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US Carrier Time Operational

Editor's Note: The following content is a transcription of a period document or a collection of period statistics. It may be incomplete, inaccurate, or biased. The reader may not wish to take the content as factual.

 Commission DateFirst Operational DateEnd of Service DateMo. To Becoming OperationalTotal Mo. Since First OperationalTotal Months OperationalMo. Repair For Combat DamageMo. Refit, Overhaul, & In ReservePct Time Since First OperationalPct Time Repair DamagePct Time Refit, Overhaul, & In Reserve

Fleet (CV) and Light Carriers (CVL)
Saratoga (CV-3)16-Nov-27 07-Dec-41 02-Sep-45 0.044.829.811.04.067%25%9%
Lexington (CV-2)14-Dec-27 07-Dec-41 08-May-42
Ranger (CV-4)04-Jun-34 07-Dec-41 02-Sep-45 0.044.843.80.01.098%0%2%
Yorktown (CV-5)30-Sep-37 07-Dec-41 07-Jun-42
Enterprise (CV-6)12-May-38 07-Dec-41 02-Sep-45 0.044.831.88.05.071%18%11%
Wasp (CV-7)25-Apr-40 07-Dec-41 15-Sep-42
Hornet (CV-8)01-Jan-41 07-Dec-41 27-Oct-42 0.010.610.60.00.0100%0%0%
Essex (CV-9)31-Dec-42 15-May-43 02-Sep-45 4.427.625.60.02.093%0%7%
Independence (CVL-22)14-Jan-43 14-Jul-43 02-Sep-45 5.925.723.70.02.092%0%8%
Lexington (CV-16)17-Feb-43 27-Jul-43 02-Sep-45 5.325.
Princeton (CVL-23)25-Feb-43 15-Jul-43 24-Oct-44 4.615.315.30.00.0100%0%0%
Belleau Wood (CVL-24)31-Mar-43 26-Jul-43 02-Sep-45 3.825.322.33.00.088%12%0%
Yorktown (CV-10)15-Apr-43 24-Jul-43 02-Sep-45 3.325.323.30.02.092%0%8%
Bunker Hill (CV-17)24-May-43 19-Oct-43 02-Sep-45 4.922.515.54.03.069%18%13%
Cowpens (CVL-25)28-May-43 19-Sep-43 02-Sep-45 3.723.520.50.03.087%0%13%
Monterey (CVL-26)17-Jun-43 15-Sep-43 02-Sep-45 3.023.619.61.03.083%4%13%
Cabot (CVL-28)24-Jul-43 02-Dec-44 02-Sep-45
Intrepid (CV-11)16-Aug-43 10-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 4.819.77.712.00.039%61%0%
Langley (CVL-27)31-Aug-43 19-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 4.619.417.40.02.090%0%10%
San Jacinto (CVL-30)15-Nov-43 08-May-44 02-Sep-45 5.715.815.80.00.0100%0%0%
Bataan (CVL-29)17-Nov-43 04-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 4.617.
Wasp (CV-18)24-Nov-43 04-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 4.317.
Hornet (CV-12)29-Nov-43 20-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 3.717.414.43.00.083%17%0%
Franklin (CV-13)31-Jan-44 06-Jun-44 02-Sep-45
Hancock (CV-19)15-Apr-44 05-Oct-44 02-Sep-45 5.710.
Ticonderoga (CV-14)08-May-44 29-Oct-44 02-Sep-45 5.710.
Bennington (CV-20)06-Aug-44 08-Feb-45 02-Sep-45
Shangri-La (CV-38)15-Sep-44 20-Apr-45 02-Sep-45
Randolph (CV-15)09-Oct-44 07-Feb-45 02-Sep-45
Bon Homme Richard (CV-31)26-Nov-44 03-Jun-45 02-Sep-45
Antietam (CV-36)28-Jan-45 12-Aug-45 02-Sep-45
Boxer (CV-21)16-Apr-45 15-Aug-45 02-Sep-45
Lake Champlain (CV-39)03-Jun-45 02-Sep-45 02-Sep-45

Escort Carriers (CVE)
Langley (CV-1)20-Mar-22 07-Dec-41 27-Feb-42
Long Island (CVE-1)02-Jun-41 15-Aug-41 02-Sep-45 2.448.648.60.00.0100%0%0%
Charger (CVE-30)03-Mar-42 15-May-42 02-Sep-45 2.439.639.60.00.0100%0%0%
Copahee (CVE-12)15-Jun-42 05-Sep-42 02-Sep-45 2.735.930.90.05.086%0%14%
Nassau (CVE-16)20-Aug-42 10-Oct-42 02-Sep-45 1.734.832.80.02.094%0%6%
Santee (CVE-29)24-Aug-42 25-Oct-42 02-Sep-45 2.034.330.33.01.088%9%3%
Sangamon (CVE-26)25-Aug-42 25-Oct-42 02-Sep-45 2.034.322.310.02.065%29%6%
Altamaha (CVE-18)15-Sep-42 03-Nov-42 02-Sep-45 1.634.
Chenango (CVE-28)19-Sep-42 23-Oct-42 02-Sep-45 1.134.326.31.07.077%3%20%
Suwanee (CVE-27)24-Sep-42 23-Oct-42 02-Sep-45 1.034.328.36.00.083%17%0%
Bogue (CVE-9)26-Sep-42 15-Feb-43 02-Sep-45 4.730.629.60.01.097%0%3%
Card (CVE-11)08-Nov-42 14-May-43 02-Sep-45 6.127.725.70.02.093%0%7%
Core (CVE-13)10-Dec-42 15-Feb-43 02-Sep-45 2.230.629.60.01.097%0%3%
Barnes (CVE-20)20-Feb-43 15-May-43 02-Sep-45 2.827.627.60.00.0100%0%0%
Block Island (CVE-21)08-Mar-43 15-Jun-43 29-May-44 3.311.511.50.00.0100%0%0%
Breton (CVE-23)12-Apr-43 15-Jul-43 02-Sep-45 3.125.625.60.00.0100%0%0%
Croatan (CVE-25)28-Apr-43 05-Aug-43 02-Sep-45 3.324.923.90.01.096%0%4%
Prince William (CVE-31)09-Apr-43 15-Jun-43 02-Sep-45 2.226.625.60.01.096%0%4%
Liscome Bay (CVE-56)07-Aug-43 10-Nov-43 24-Nov-43
Casablanca (CVE-55)08-Jul-43 15-Aug-43 02-Sep-45 1.224.622.60.02.092%0%8%
Coral Sea/Anzio (CVE-57)27-Aug-43 25-Oct-43 02-Sep-45 1.922.319.30.03.087%0%13%
Corregidor (CVE-58)31-Aug-43 26-Oct-43 02-Sep-45 1.822.
Mission Bay (CVE-59)13-Sep-43 26-Dec-43 02-Sep-45 3.420.
Guadalcanal (CVE-60)25-Sep-43 05-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 3.419.919.90.00.0100%0%0%
Manila Bay (CVE-61)05-Oct-43 20-Nov-43 02-Sep-45 1.521.417.43.01.081%14%5%
Natoma Bay (CVE-62)14-Oct-43 15-Nov-43 02-Sep-45 1.121.616.63.02.077%14%9%
St. Lo/Midway (CVE-63)23-Oct-43 15-Nov-43 25-Oct-44 0.811.310.30.01.091%0%9%
Tripoli (CVE-64)31-Oct-43 15-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 4.517.615.60.02.089%0%11%
Wake Island (CVE-65)07-Nov-43 16-Feb-44 02-Sep-45 3.318.516.51.01.089%5%5%
White Plains (CVE-66)15-Nov-43 30-Dec-43 02-Sep-45 1.520.
Kalinin Bay (CVE-68)27-Nov-43 03-Jan-44 02-Sep-45
Solomons (CVE-67)21-Nov-43 06-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 1.519.919.90.00.0100%0%0%
Kasaan Bay (CVE-69)04-Dec-43 08-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 1.119.819.80.00.0100%0%0%
Fanshaw Bay (CVE-70)09-Dec-43 06-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 3.916.913.93.00.082%18%0%
Kitkun Bay (CVE-71)15-Dec-43 28-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 1.419.
Tulagi (CVE-72)21-Dec-43 17-Jan-44 02-Sep-45 0.919.518.50.01.095%0%5%
Gambier Bay (CVE-73)28-Dec-43 07-Feb-44 25-Oct-44
Nehenta Bay (CVE-74)03-Jan-44 06-Feb-44 02-Sep-45 1.118.915.93.00.084%16%0%
Hoggatt Bay (CVE-75)11-Jan-44 10-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 1.917.814.83.00.083%17%0%
Kadashan Bay (CVE-76)18-Jan-44 06-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 1.617.913.93.01.078%17%6%
Marcus Island (CVE-77)26-Jan-44 19-May-44 02-Sep-45 3.715.514.51.00.094%6%0%
Salvo Island (CVE-78)03-Feb-44 15-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 1.317.616.60.01.094%0%6%
Ommaney Bay (CVE-79)11-Feb-44 19-Mar-44 04-Jan-45
Petrof Bay (CVE-80)18-Feb-44 29-Mar-44 02-Sep-45 1.317.
Rudyerd Bay (CVE-81)25-Feb-44 15-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 1.616.614.60.02.088%0%12%
Saginaw Bay (CVE-82)02-Mar-44 15-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 1.416.612.61.03.076%6%18%
Sargent Bay (CVE-83)09-Mar-44 15-May-44 02-Sep-45 2.215.611.60.04.074%0%26%
Shamrock Bay (CVE-84)15-Mar-44 15-Apr-44 02-Sep-45 1.016.615.60.01.094%0%6%
Shipley Bay (CVE-85)21-Mar-44 03-May-44 02-Sep-45 1.416.
Sitkoh Bay (CVE-86)28-Mar-44 30-Apr-44 02-Sep-45
Steamer Bay (CVE-87)04-Apr-44 14-May-44 02-Sep-45 1.315.613.60.02.087%0%13%
Cape Esperance (CVE-88)09-Apr-44 26-May-44 02-Sep-45 1.515.
Takanis Bay (CVE-89)15-Apr-4424-May-4402-Sep-45 1.315.315.30.00.0100%0%0%
Thetis Bay (CVE-90)21-Apr-4402-Jun-4402-Sep-45 1.415.
Makassar Strait (CVE-91)27-Apr-4406-Jun-4402-Sep-45 1.314.914.90.00.0100%0%0%
Windham Bay (CVE-92)03-May-4412-Jun-4402-Sep-45 1.314.710.73.01.073%20%7%
Makin Island (CVE-93)09-May-4419-Jun-4402-Sep-45 1.314.513.50.01.093%0%7%
Lunga Point (CVE-94)14-May-4415-Aug-4402-Sep-45 3.112.612.60.00.0100%0%0%
Bismark Sea (CVE-95)20-May-4415-Jul-4421-Feb-45
Salamaua (CVE-96)26-May-4415-Jun-4402-Sep-45 0.714.
Hollandia (CVE-97)01-Jun-4410-Jul-4402-Sep-45 1.313.813.80.00.0100%0%0%
Kwajalein (CVE-98)07-Jun-4417-Jul-4402-Sep-45 1.313.511.50.02.085%0%15%
Admiralty Islands (CVE-99)13-Jun-4415-Jul-4402-Sep-45 1.113.610.60.03.078%0%22%
Bougainville (CVE-100)18-Jun-4401-Aug-4402-Sep-45 1.413.
Matanikau (CVE-101)24-Jun-4401-Aug-4402-Sep-45
Attu (CVE-102)30-Jun-447-Aug-4402-Sep-45 1.212.811.81.00.092%8%0%
Roi (CVE-103)06-Jul-4413-Aug-4402-Sep-45 1.212.612.60.00.0100%0%0%
Munda (CVE-104)08-Jul-4416-Aug-4402-Sep-45 1.312.612.60.00.0100%0%0%
Commencement Bay (CVE-105)27-Nov-4401-Feb-4502-Sep-45
Block Island (CVE-106)30-Dec-4417-Apr-4502-Sep-45
Gilbert Islands (CVE-107)05-Feb-4502-May-4502-Sep-45
Cape Gloucester (CVE-109)05-Mar-4529-Jun-4502-Sep-45
Vella Gulf/Totem Bay (CVE-111)09-Apr-4517-Jun-4502-Sep-45
Kula Gulf (CVE-108)12-May-4505-Aug-4502-Sep-45
Salerno Bay (CVE-110)10-May-4517-Aug-4502-Sep-45
Siboney/Frosty bay (CVE-112)14-May-4508-Aug-4502-Sep-45
Puget Sound (CVE-113)18-Jun-4502-Sep-45 02-Sep-45
Bairoko/Portage Bay (CVE-115)16-Jul-4502-Sep-45 02-Sep-45


Being "operational" means having completed shakedown trials, embarked aircraft, and not being repaired for combat damage or being overahuled or refitted.

Operational times begin at 7 December 1941 for carriers commissioned before then.

Operational times end at 2 September 1945 for carriers still in service at that time.

"Total Mo. Since 1st Operational" is the number of months that elapsed between being commissioned as an aircraft carrier and becoming operational for the first time.

The total number of months between first becoming operational and the end of service is divided into months "operational", under repair, or being refitted, etc. ww2dbase

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