from aircraft of US TF 58
91Jun'yo CV6/20/1944Philippine SeaA-GoForce B/CarDiv 2Battle of the Philippine SeaBombs53 1-2 250kg bombs from aircraft of US TF 58
92Ryuho CVL6/20/1944Philippine SeaA-GoForce B/CarDiv 2Battle of the Philippine SeaBombsNear misses by bomb from USS Enterprise of US TF 58
93Zuikaku CV6/20/1944Philippine SeaA-GoMobile Fleet/Force A/CarDiv1Battle of the Philippine SeaBombs1 bomb from aircraft of US TF 58
94Taiyo CVE8/18/1944SW of Cape Bojeador, LuzonGrand Escort CommandConvoy escortSubmarine TorpedoesSunk790 1 submarine torpedo from USS Rasher
95Nabob CVE-41/D778/22/1944Barents SeaGoodwoodHome Fleet/Force 2Returning from mine laying operationSubmarine Torpedoes21 1 torpedo from U-324
96Biter CVE BAVG-3/D978/24/1944Greenock, ScotlandDuring conversion to mercantileMechanical FailuresFire damage during conversion to a ferry carrier
97Khedive CVE-39/D629/8/1944Eastern Mediterranean SeaOuting IForce VAttacks on ships and shore targetsCollisionsCollision with merchant ship SS Ocean Messenger
98Breton CVE-239/13/1944East of Marshall IslandsTU 16.9.6Transport aircraft to Emirau Is.CollisionsCollision with destroyer escort USS Grandee during refueling
99Un'yo CVE9/17/1944SE of Hong KongGrand Escort CommandConvoy escort, Yokosuka to KureSubmarine TorpedoesSunk200 2 submarine torpedoes from USS Barb
100Vindex CVE-D159/26/1944Greenock, ScotlandIn port following ASW patrolsCollisionsDragged anchor, collided with troop ship HMS Queen Mary
101Hancock CV-1910/14/1944East of FormosaKing IITG 38.2Raid on FormosaBombs2 Bomb, one passing through gun platform, other a near misses.
102Saratoga CV-310/14/1944Off Oahu, HawaiiCarDiv11Training ManeuversCollisionsCollisions with destroyer SS Howard F. Clark
103Franklin CV-1310/15/1944East of FormosaKing IITG 38.4/GFRaid on FormosaBombs3 32 1 bomb hit and 2 near misses
104Sangamon CVE-2610/20/1944East of Leyte IslandKing IITU 77.4.1/CarDiv22/GF("Taffy 1")Invasion of the Leyte IslandBombs1 bomb from A6M "Zeke"
105Princeton CVL-2310/24/1944East of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.3Invasion of the Leyte IslandBombsSunk108 190 1 bombs from D4Y "Judy" dive bomber
106Chitose CVL10/25/1944East of Cape EnganoSho-Go3rd Fleet/CarDiv 3Battle off Cape EnganoBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk903 0 Bombs/torpedoes from USS Essex aircraft & cruiser gunfire of US TF 38
107Chiyoda CVL10/25/1944East of Cape EnganoSho-Go3rd Fleet/CarDiv 3Battle off Cape EnganoBombs & Warship GunfireSunk970 ?Bombs from aircraft & cruiser gunfire of TF 38
108Fanshaw Bay CVE-7010/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv25/UF,DF ("Taffy3")Battle Off SamarWarship Gunfire4 4 Cruiser and destroyer gunfire; 4 direct 8" shell hits.
109Gambier Bay CVE-7310/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv25 ("Taffy 3")Battle Off SamarWarship GunfireSunk131 Cruiser and possibly battleship (Yamato) gunfire
110Kalinin Bay CVE-6710/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv25 ("Taffy 3")Battle Off SamarKamikazes and Gunfire17 55 Hit by surface gunfire during battle and later by 2 kamikazes
111Kitkun Bay CVE-7110/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv26 DF ("Taffy 3")Battle Off SamarKamikazes5 16 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hit
112Santee CVE-2910/25/1944East of Leyte IslandKing IITU 77.4.1/CarDiv22 ("Taffy 1")Battle of Leyte GulfKamikazes & Aerial Torp.16 Kamikaze with 138lbs bomb hit along with torpedo from I-56
113St. Lo/Midway CVE-6310/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv25 ("Taffy 3")Battle Off SamarKamikazesSunk114 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hit flight deck, bomb exploded in hanger deck
114Suwannee CVE-2710/25/1944East of Leyte IslandKing IITU 77.4.1/CarDiv22 ("Taffy 1")Battle of Leyte GulfKamikazes71 82 9 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hit with 250kg bomb from Davao airfield
115White Plains CVE-6610/25/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITU 77.4.3/CarDiv25 ("Taffy 3")Battle Off SamarKamikazes and Gunfire13 11 Hit by surface gunfire during battle and later by kamikaze
116Zuiho CVL10/25/1944ENE of Cape EnganoSho-GoMain Force/CarDiv3Battle off Cape EnganoBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk215 6 bombs & 2 torpedoes from aircraft of US TF 38
117Zuikaku CV10/25/1944East of Cape EnganoSho-GoMain Force/CarDiv3/FFBattle off Cape EnganoBombs & Aerial TorpedoesSunk842 9 bombs & 7 torpedoes from aircraft of US TF 38
118Suwannee CVE-2710/26/1944East of Leyte IslandKing IITU 77.4.1/CarDiv22 ("Taffy 1")Battle of Leyte GulfKamikazes39 79 A6M "Zeke" Kamikaze hit plus separate 100kg bomb hit
119Belleau Wood CV-2410/30/1944East of Samar IslandKing IITG 38.4Invasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes92 54 12 A6M3 "Hamp" kamikaze shot down but hit flight deck
120Franklin CV-1310/30/1944East of Leyte IslandKing IITG 38.4/GFInvasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes56 60 33 1 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze with bomb and belly-tank hit; also 1 near miss
121Intrepid CV-1110/30/1944ENE of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.2/GFInvasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes10 6 Burning kamikaze crashed into gun tub
122Lexington CV-1611/5/1944East of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.3/FFInvasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes47 127 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hits
123Petrof Bay CVE-8011/10/1944Seeadier Harbor, ManusTU 77.4.5 Reinf. Carrier GroupResupply at ManusExplosions NearbyExplosion of nearby ammunition ship USS Mount Hood
124Saginaw Bay CVE-8011/10/1944Seeadler Harbor, ManusTG 77.4Resupply at ManusExplosions Nearby0 Explosion of nearby ammunition ship USS Mount Hood
125Shinyo CVE11/17/1944NE of Shanghai, S. China SeaGrand Surface Escort ForceConvoy escort, HI-81, Mandzukuo to LuzonSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,165 14 2-4 submarine torpedoes from USS Spadefish
126Cabot CVL-2811/25/1944Off LuzonKing IITG 38.2Invasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes7 55 1 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hits and another is a near miss
127Essex CV-911/25/1944Off the PhilippinesKing IITF 38.3Invasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes15 44 Kamikaze striking planes causing extensive damage
128Hancock CV-1911/25/1944East of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.1/FFInvasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes15 Section of kamikaze shot down hits ship
129Independence CVL-2211/25/1944East of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.2Invasion of the Leyte IslandAircraft Accidents1 3 1 Crash landing
130Intrepid CV-1111/25/1944East of Luzon IslandKing IITG 38.2/GFInvasion of the Leyte IslandKamikazes11 Hit by 2 kamikazes
131Shinano CV11/29/1944SE of Shikoku, JapanTen-GoCombined FleetJapanese Defense of OkinawaSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,435 53 4 submarine torpedoes from USS Archerfish
132Jun'yo CV12/8/1944MakoStrFor, 3rd Flt/CarDiv4Enroute Mako to JapanSubmarine Torpedoes19 2 submarine torpedoes from SUN 3-submarine wolfpack
133Reaper CVE-54/D82/R32412/9/1944River Clyde, ScotlandFerry carrier serviceCollisionsCollision with Dutch troopship Tegelburg
134Marcus Island CVE-7712/15/1944MindoroLove 3Tu 77.12.7/CarDiv27/DFAllied Invasion of MindoroKamikazes?A6M "Zeke" kamikaze near missed
135Premier CVE-42/D2312/15/1944NorwayLacerateHome Fleet/Force 2Mine layingStorms & Typhoons1 Weather damage
136Trumpeter CVE-37/D0912/15/1944NorwayLacerateForce 2Mine layingStorms & TyphoonsWeather damage
137Altamaha CVE-1812/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITU 30.8.14Allied Invasion of MindoroStorms & Typhoons0 6 44 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon"); winds >100 knots; 30 degree rolls
138Cabot CVL-2812/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITF 38Allied Invasion of MindoroStorms & Typhoons?Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon")
139Cape Esperance CVE-8812/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITU 30.8.14/UFAllied Invasion of MindoroStorms & Typhoons40 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon"); 60' waves, 39 degree rolls
140Coral Sea/Anzio CVE-5712/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITG 30.7/GFInvasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons1 2 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon"); 39 degree roll (cf. 39.5 max possible)
141Cowpens CVL-2512/18/1944East of Luzon IslandLove IIITF 38Invasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons1 6 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon"); 105 knot winds
142Kwajalein CVE-9812/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITU 30.8.14Invasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons5 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon") 60' waves, 39 degree roll
143Monterey CVL-2612/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITF 38Invasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons18 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon") 120 mph;
144Nehenta Bay CVE-7412/18/1944East of Luzon IslandLove IIITU 30.8.12/UFInvasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons3 Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon"); 60' waves; 30-37 degree rolls.
145San Jacinto CVL-3012/18/1944Philippine SeaLove IIITF 38Allied Invasion of the PhilippinesStorms & Typhoons?Typhoon Cobra ("Halsey's Typhoon")
146Unryu CV12/19/1944East China Sea1st Car/DivReturning from transport missionSubmarine TorpedoesSunk1,238 30 2 submarine torpedoes from USS Redfish
147Sargent Bay CVE-831/3/1945Philippine SeaTG 30.8Mail delivery to Sargent BayCollisionsCollision with destroyer USS Robert F. Keller
148Ommaney Bay CVE-791/4/1945Off PhilippinesMike ITU 77.4.2/arDiv24Allied Invasion at Lingayen GulfKamikazesSunk95 65 Twin engine kamikaze with 2 bombs.
149Manila Bay CVE-611/5/1945Sulu SeaMikr ITU 77.4.2/CarDiv24Invasion of MindoroKamikazes14 52 2 One A6M "Zeke" hit and another splashed close aboard
150Savo Island CVE-781/5/1945Lingayen GulfMike ITU 77.4.2/CarDiv24Allied Invasion of Lingayen GulfKamikazes0 0 0 Kamikaze near-miss
151Kadashan Bay CVE-761/8/1945LuzonMike IAllied Invasion of Lingayen GulfKamikazes0 Ki-43 "Oscar" kamikaze hit
152Kitkun Bay CVE-711/8/1945East of LuzonMike ITU 77.4.3/CarDiv26 UF,DFInvasion of LuzonKamikazes16 37 Ki-43 "Oscar" Kamikaze hit; also hit by 5" friendly fire shell
153Thane CVE-48/D481/8/1945Atlantic OceanFerry carrier, Norfolk to GreenockStorms & TyphoonsAtlantic storm ferrying Corsair aircraft to UK
154Salamaua CVE-961/13/1945East of LuzonMike ITU 77.4.1/CarDiv29Invasion of LuzonKamikazes15 80 Kamikaze (possibly Ki-84 "Frank") hit with 2 250kg bombs
155Hoggatt Bay CVE-751/15/1945Off LuzonMike 177.4.1/CarDiv29Allied Invasion of Lingayen GulfAircraft AccidentsCrash landing with bomb explosion
156Thane CVE-48/D481/15/1945Irish Sea approaching ClydeFerry carrier, Norfolk to GreenockSubmarine Torpedoes10 1 torpedo from U-1172
157Vindex CVE-D151/16/1945Arctic OceanConvoy escort RA63Storms & TyphoonsExtreme weather
158Nehenta Bay CVE-741/17/1945East of Luzon IslandMike ITG 30.8Allied Invasion at Lingayen GulfStorms & TyphoonsStorm with waves up to 30';
159Hancock CV-191/21/1945North of LuzonMike ITG 38.2Allied Invasion of Luzon at Lingayen GulfAircraft Accidents50 75 Aircraft exploded after landing
160Langley CVL-271/21/1945South China SeaTG 38.3Raids on Formosa, Indochina, & ChinaBombs1 13 1 63 kg SAP bomb penetrated flight deck and exploded
161Ticonderoga CV-141/21/1945North of LuzonMike ITG 38.4Raids on air fields on Formosa, etc.Kamikazes143 202 Hits by two kamikazes
162Ravager CVE-24/D701/28/1945Rosyth, ScotlandTraining exerciseCollisionsCollision with merchant ship SS Ben Lomond
163Bismark Sea CVE-952/21/1945Off Iwo JimaDetachmentTG 52.2.2/CarDiv 29Allied Invasion of Iwo JimaKamikazesSunk318 Two B6N Kamikazes hit
164Lunga Point CVE-942/21/1945ESE of Iwo JimaDetachmentTU 52.2.2/CarDiv29/DFAllied Invasion of Iwo JimaKamikazes0 11 A B6N "Jill" torpedo bomber became impromptu kamikaze
165Saratoga CV-32/21/1945NE of Iwo JimaDetachmentTG 52.2.4Allied Invasion of Iwo JimaKamikazes & Bombs123 192 36 A6M "Zekes" landed 3-5 bombs and 4 crashed as kamikazes
166San Jacinto CVL-302/27/1945SW of Iwo JimaDetachmentTG 58.2Raids on Tokyo and Nansei ShotoCollisionsCollisions with oiler AO Merrimack
167Randolph CV-153/11/1945Ulithi, Caroline Is.IJN Tan No. 2Azusa Special Attack UnitAttack on Ulithi from Kyushu, JapanKamikazes27 105 P1Y1 "Frances" kamikaze with 750kg bomb hits
168Enterprise CV-63/18/1945East of Kyushu, JapanIcebergTG 58.4Allied Invasion of OkinawaBombs2 1 1 bomb from D4Y "Judy" dive bomber
169Enterprise CV-63/18/1945East of Kyushu, JapanIcebergTG 58.4Allied Invasion of OkinawaFriendly FireFriendly fire 5" shell
170Intrepid CV-113/18/1945East of Kyushu, JapanIcebergRaids on Japan home islandsKamikazesG4M "Betty" exploded 50' off ship starting hanger fires
171Yorktown CV-103/18/1945East of Kjushu, JapanIcebergTG 58.4Raids on Japan home islandsBombs5 26 1 bomb from D4Y "Judy"
172Amagi CV3/19/1945Kure Harbor, Japan1st Car/DivAllied Raids on Home IslandsBombs1-2 bombs from aircraft of US TF 58; 1st carrier strike on Kure
173Franklin CV-133/19/1945East of JapanIcebergTG 58.2/GFAllied Invasion of OkinawaBombs724 265 Hit by 2 semi-armor piercing (SAP) bombs
174Hosho CVL3/19/1945Inland Sea, perhaps at KureMobile Force Training FleetRaids on Home IslandsBombs6 3 small bombs from aircraft of US TF 58
175Kaiyo CVE3/19/1945Kure Naval Arsenal1st Escort FleetRaids on Home IslandsBombs3 Bombs from carrier aircraft of US TF 58
176Katsuragi CV3/19/1945Kure1st Car/DivRaids on Home IslandsBombs/Rockets1 3 0 2 bombs or rockets from aircraft of US TF 58
177Ryuho CVL3/19/1945Off Yoshiura Point, Kure Bay1st Car/DivDefense of Home IslandsBombs/Rockets20 30 3 500lb bombs and 2 5.5" rockets from US TF 58
178Wasp CV-183/19/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 58.2Allied Invasion of OkinawaBombs102 Hit by 500lbs armor-piercing bomb
179Enterprise CV-63/20/1945Southeast of Kyushu, JapanIcebergTG 58.4Allied Invasion of OkinawaFriendly FireExplosion on flight deck caused by friendly fire 5" shell
180Sangamon CVE-263/25/1945SE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTU 52.1.1Invasion of OkinawaCollisionsCollision with destroyer escort USS Sederstrom)
181Indefatigable CV-R104/1/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoKamikazes14 16 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze with 250kg bomb that di not detonate
182Victorious CV-R384/1/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoKamikazes0 0 0 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze exploded underwater after near-miss
183Wake Island CVE-654/3/1945E of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTU 52.1.2Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes0 0 Single-engine plane near misses, exploding in water
184Illustrious CV-R874/6/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoKamikazesD4Y3 "Judy" kamikaze glancing hit, exploded close aboard
185San Jacinto CVL-304/6/1945NE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 58.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes1 5 Kamikaze near miss 50' off bow
186Hancock CV-194/7/1945NE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 58.2Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes62 71 ?Kamikaze hits flight deck and crashes into planes
187Chenango CVE-284/9/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTU 5.1.3/CarDiv 22Allied Invasion of OkinawaAircraft Accidents3 ?12 Crash landing started fires in strike-loaded aircraft on deck
188Enterprise CV-64/11/1945SE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 58.4Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes0 0 D4Y3 "Judy" kamikaze with 500 kg bomb plus near miss
189Essex CV-94/11/1945ENE of Nakagusuku BayIcebergTG58.3Allied Invasion of OkinawaBombs10 Near-miss by bomb causes slight damage
190Intrepid CV-114/16/1945NE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 58.4Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes8 21 Kamikaze penetrated to hanger deck
191Corregidor CVE-584/20/1945East of MarianasTG 12.3ASW patrols by Hunter-Killer Group Storms & TyphoonsTyphoon
192Steamer Bay CVE-874/25/1945ESE of Nakagusuka Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 52.1.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaCollisionsCollision with destroyer USS Hale
193Formidable CV-R675/4/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIceberg IITG 57.2 BPFBombardment of Sakishima GuntoKamikazes8 47 11 A6M "Zeke" Kamikaze with one 250kg bomb; fire in deck park
194Indomitable CV-R925/4/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFBombardment of Sakishima GuntoKamikazes0 0 0 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze hit and slid over side
195Sangamon CVE-265/4/1945Kerama Retto, SW of OkinawaIcebergTU 52.1.3/CarDiv22Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes36 21 Kamikaze hit with bomb load
196Formidable CV-R675/9/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIceberg IITG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoKamikazes1 4 18 Kamikaze hit after deck park
197Victorious CV-R385/9/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoKamikazes3 19 4 Hit by 2 kamikazes
198Bunker Hill CV-175/11/1945ESE Nakagusuka Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 58.3/FFAllied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes389 264 2 A6M "Zeke" kamikazes hit with 550lb bombs
199Enterprise CV-65/14/1945SE of Kyushu, JapanIcebergTG 58.3Allied Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes14 64 A6M "Zeke" kamikaze with 250kg bomb (Pilot Tomi Zai)
200Shipley Bay CVE-855/16/1945SE of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTG 52.1.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaRefueling AccidentsDamaged oil tanks refueling from oiler USS Cache
201Formidable CV-R675/18/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIceberg IITG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoAircraft Accidents0 0 28 Aircraft accidentally fired guns during refueling, causing fire
202Indomitable CV-R925/20/1945Off Sakishima GuntoIcebergTG 57.2 BPFRaids on Sakishima GuntoCollisionsCollision with destroyer HMS Quillium
203Suwannee CVE-275/24/1945S of Ishigakijima, Sakishima GuntoIcebergRaids on Sakishima GuntoAircraft AccidentsCrash landing
204Attu CVE-1026/5/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 30.8 Logistics GroupAllied Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons15 Typhoon Connie
205Belleau Wood CVL-246/5/1945Philippine SeaIcebergTG 38.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons1 ?Typhoon Connie from winds in excess of 100 mph
206Bennington CV-206/5/1945Philippine SeaIcebergTG 38.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons0 0 Typhoon Connie
207Bougainville CVE-1006/5/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 30.8Allied Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons0 21 Typhoon Connie; winds of 146 mph; waves 75'
208Hornet CV-126/5/1945S of OkinawaIcebergTG 38.1Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons2 Typhoon Connie with 50-60' waves; steady wind max 110 kn
209Salamaua CVE-966/5/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 30.8Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons1 ?Typhoon Connie, massive waves
210Windham Bay CVE-926/5/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 30.8Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons0 ?Typhoon Connie; gusts at 146 mph and waves up to 75'
211San Jacinto CVL-306/6/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 38.1Allied Invasion of OkinawaStorms & Typhoons1 2 Typhoon Connie; a 97 kn gust
212Natoma Bay CVE-626/7/1945Southwest of OkinawaIcebergTG 32.1Invasion of OkinawaKamikazes1 4 1 A6M "Zeke" hit flight deck; bomb exploded
213Randolph CV-156/7/1945San Pedro Bay, Leyte Is.58.3/FFReplentishment, awaiting ordersAircraft Accidents15 10 Crash landing of P-38 on mock strafing run
214Steamer Bay CVE-876/11/1945S of Nakagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTU 32.1.3Allied Invasion of OkinawaAircraft AccidentsCrash landing
215Block Island CVE-1066/15/1945Nakaagusuku Bay, OkinawaIcebergTU 32.1.3Allied Invasion of OkinawaCollisionsCollision with Destroyer Escort USS O'Flaherty
216Santee CVE-297/7/1945West of OkinawaTF32Cover for minesweeping operationsAircraft Accidents1 12 Crash landing into parked aircraft causing fires
217Kaiyo CVE7/18/1945Sada Straights, Fudai Bay1st Escort FleetTraining exerciseMinesMagnetic mine
218Admiralty Islands CVE-997/20/1945Off OkinawaIcebergTG 30.8Allied Invasion of OkinawaAircraft Accidents1 Exploding external fuel tank upon landing
219Amagi CV7/24/1945Kure Harbor, Japan1st Car/DivAllied Raids on Home IslandsBombs/RocketsBombs and rockets from carrier aircraft of US TF 38
220Hosho CVL7/24/1945KureMobile Force Training FleetRaids on Home IslandsBombs/Rockets1 bomb or rocket from carrier aircraft of US TF 58
221Kaiyo CVE7/24/1945Beppu Bay, Japan1st Escort FleetRaids on Home IslandsMinesMagnetic mine
222Katsuragi CV7/24/1945Kure1st Car/DivRaids on Home IslandsBombs13 5 0 1 500lb bombs from aircraft of US TF 38
223Kaiyo CVE7/25/1945Hiji Harbor, Beppu Bay1st Escort FleetDefense of Home IslandsBombs/Rockets2 Rocket hits from carrier F6Fs; intentionally grounded
224Amagi CV7/28/1945Kure Harbor, Japan1st Car/DivAllied Raids on Home IslandsBombsSunkBombs from carrier aircraft of US TF 38
225Kaiyo CVE7/28/1945Hiji harbor, Beppu Bay1st Escort FleetDefense of Home IslandsBombs/Rockets20 3 rockets hits from carrier aircraft of US Essex VBF-83
226Katsuragi CV7/28/1945Kure1st Car/DivRaids on Home IslandsBombs13 12 0 1 2,000lb bomb from aircraft of US TF 38
227Begum CVE-36/D38/R3058/4/1945Indian OceanZipperEast Indies FleetPlanned liberation of MalayaGroundingsGrounded
228Kaiyo CVE8/9/1945Hiji harbor, Beppu Bay1st Escort FleetDefense of Home IslandsBombsSunkBombs from and crash by B-25 bomber of Fifth Air Force
229Wasp CV-188/25/1945Off JapanTF 38Allied Raids on Home IslandsStorms & TyphoonsTyphoon with 78 knot winds


This table is a chronological list of incidents involving aircraft carriers that resulted in lost operational time, including sinkings, between September 1939 and August 1945.

Losses shown for men killed in action (KIA), missing in action (MIA), and wounded in action (WIA) and for aircraft are from several sources which sometime report widely varying numbers. A zero ("0") indicates no losses were reported by any source. A question mark ("?") indicates that at least one source reported losses occurred but did not quantify them. A blank entry indicates no information about losses was located. Not all sources were comprehensively searched.

Battle casualty figures are intended to include those of air groups (e.g., White Plains at Samar had only 13 minor casualties on board, but several flying in air groups were also killed ; see Hornfischer)

Aircraft losses are intended to include those lost in battle during action before and after carrier was sunk (e.g., IJN losses at Midway include all planes of Kido Butai, even those shot down over Midway Island.)

"Kamikaze" refers to aircraft flown on suicide missions by Japan's Special Attack Units.

Dates indicate when initial damage was done. Carriers may have sunk in subsequent days (e.g., Amagi sank 7/29/45, Ark Royal sank 11/14/41); Hornet sank 10/27/42.

USS Langley (CV-1/AV-3/SPT) is included above as an escort carrier (CVE) since it was providing the same functions as later CVEs when WWII began in the Pacific.


ASW: Anti-submarine Warfare
DD: Destroyer
DF: Division Flagship
FF: Task Force Flagship
GF: Task Group Flagship
HKG: Hunter-Killer Group for ASW
TF: Task Force
TG: Task Group
TU: Task Unit ww2dbase

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