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6 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 6 Sep 1944
Rufus W. Oakley holding a Protestant Christian religious service for US Marines on Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944
10 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 10 Sep 1944
Oliver P. Smith walking through his Assistant Division Commander quarters on Peleliu, Palau Islands, 1944
15 Sep 1944

Caroline Islands
  • The US Marines invaded Peleliu in the Palau islands believing that the island was only lightly defended. In fact, there were some 12,000 Japanese concealed on the island waiting to reveal their hand. In a week the Marines would suffer terrible casualties. The 1st Marines ended up at half their combat strength and, in the 5th and 7th Marines more than four out of every ten men sent ashore were either killed or wounded. For the record Peleliu measured just six miles long and two miles wide and was of questionable strategic value. ww2dbase [Palau Islands and Ulithi Islands Campaigns | Peleliu, Palau | AC]
  • USS Marcus Island launched aircraft to provide cover for the Peleliu, Palau Islands invasion. ww2dbase [Marcus Island | Peleliu, Palau | CPC]
Photo(s) dated 15 Sep 1944
Two American Marines, Douglas Lightheart and Gerald Thursby, resting during Battle of Peleliu in the Palau Islands, 15 Sep 1944Flamethrower in action, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944United States Marines attacking Orange Beach on Peleliu, 15 Sep 1944Men of the US 1st Marine Division fighting just beyond White Beach, Peleliu, 15 Sep 1944, photo 1 of 2
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16 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 16 Sep 1944
USMC war dog handler reading a message that his dog had just delivered, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944US Marines receiving mail, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944USMC 75-mm pack howitzer and crew, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944USMC 75-mm pack howitzer and crew, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944
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18 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 18 Sep 1944
US Marines in a chow line, Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944
20 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 20 Sep 1944
US Marines fighting on Peleliu, Palau Islands, 1944US Marines fighting on Peleliu, Palau Islands, 1944US Marine M1919 Browning machine gun crew, Peleliu, Palau Islands, 1944
25 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 25 Sep 1944
US Marines wading through water, Peleliu, Palau, Sep 1944
27 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 27 Sep 1944
The first formal raising the American flag over Peleliu, Palau Islands, 27 Sep 1944; note Japanese observation tower
30 Sep 1944

Photo(s) dated 30 Sep 1944
US Marines on Peleliu, Palau Islands, Sep 1944
27 Nov 1944

Photo(s) dated 27 Nov 1944
TBM-1C Avengers, F6F Hellcats, and SB2C Helldivers of Navy Carrier Air Group 18 from USS Intrepid at Peleliu, Nov 27, 1944.

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